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Palace on Wheels Food (Menu)

Indian food specialty and uniqueness can’t be matched by any other countries food. From any corner of India, every item reflects their unique best quality and taste. Keeping this point in view, Palace on Wheels offers a fantastic food menu with Indian famous cuisines and international specials to satisfy the guests with rich and tasty food representing India’s culture and heritage.

Cuisines to Try in Palace on Wheels Train:

The two restaurants of the Palace on Wheels namely the “Maharajah” and “Maharani” serves the best food of Indian, Continental, and Chinese varieties. All type of varieties from spicy & hot to sweet and healthy cuisines everything can taste in these two restaurants.

Based on the day of the trip every day a different menu card will be on the dining table to order the food. It means in total seven days of journey seven various menu cards will be followed. So every day will be special and enthusiastic to try the different cuisines of the Palace on Wheels.

The Palace on Wheels menu card splits into five categories. They are soups, salads, two sections of cuisine specials, and desserts.

  • Soups:

    Everyday menu card will come with two soup varieties. One will be vegetarian special and the other will be non-vegetarian special.

  • Salads:

    For health seekers, various specials of salads will consist in the menu card. With fresh vegetables and different ingredients, a number of salad varieties were listed.

  • Cuisine Specials :

    The menu card consists of two sections of cuisine specials. Indian cuisines are regular in every menu card but Continental and Chinese specials will alternatively change.

  • Desserts:

    At the end of the menu, desserts specials will include. Different types of sweets, ice cream flavors, fruits, bread toasts, tea and coffee, etc will be served.

  • Breakfast Menu:

    Morning breakfast menu of the Palace on Wheels will come with a choice of juices, cereals, fresh fruits, breakfast rolls, preservers, eggs, ham, bacon, sausages, and hot food etc. Tea and Coffee are must and should preferences in the menu.

  • Cuisines:

    The available cuisines of the Palace on Wheels are Indian, Continental, and Chinese varieties. Among them, Rajasthani cuisines are the most rated and favourite specials on the train.

    • Rajasthani Cuisines:

      The train circuits on the land of Rajasthan. So automatically, native specials always taste fine and delicious. That’s why the popularity and craze for Rajasthani cuisines in the Palace on Wheels are incredible.

      Overall in India, there is an individual specialty for Rajasthani cuisines. Due to the harsh climate, scarcity of water, limited availability of vegetables, the cuisines of Rajasthan adopts different culinary styles. The specialty of Rajasthani cuisines is, they can be served for a few days without heating the dishes. From vegetarian to non-vegetarian specials and sweets of Rajasthani varieties everything is marvelous and epic.

      Rich ghee, milk, butter, bajra, jowar, gram flour, lentils, beans, are some of the most important ingredients use in Rajasthani cuisines. Especially, Rajasthani non-vegetarian cuisines are the best specials to try on board. The available famous Rajasthani varieties are Dal Maharani, Mutton Saagwala, Methi Malai Mutter, Tandoori chicken, Paneer Tikka, Dal Makhani, etc. Rajasthani specials spiciness and crispiness can’t be found in any other cuisines of Palace on Wheels.

    • Other Indian Cuisines:

      Other than Rajasthani specials, Mughalia cuisines are the next delectable items to try and the best available specials of Mughalia are Chicken Shahjahani, Paneer Labobdar, Butter Chicken, Mutton Khada Masala, and Paneer Nazakat. Some North Indian cuisines also taste fine.

    • International Cuisines

      Continental and Chinese specials are the available international cuisines of the Palace on Wheels. For foreigners, these specials make them comfortable to taste their regular food as like at their home. However, the European style of cooking and regional specials of Chinese can be experienced with the international cuisines of Palace on Wheels.

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