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Palace on Wheels Lounge & Spa  

Palace on Wheels is a weeklong luxury journey offering its guests world class facilities onboard. The ambience in the carriages make guests feel the same way ancient Kings and dignitaries did. Apart from the world class facilities, there is a Health Spa to relax your body and soul. There are refreshing activities to recharge you in the Sitting Lounge on the Palace on Wheels.

Sitting Lounge

The beautiful flower pots, wall hanging art and ancient- styled furniture the Palace on Wheels Lounge is the ideal ambience for quiet time. The exciting indoor games and wide collection of books and magazines makes this a great place for recreational activity. You can catch up with friends for a chit chat after a long sightseeing day.

Spa Car

Guests can get an exotic health spa done onboard the Palace on Wheels Royal Spa Car. Professional therapists treat you to world famous Ayurveda Health massage, treatments and therapies to rejuvenate your senses. So, get a heavenly experience at the world class Spa within royal interiors & decor of the heavenly Spa Car.

The Palace on Wheels Health Spa Car & Sitting Lounge are amazing ways to relax your body and mind onboard to make your week long journey a more memorable one.

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