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Jaisalmer - The Golden City

Jaisalmer is famously named as the “Golden City”, and is one of the called upon places in Rajasthan. It is situated just in the midst of the Thar Desert in the west of Rajasthan. This colorful location in the royal state is also well known for its Desert Safaris that attract tourists from all over the world.

The city is located to the west of Jaipur amongst the western most parts of Rajasthan.

The place received its title in the year 1156 AD, covering a total expanse of 38,201 sq. km. The place doesn’t possess its own airport, but can be reached through the Jodhpur Airport, which is at a distance of 300 km from Jaisalmer, but it does have its own Jaisalmer Railway Station.

Its distance from important cities by road:

  • Jaipur - 569 km
  • Jodhpur - 271 km
  • Bikaner - 331 km
  • Delhi - 793 km
  • Agra - 802 km

Best time to visit:

October to March before the scorching summer sets in.

Languages Spoken:

Rajasthani, Hindi, Urdu, and English

Famous Cuisines:

Kadi Pakora, Dal Bahti Churma, Lahsun-e-Subz, Ker Sangri, Bhanan Aloo, Bhaang, Murg-e-Subz

History of Jaisalmer:

Jaisalmer got its name from the representative of the Bhatti clan, Rawal Jaisal Singh in the year 1156. The city has faced several battles in the hands of foreign enemies till the descent of Shah Jahan, who helped a noble individual Sabala Simha reign in Jaisalmer since his time onwards. The Bhatti clans took care of the city till 1818, until the city was handed over to the British colonials and saved by them.

Jaisalmer has made its way from a the perception of being a land with no future, due to its location in the middle of a desert, to being on of the most sought after places for tourism in India. If you need to search for a fusion between the old and the new, this is where you will find the livelihood of princes, norms and traditions of the prevailing society, apparels, handicrafts, peasant lifestyles, all making themselves fit into timeless fables. It is also popular for Rasos, a type of Rajasthani folk music ballad where people praise the kings for the great deeds to contribute to the riches of their life and culture.

Jaisalmer is not only a place where you get to watch the story of a long timeline, but also where you can grab yourself a few pieces of souvenirs to carry back with you. Handcrafted antiques, shawls, rugs, are specialties here. They also present mirror and stone-works which are great piece of craft for souvenirs. Bandhni, a type of dye fabric, is something you must put your hands on before leaving the city. Popular places for marketing include Manak Chowk, Sonaronka Bass, Sadar bazaar and others. If you can indulge yourself in some silver jewel hunt in Jaisalmer, it will be worth your investments too!

Around Jaisalmer :

Since you are already taking your time out to understand the royalties of the ancient periods, remember to spare some time in your hand to look at the expanses around it, as they carry just as many stories in their legacy. Lodarva, located 15 km from the city, was the former capital of the Bhatti dynasty before Jaisalmer was founded, and that’s were the clan lived. It is famous for its Jain temple.

Khuri, located 48 km to the southwest of Jaisalmer, is renowned for its massive sand dunes, where you can enjoy safaris on the backs of camels, and also spend some time in the indigenously designed huts in the resorts with dung and clay walls. You can also visit the Sunset point, which is a small hill, from where you can enjoy the beauty of the whole city of Jaisalmer from a bird-eye view, and give your eyes a beautiful treat.

Make The Journey Royal with Palace on Wheels:

On the Day 6 of the Palace On Wheels itinerary, the day starts with a relishing breakfast on the train, and then the journey starts around the city. Make the best of your time to look around the places where it catches your eye, and enjoy the experience. Lunch will be catered at the Palace on Wheels train as well as in the Moomal Hotel. You can go back for a little stroll around the place and come back for some refreshments and a memorable camel ride on the sand dunes. You will experience an exquisite royal dinner accompanied by a cultural program, and then get onboard again, to prepare for your next trip to Jodhpur.

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