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Palace on Wheels Coaches

The 14 coaches of the luxury train Palace on Wheels are the perfect means for travelling in style. They are no less than the royal apartments of the erstwhile raja-maharajas where they lived large. Named after the princely states of Rajasthan, the coaches are soaked in luxury and lavishness.

The interiors and ethnic Rajasthani decor recreate the charm of a palace where royalty meets modern amenities. At these coaches of Palace on Wheels, comfort is served in plenty, taking care of the passenger’s every need. All you need to do is relax, rejuvenate and enjoy!

Each coach has twin and double bedded cabins offering modern facilities like music channel, attached toilets, running hot & cold water, shower, intercom, internet connection, mini pantry and wall to wall carpeting, separate safe etc. to make your journey comfortable and pleasurable.

Each cabin of Palace on Wheels is beautifully boasts of rich mirror work, miniature paintings, antique furniture, silk fabrics, and delicate artwork.

In addition to these there are two well furnished and traditionally decorated restaurants on board “The Maharajah” and ”The Maharani” which serves delicious cuisine of India. You can also relax at the well stocked bar which serves a wide variety of liquor.

01 : Alwar

Step into the beautifully designed saloons onboard to get pampered to the core. Their interiors are designed using traditional themes and are named after the places of the princely state of Rajasthan. From the furniture to paintings, handicrafts and furnishings, everything has a royal element attached to it. Each saloon has a mini pantry and an attached bathroom. The attendants are at your service 24x7 to take care of your every need.

The striking features of the Alwar coach are :

  • A beautiful blend of oils and cone work.
  • The lounge features the royal emblem and a lovely miniature painting
  • Beautifully designed ceiling
  • Pink interiors with soothing effect
02 : Bharatpur

Today known the world over for Keoladeo Ghana Bird Sanctuary (World Heritage Site), Bharatpur was once a fortified township. The sanctuary is a home to more than 350 bird species including the migratory ones. The princely state was once the abode of the valiant Jat King Maharaja Suraj Mal.

The striking features of the Bharatpur coach are :

  • Interiors are based on nature theme depicting various species of birds
  • Colour scheme aqua green and beige
  • Inlay work done in white cedar
03 : Bikaner

The desert city of Bikaner takes immense pride in its forts, temples, palaces and museum. This historic city offers a taste of Arabian nights!

The striking features of the Bikaner coach are :

  • Lounge with a colour scheme of gold and burning red
  • Decorated with colourful handicrafts
  • Canvas illustrate legendary lovers Dhola & Maru on camelback
  • Oil painting on canvas and relief work on ceiling
  • Mughal and Bikaneri artwork
04 : Bundi

Bundi is a small rustic town known for its baolis (step wells), water tanks, palaces and fort like Taragarh Fort. The famous Bundi Palace is located above the township.

The striking features of the Bundi coach are :

  • Amazing water colour work reflecting Taragarh Fort complex in one of the cabins
  • Ceiling looks lovely with the famous oil painting Rang Mala, also known as Rag Ragini
05 : Dholpur

This sleepy little town of Rajasthan is well known for its locally extracted sandstone extensively used to build palaces and for lattice work.

The striking features of the Dholpur coach are :

  • The railing of the coach is made of teak ply
  • Exquisite zardosi work
06 : Dungagarh

The “Hill town” Dunagarh is popular for its unique architecture and the Bhil tribe.

The striking features of the Dunagarh coach are :

  • Ceilings are adorned with mirror, relief and lep work
  • Elaborate zardozi work
07 : Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer is a big hit with tourists who come here from across the globe. It is a desert city taking pride in Jaisalmer Fort, exquisitely carved havelis and ancient Jain Temples.

The striking features of the Jaisalmer coach are :

  • Carved jharokhas on the ceiling
  • Teakwood work
  • Mirror work
  • Colour scheme- beige reflecting desert
08 : Jaipur

Popularly known as the pink city, Jaipur is a lively city of palaces, forts, gardens, fairs and festivals and colourful markets. It is a perfect blend of the old and the new.

The striking features of the Jaipur coach are :

  • The lounge’s ceiling reflects fascinating Phad (foil work, a representation of various festivals such as Holi, Teej, Gangaur, Diwali etc) work.
  • Rich zardozi work
  • Jaipur style miniature paintings adorns the walls
  • Attractive frescoes in a colour scheme of gold and blue
09 : Jhalawar

It was once a strong kingdom of the Jhala tribe of Rajasthan. During the times of raja-maharajas this land brimmed with natural beauty. It is home to some beautiful temples and Buddhist caves.

The striking features of the Jhalawar coach are :

  • The lounge’s ceiling reflects fascinating Phad (foil work, a representation of various festivals such as Holi, Teej, Gangaur, Diwali etc) work.
  • Ceiling reflecting the local culture of Jhalawar
  • Colour scheme consisting of various colours
  • Adorned with traditional handicrafts and mirror work on plaster of paris
  • Flawless zardozi work
10 : Jodhpur

Popularly known as the blue city of Rajasthan, Jodhpur attracts tourists for its royal palaces, havelis, temples and the Mehrangarh Fort.

The striking features of the Jodhpur coach are :

  • Miniature paintings reflecting old world charm
  • Beautifully decorated ceiling in Mughal style
11 : Kishangarh

Aptly called the “Marble city of Rajasthan”, Kishangarh offers amazing attractions like a temple of nine planets. It is the place in the world which is associated with one of India’s most famous schools of miniature painting (popular for Bani Thani paintings, an Indian version of Mona Lisa).

The striking features of the Kishangarh coach are :

  • Ceilings decorated with the popular Bani Thani paintings
  • Excellent colour scheme
  • Rich zardozi work on the walls
12 : Kota

This Rajput state win the hearts of its tourists with attractions like outstanding temples with numerous interesting stories behind them, historical forts, palaces with Rajput architectural styles and Kota school of design. It is also known for Kota sarees.

The striking features of the Kota coach are :

  • The coach recreates the royal days of the bygone era with attractive oil paintings of "Raja aur Praja" (The Monarch and his subjects).
13 : Sirohi

Sirohi, a culturally rich city is well appreciated for the Gold Fort built in Indo-European style of architecture. The fort boasts of eye-catching coloured glass work.

The striking features of the Sirohi coach are :

  • Gold foil decoration work and exquisite coloured glass work with semi-precious stones embedded in it
  • Reflects old world charm
  • Miniature paintings
14 : Udaipur

It is a charming city of lakes soaked in rich cultural heritage and history. Its palaces, forts and museums are the must-visit attractions. The City Palace and Lake Pichola deserve special mention.

The striking features of the Udaipur coach are :

  • Refreshing colour scheme of white and blue
  • oxidized white metal work and relief work
  • Lounge decoration influenced by the ´Mor Chowk´ or the Peacock Court
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