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Agra - The City of Love

By evening, Palace on Wheels will roll into the city with one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Taj Mahal on the 7th day of the tour. Agra, the home of Taj Mahal is best visited during sunset to watch the land submerge in the bluish tint of the moonshine. This cultural site is famous for marble monuments, forts, shopping, culture and cuisine.

Palace on Wheels - Royal Journey to Agra

Agra is famous for the iconic wonder of the world, The Taj Mahal. The tourists are taken to Taj Mahal right in time to watch the monument slowly turn color as the sun falls down to set. A guided trip through the monument explaining the architectural beauties, crafted illusions and others is the highlight of the day. The exploration includes visit to the museum of Taj Mahal and the garden around it. This 17th century memorial for Mughal Queen is the emblematic beauty of Indian architecture.

The rest of the day until dark is dedicated to shopping. The shopping streets will be filled with small and medium stores to buy souvenirs like marble replica of Taj Mahal, marble handicraft, silk articles, sweets, silver articles, Persian carpets, leather products and others. If you are looking for iconic souvenirs in Agra, miniature Taj Mahal in marble is the best catch. The itinerary includes lunch in one of the local restaurants to serve the traditional local cuisine of the land.

After shopping, the tourists are taken back to the train to reach the final destination of the trip, New Delhi.


March to June is the summer season, which is hot, humid and extremely dry. July to September is the monsoon with average to mild rainfall. Winter is dry and pleasing. It starts in October and ends in March. No matter when you visit Agra, Taj Mahal will be at prime beauty. The place is relatively hot and humid throughout the year.


Agra serves traditional Mughalai cuisine. The Agra version of Mughalai cuisine gives more importance to dessert. Petha is the iconic dessert of Agra, which made from white pumpkin. Apart from it, the other dishes to try in Agra are dalmoth, jalebi, paratha, chaat items, biriyani, chicken tikka, tandoori dishes and others.

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