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Palace on Wheels Restaurants

Guests can eat like the kings and queens as the names of these two restaurants are Maharajah Restaurant & Maharani Restaurant. The Palace on Wheels has two royal onboard dining cars with spacious seating arrangement so guests feel free and there is sufficient place wile guests are being served by traditionally dressed staff. The restaurants serve delicious and sumptuous food in all types of cuisine be it traditional or continental. Guests may also opt for traditional food that is offered in great variety including Non – Veg and Vegetarian Meals.

  1. Maharajah Restaurant :

    This lavish dining car called ‘Maharajah’ is true to its name and the goal of the Palace on Wheels luxury train. It means ‘Great King’ and the guests can relish food like a King. The walls and the ceiling as well as the flooring of the train reflect regal ambiance. This is seen in the furnishings & decor and fine carved furniture which is done up in a royal way.

  2. Maharani Restaurant :

    This is the second or another lavish dining car on the Palace on Wheels that means ‘Great Queen’. As the train is about giving the guest a taste of King’s lifestyle, it is named and also shows such opulence in the interiors. Its royal fabric with ancient prints and side - wall mounted lampshades give an olden look inside this restaurant.

    The guests feel royal eating tasty meals in traditional style within the ambiance of a deluxe 5-star hotel. Each of theses onboard dining cars have a similar seating arrangement. There is a dining table for two – those who like a quiet meal or enjoy a romantic time together, and the four – seater dining space. Here, there are four chairs for the table. This is ideal for the guest who would like to have a hearty talk with each other over the delicious meal. Both restaurants have panoramic windows by the table on both sides. This makes sure all the guests seated in both dining cars enjoy the breathtaking views of the scenic landscape while relishing their meals.

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