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Jaipur - The Pink City

Better known as the ‘Pink City’, Jaipur is the royal capital of the state of Rajasthan. It houses some of the finest heritage architecture of the state and is one of the most visited cities in the country. Jaipur embodies all its regal glory having tall skeletons of monuments and palaces from the bygone days dispersed around the city that co-exists with all that is new. Almost reminiscent of a scenic painting of the erstwhile era, Jaipur with its grand architecture, colorful people and great cuisine is a place one must experience.

Jaipur is also an important stop for the infamous Golden Triangle of India tour in the North West of the country. It is situated only 260 Km away from the capital city Delhi and one can easily reach Jaipur by bus within 6 hours from Delhi.

The total area of the city is around 111.8 sq km, Jaipur also has its own international airport and railway station within the city limits.

The distance of Jaipur from other major Indian cities by train are:

  • Mumbai - 1202 km
  • Bikaner - 321 km
  • Agra 236 km
  • Udaipur 405 km
  • Jodhpur 316 km
  • Ajmer - 131 km
  • Bharatpur - 176 km
  • Delhi - 258 km
  • Jaisalmer - 638 km

Best time to visit:

October to March

Languages Spoken:

Rajasthani, Hindi and English

Famous Cuisines:

Gatte-Ki-Sabji, Churma, Bajre ki Roti, Ghevar, Mirchi Bada, Kadhi, Dal Bati, Halwa, Gujia, Lasun ki Chutney, etc.

Information About Jaipur, Rajasthan

The streets of Jaipur embody a heady blend of modern with the past. Dotted with magnificent palaces, imposing forts, and inspiring temples, while being one of the most visited places of the country Jaipur is also afflicted with the modern quandary that buzz around the other Indian states presently. Like most Indian cities Jaipur has a spectrum of extremes, with royalty and grandeur evoking relative peace and imagination at one end, while on the other having busy streets populated by buses and camels alike.

The city was founded by the namesake king Maharaja Jai Singh II. His bond with the Mughals was solidified due to his staunch rivalry against fellow Rajput dynasty Sisodia Rajputs who ruled over the state of Mewar, presently Udaipur. With support from the Mughals Jai Singh was able to capture Mewar and Marwar now Jodhpur states, which he ruled over from the imposing Amber Fort, perched atop the hills around Jaipur. He had later ordered a city to be built around the Amber Fort, which is now present day Jaipur. It was the first ever planned city to have been built.

At the heart of the city, the majestic City Palace continues to house the descendants of the former royal family of Jaipur. Other most notable attractions of the city includes the Jantar Mantar which is the famous royal observatory, built to be in touch with the heavens, the Hawa Mahal has an iconic honey comb web of windows that gazes at the busy bazaar below it. This was for the royal ladies of the bygone days to watch the happenings of the streets without coming out among the commoners. The arid hill bordering the city of Jaipur is crowned with the fair-tale like Amber Fort in all its grandeur. This is the star attraction of the princely city.

Around Jaipur :

A popular tourist attraction close to Jaipur, roughly about 130 Km away is the city of Ajmer. The tomb of Sufi Saint Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Hasan Chisti makes it a popular pilgrimage visited by numerous tourists around the year. Another famous pilgrimage spot near Jaipur is the town of Pushkar, which is also famous for its legendary camel fair that happens once a year and is the largest in the world. If art is your calling do visit Kishangarh near Jaipur that is known for its unique collection of miniature paintings that are truly one of a kind. Other scenic areas around Jaipur include Roopangarh, famous for its forts and Samode that houses a legendary fort and a large garden.

Make the Journey Royal with Palace on Wheels:

Visit Jaipur aboard the one-of-a-kind luxury train that carries the charm and grandeur of royal Rajasthan on its coaches of the Palace on Wheels. In the planned itinerary aboard the Palace on Wheels, passengers can come to the charming city of Jaipur and enjoy all its royal glory and none of the modern day chaos on the over-crowded city.

Day 2 of the journey on the Palace on Wheels train comes to Jaipur, where passengers are served a sumptuous 5 Star breakfast on-board, welcomed with a traditional ceremony with garland and shenai accompanied by folk dance and then disembarked on a guided sightseeing tour. After soaking in all of Jaipur packed in a long day, the guests are escorted back to their luxury coaches where they are served with a dinner fit for kings. The train moves on as the guests sleep and dream of princely grandeur towards the other popular spot in Rajasthan, Sawai Madhopur.

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