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Palace on Wheels Super Deluxe Cabin

Super deluxe is the most luxurious cabin of Palace on Wheels. There are two super deluxe cabin and 1 super deluxe coach in the train. It is named as Taj Mahal. The coach has two super deluxe suites named as diamond and Emerald, each with queen size double beds. The suites have royal upholstery and sublime ambience.

Top amenities inside the cabin are :
  • Internet facilities
  • Safe
  • Bathroom with shower cubicle, hairdryer, toiletries, towels and others
  • Hot water facility
  • Complimentary beverage and snacks
  • Butler access
  • Mail box
  • Doctor service, first aid box access
  • Access to gym, spa and other facilities
  • Air conditioned cabin

Super Deluxe Cabin - Palace on Wheels
Super Deluxe Cabin - Palace on Wheels India

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