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Udaipur - The City of Lakes

Welcome to Udaipur in Rajasthan where the luxury train Palace on Wheels chugs in on the 4th day of the journey. Also known as the ‘City of Lakes’ or as the ‘Jewel of Mewar’ Udaipur is a stark opposition to what may be a common notion about the desert state of Rajasthan. Shimmering Lake Pichola adorns the centre of the city, which is surrounded by many more lakes, gardens and orchards along with imposing palaces and havelis. The majestic Aravalli Hills borders Udaipur within its high rising peaks from all directions, keeping the city protected and enveloped in breath-taking greenery, relatively milder climates and a sense of romanticism that matches its royal heritage.

Udaipur has rightfully claimed its name amongst lovers of the city as the most romantic city in Rajasthan. The shimmer from the large glistening water bodies that dot the town and the purple and ochre ridges of the woody Aravalli Hills, add the perfect blend of natural beauty complementing the man-made fantastical palaces, inspiring temples, imposing havelis and numerous crooked streets synonymous with Indian cities that add a human contrast to the surrounding nature.

The total area of the city is around 64 sq km. and it can be reached by air through the Maharana Udai Singh airport or through train that reaches the Udaipur railway station located within the city bounds.

The distances from Udaipur to other major Indian cities by road are as follows

  • Jaipur - 418 km
  • Alwar - 948 km
  • Jodhpur - 255 km
  • Jaisalmer - 508 km
  • Ahmedabad - 256 km
  • Kota - 248 km
  • Chittorgarh - 115 km
  • Mumbai - 760 km
  • Delhi - 661 km

Best time to visit:

September to March before the scorching summer sets in.

Languages Spoken:

Hindi, Rajasthani and English

Famous Cuisines:

Pyaz ki Kachor, Baajre ki Khichdi, Dal baati churma, gate ki sabji, lahsun ki chutney etc.

History of Udaipur:

The City of Udaipur has long been the capital of the royal state of Mewar during the bygone era of princes and wars. There is a legendary back story behind the establishment of the city. Once upon a time, the king Maharana Udai Singh had embarked on a hunting expedition where he men a holy sage within the forest of the Aravalli range. The sage directed Maharana Udai Singh to establish his capital city tucked securely amidst the towering mountains of the Aravalli hills on the fertile valley. Hence, the king who is the namesake of the land established the city of Udaipur in the year 1553 AD.

The culture of Udaipur attracts a large number of tourists towards the city of regal history, charming surroundings and lovely people. The modern city is an eclectic mix of the old with the new. People from different walks of life with different cultures and religious beliefs reside in the diverse town. The most noteworthy of Udaipur’s inhabitants are people of the legendary Bhil tribe, they are the people that Rajasthan is often pictured as, as they wear vibrant and colorful Ghagra-cholis and adorn themselves with shimmering silver jewelry even till this day. The city is also the host to numerous fairs and festivals that happen throughout the year.

Around Udaipur :

For people visiting Udaipur, there are numerous other tourist attractions located in Udaipur's close neighborhood. There is Ranakpur, which is popular for the numerous Jain temples it houses. The famous pilgrimage spot of Eklingji which houses a holy shrine of Lord Shiva is located close to Udaipur. Furthermore there is the Nagda temple complex, Rajamand with its lovely water bodies, Ghanerao with large sandstone havelis, the famous Kumbhalgarh fort is located very close as well as Nathdwara and other several other large lakes.

Make the Journey Royal with Palace on Wheels:

The royal luxury train Palace on Wheels chugs into the Udaipur railway station on the 4th day of its journey around Rajasthan. The city which was called the most romantic city in Rajasthan will charm the guests on board the royal express. The day begins after relishing a sumptuous meal on-board followed by a guided tour around the city.

For lunch the guests are escorted to the popular Fateh Prakash Hotel. This is followed by a joyful boat ride on the Lake Pichola with afternoon tea at Jag Mandir Palace. The day ends with a 5 star dinner served to the guests on-board the Palace on Wheels, and as the guests rest in their royal coaches, their ride moves on towards Jaisalmer the next stop on the itinerary of the royal tour of Rajasthan.

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