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Palace on Wheels Coaches

The Palace on Wheels coaches derives their names from the former princely regions of Rajputana. On the train, their 4 chambers with twin beds with Rajasthan's ethnic decorations. On each guest cabin, there is running hot and cold water, channel music, attached toilets and shower, full carpeting, and intercom to give guests the most comfortable journey through the region. Guests have an assigned assistant also called a Khidmatgar in each coach, catering to their needs round the clock.

There are a total of 14 guest coaches on the Palace on Wheels that meet the standards of the princedom in terms of their interiors and aesthetics, matching the royalty that they are named after. Each salon is fitted with a mini pantry and a lounge equipped with a small library, DVD player and a television. Guests are served hot and cold beverages along with other refreshments, and a comfortable and luxurious place to relax and get to know each other.

01 : Alwar

Alwar was once the hub of trade and commerce. The city is endowed with natural beauty including deep valleys and forests. Besides, the city provides shelter to conserved species of animals and plants. The Alwar coach interior is a combination of oil and cone work. Another area of the most striking coach is the lounge area which is adorned with miniature paintings and the royal emblem of the city. This coach, in particular, has a romantic ambience, thanks to the subtle pink tones and accents.

02 : Bharatpur

Bharatpur was once the abode of Maharaja Suraj Mal, the valiant Jat king who was admired for his chivalry and courage. The once fortified town has now become a sort of paradise for ornithologists, thanks to the Keoladeo Ghana Bird Sanctuary. There are about 376 bird species in the sanctuary including both migratory and local species that have found shelter there. The characteristics of the town are highly depicted in the Bharatpur coach. The artworks illustrate all the bird species in the town on a life tree. The coach features a nature theme with the colour scheme of beige and aqua green – representing the lush green forests of Bharatpur and Ghana.

03 : Bikaner

Bikaner was created from Rao Bika to form a separate kingdom. On the Bikaner coach, the colour scheme of the lounge is inspired by the luxurious coronation rooms in burning red and gold of the Anup Mahal and Padam Mahal of the Junagarh fort. You will also find the handcrafts of Rajasthan in the coach. There are relief artworks on the ceiling and oil paintings on the interior walls of the coach. The canvas painting depicting legendary lovers Dhola and Maru riding a camel is also installed in the coach. The artwork is highly influenced by the Bikaner school of art.

04 : Bundi

Bundi's palace complex is a magnificent structure located above the township. It is accessible through an ascending paved ramp that leads towards the Hati Pol. You will find depictions of this structure in watercolour in one of the rooms on the coach. You will also find oil paintings of popular Ragmala and Rag Ragini featured in the coaches. The colour scheme of the coaches depicts the royal charm of the past eras of the town. The interior of the coaches also includes elegantly designed frescoed ceilings that always catch the attention of guests.

05 : Dholpur

Dholpur is a city that is popular for its quarried sandstone. The sandstone was needed for latticework in designing building palaces and balcony railings. The Dholpur coach is designed with Teak ply. The same level of craftsmanship used with sandstone is displayed on teakwood. The Dholpur coach is adorned with zardozi work.

06 : Dungargarh

The Dungargarh coach is inspired by the architecture and the Bhil tribal, which make the town of Dungargarh a popular place. The ceilings of the Dungargarh coach are adorned with relief and mirror work. The coach also features zardozi work to give it a royal ambience.

07 : Jaisalmer

The popular royal city of Jaisalmer is best known for its cobbled streets and ancient Jain temples. The fort city was created in 1156 A.D by Rao Jaisal. The coaches feature carved jharokhas on the ceiling which are inspired by the latticed haveli that comes with beautiful facades. The artwork is intricately showcased on teakwood and a mirror backing is included to enhance the beauty of the work. Also, the coach features a beige colour scheme which reflects the desert.

08 : Jaipur

Jaipur, sometimes referred to as the Pink City, was founded in 1727 by Maharaja Swai Jai Singh. The city was designed and planned by architect Vidhyadhar following the instruction of the Maharaja. Their city is packed with numerous beautiful attractions including the palace, gardens and monuments. Jaipur still comes alive with the old world charm during festivals and fairs in the city.

The Jaipur coach features a ceiling made of oil work or Phad, which describes festivals such as Holi, Teej, Diwali, Gangaur, and others. Guests will be thrilled by the adornment of the coach with the royal emblem of the state, which is made in zardozi. The walls of the coach are covered in miniature paintings inspired by the Jaipur lifestyle. Gold and blue are the dominant colours used in frescoes painted on the coach's ceilings.

09 : Jhalawar

Jhalawar was regarded one of the powerful kingdoms of the Jhalas which was formed in 1838 A.D. the town is known for its charm and natural beauty, which is why it is so popular even among tourists and the erstwhile royals of the Rajasthan region. The beautiful temples and Buddhist caves are some of the attractions worth visiting. The Jhalawar coach has a ceiling decorated just like the homes of the locals of the town. It features a colourful display of shades and mirror work on plaster of Paris which creates a unique feel. The featured zardozi work is displayed alongside traditional handicrafts.

10 : Jodhpur

This town is fascinating due to the magnificence of the Moti Mahal and cusped arcades, which are designed based on Mughal architecture. The coach is adorned with cultural paintings that are reminiscent of the royalty and charm of the old world.

11 : Kishangarh

The ceilings of the Kishangarh feature the popular Bani Thani paintings. These paintings are breathtaking and always leave guests in awe of their colour combination and intricate designs. Apart from the fact that this coach is generally elegantly designed, the painting features a style that exaggerates the eyes and fingers of the figures. The painting on the ceiling is created using foil and enamel. You will also find the zardozi work on the walls of the coach.

12 : Kota

Kota is one of the most prosperous states of Rajput. It is located along the Chambal River and surrounded by picnic gardens and lush green forests. The City Palace is one of the most popular attractions among others. The Pol features beautiful and brightly painted elephant figures. The Kota Coach features oil painting decorations of ‘Raja aur Praja’ which translates to ‘the Monarch and his subjects’. The paintings on the ceilings of the Kota coach describe the royal procession of Raja Ram Singh II (1826-66) of Kota.

13 : Sirohi

The Sirohi was made popular across the world by the Gold Fort. The main attraction within the fort was the coloured glasswork, which was considered a remarkable feature of the place. The fort features an Indo-European style of architecture. The rooms of the Sirohi coach all have the same artworks. The colour scheme and setting of the coach has been designed to preserve the old world charm. The coach is decorated with glassworks and gold foil embedded with precious stones.

14 : Udaipur

Udaipur is beautifully set on the edge of the Pichhola Lake. The Udaipur coach is largely influenced by the city's palace, and as a result, the colour scheme and of white and blue is highly adopted in the interior design. The lounge features a decor that is also influenced by the Mor Chowk or the Peacock Court. Another impressive piece of art that is showcased in the coach is the relief work and Patra or oxidised white metalwork.

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