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Palace on Wheels History

Exploring India’s best adorable and historical destinations with the unique and royal Palace on Wheels is like a great combination of acquitting history through a historical voyage. The train's lavish and grandeur interior decors call back the times of Indian royals affluence with all furnished classy elements and facilities.

A journey on the Palace on Wheels is just like a mirror image of a royal lifestyle as a real king or queen. Passing through mighty forts, palaces, historical structures, and monuments make you have a magical view of historic tales of the “Land of Kings”, Rajasthan. Like the journey experience of Palace on Wheels, its history sounds massive and glorious with its achievements and success stories.

On 26th January 1982, the rule of Palace on Wheels started under the guidance of Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation (RTDC) and Indian Railways. At the time, Palace on Wheels is the first luxury train gifted to India. The train's royal cabins and opulence made it named as the Palace on Wheels because they are once used personal carriages of Indian Maharajas, Viceroys of British India, and Nizams. As like the name attested to the train it served its guests like a King or a Queen of the palace.

The thought of the train was raised when the royal carriages of kings and high personnel were ceased after the Independence. Then, the Rajasthan tourism department wanted to use this choice to promote the tourism of Rajasthan to all corners of the world by converting them into a luxury train.

In the process, the Palace on Wheels India's first luxury train has emerged. With this idea, they preserved the erstwhile property of Rajputana and promoted the iconic attractions of Rajasthan to the entire world. From the day, Palace on Wheels is a key attraction to many travellers around the globe who wants to enjoy a luxurious journey mode to explore India.

An interesting thing about the Palace on Wheels is its coach's names. To introduce Rajasthan history, the coaches are got named after princely states of Rajputana. Even the interiors of the coaches were designed in a way, which describes the history and tourist attractions of the place affixed to the coach. The works inside and ideology seem to be fantastic and teachthe prominence of the bygone era.

From its starting career to the day, Palace on Wheels credited with many awards and applause. It was awarded PATA Gold Award in 1987 and later in 2009 it was recognized as the “Best Train in Asia”. At last, the immense popularity of the Palace on Wheels made it voted as the 4th best luxury train in the world by the survey conducted by Conde Nast Magazine. Recently, in the year 2018, it was awarded the PATWA award under the “Tourist Train” category.

Exploring the tourist gems of Rajasthan on a historical voyage is a great experience to live it. Everything furnished onboard with world-class amenities and facilities creates a sumptuous and regal atmosphere. From the luxurious cabins to multi-cuisine restaurants, lounge, gym, spa, and bar everything facilitated on the train resembles a five-star hotel.

In a few words, the journey on the Palace on Wheels is like embarking a moving palace that's the “Palace on Wheels”.

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