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Palace on Wheels First Luxury Train Rajasthan
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Palace on Wheels Train

Welcome to the first luxury train of India "Palace On Wheels", that makes a vacation like royalty, Due to his magnificent route through the land of kings, ancient places of impressive nature, romantic and magical lakes, kingdoms and fortress between sand and camels, cities with vibrant coloured dresses, and eternalized loves. With us, you are going to have a kingly experience from both inside and outside the train.

The current concept for Palace on Wheels was inspired from the royal background of the train wagons, which were originally meant to be the personal railway wagons of the ancient’s rulers of the princely government of Rajputana, Gujarat, the Nizam of Hyderabad and the Viceroy of British India.

On board, the blend of ancient royal designs subtly ornate and our personalized guest care make you feel like a member of the royal family, as a result you will have a memorable experience with an unparallelled combination of style and comfort, visiting the most iconic places of the recognised “Golden Triangle” in India, like princesses and maharajas.

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Happy Guest Reviews

Shivagopal, Beverley, United Kingdom

Khajuraho, Palace on Wheels, Delhi

When i booked our trip through Travelogy, i wanted a truly special trip to celebrate our silver wedding anniversary in September. Apart from telling my wife that we are going to India for the special occasion the destinations were to be surprise to her. One therefore wants everything to go as smoothly as possible. Thanks to Nilesh and his team there is only one word that describes the holiday- perfect.

Why do I Choose Palace on Wheels Train?

Because it has the most complete tourist destinations than any other luxury train in India. Where you can:

  • Explore the finest touring destinations of the land of many Kings "Rajasthan + Golden Triangle"
  • See the wondrous forts, palaces and culture across Rajasthan and The Taj Mahal in Agra
  • Enjoy a Royal-Style journey with extra comfort and a Spa Saloon
  • Lowest fare from other luxury train, Starting from USD 3500
  • Recognition & Awards - Voted 4th Best Luxury Train in the World

98%Guest Satisfaction Rate


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