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Delhi - The National Capital of India

Delhi, the national capital of India, is located at the north of the country. It is not only the largest commercial hub, but also has an enriching history both culturally as well as politically. And that defines the establishment of present India. It is well known for being the potbelly of cultural, religious and traditional fusion with wide ranging diversity.

It is located to the north of India with Hariyana on its north, west, and south, and Uttar Pradesh on its east. The National Capital Territory of Delhi covers an area of 1484 square kilometers, and it has its own train station and international airport.

Its distance from important cities by train:

  • Agra 195 km
  • Mumbai 1348 km
  • Lucknow 511 km
  • Jaipur 290 km

Best time to visit:

October to March

Languages Spoken:

Punjabi, Hindi, Bengali, Urdu, English and others.

Famous Cuisines:

Butter chicken, dal makhani, shahi paneer, dahi bhalla, gol gappe, samosa, chole bhature, chole kulche, gulab-jamun, jalebi, lassi and several others.

About Delhi – India's Historical City!

Delhi has been historically known as Indraprastha, since the foundation of Mahabharata, where Indraprastha was the capital of the Pandavas. The city has served as the flagship destination of different rulers and their conquests starting from the Tughlaqs, to the Khiljis and the mighty Mughals as well. In the womb of Delhi, our culture formed its foundation through Amir Khusrao, Chand Bardai, and others.

Delhi has not only been the premiere center for the prime management of the politics of the country, but through the succession of different eras, it also got re-built with new visions many a times in the hands of the various rulers are their kingdoms. Through the ages, Delhi came to be known for its immense cultural display from different religious and traditional walks of life, uniting languages, cuisine, culture, education, festivals, intellects and many others.

From the entire expanse of Old Delhi to New Delhi, get ready to witness the transition of the narrow, twisted lanes with ancient architecture and mosques slowly into a colonial settlement of modernized government buildings with an eco-friendly setting of tree-lined avenues surrounding every block. It is the residence of several hundreds of ancient historical architecture, art galleries and museums for bringing together the stories that the city has experienced in all the surpassed centuries.

While you spend your free time in this city full of richness and passion, you should explore the local streets and get to know the root of their foundation. The nooks and corners of the city are filled with markets and eateries that present everything that resembles their culture.

Enjoy the pocket friendly price range for everything you buy here and you can go home happy. The UNESCO World Heritage Sites including the Humayun Tomb, Qutb Complex and the Red Fort are a compulsory addition to your itinerary. Do not forget the India Gate, which has been there since 1931 serving as a memorial to the soldiers of the British Indian Army who participated in the First World War and had sacrificed their lives.

Around Delhi :

While you are relaxing in Delhi, and have a little spare time, try to visit some iconic tourist places like Rishikesh, Manali, Mcleodganj, Bir, Shimla, Kasol and others, near Delhi and absorb the cultural atmosphere and the scenic grandiose that these nature hotspots have to offer.

Make the Journey Royal with Palace on Wheels:

The Palace on Wheels trip for Northern India would start from Delhi, at the Safdarjung Railway station in the late afternoon, and you will be served an exquisite dinner in a royal atmosphere while on board, before heading towards Jaipur. At the very end of the trip, on Day 8, the journey would make its completion at the Safdarjung Railway station again, with a relishing farewell breakfast onboard, as you bid farewell to your royal carriage, newly made friends and the journey you made to cherish happy memories for years to come.

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