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Jaisalmer - The Golden City

Jaisalmer is famously named as the “Golden City”, and is one of the called upon places in Rajasthan. It is situated just in the midst of the Thar Desert in the west of Rajasthan. It is not a surprise that many luxury trains including Palace on Wheels intend to cover Jaisalmer as a part of their itinerary. Apart from the exotic beauty of the desert land, sandstone Golden Fort of Jaisalmer, the Thar Desert and the activities that come with it, the city of Jaisalmer is the best place to enjoy the culture of the land. If you are looking for some exotic souvenirs, Jaisalmer is the right place. On the fifth day, Palace on Wheels covers all eminent sights of Jaisalmer and ends the day with an evening camp in the Thar Desert with cultural performances.

Palace on Wheels - Luxurious Journey to Jaisalmer

The Jaisalmer is the desert region of the state and the train cabin every element of this Golden City. The tour takes into account that the afternoons will be very harsh and thus, you would be spending the afternoons inside the train cabin. This is one of the liveliest days of the train as it includes adventure, culture, sightseeing and others at the same destination.

Top activities to enjoy with Palace on Wheels at Jaisalmer are:

  • City sightseeing tour covering Gadisar Lake, Patwonki Haveli, Heritage city walk, Nathmaljiki Haveli and others
  • The train covers the famous Jaisalmer Fort
  • Camel safari at Sam sand dunes
  • Dinner at a palace hotel (Gorbandh Palace) to enjoy the local cuisine and live cultural programs.


Jaisalmer is an arid desert region, which is prone to extreme conditions. The summer temperature can easily reach 49 degree C and winter temperature can go as low as 5 degree C. Monsoon months provides less to insufficient rainfall and thus, the place is dry, throughout the year.


Jaisalmer cuisine is a traditional one filled with spicy dishes, meat dishes and others cooked in light oil. The dishes are usually dry. Due to the local climatic conditions, lentils are abundant here. Vegetable and fruits are very scarce in the local region. The top dish to try here is Murgh-e-subz, a potato curry with chicken. Other dishes to try here are kadipakora, bhanon aloo, kersangri and others. While ordering food in Jaisalmer, make sure to mention that it should be less spicy. The dishes are generally very spicy and hot, thanks to the amount of chili and local spices used to bring the flavors in the ingredients.

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