Palace on Wheels Photo Gallery
Palace on Wheels Bar Lounge and Bar
Palace on Wheels Train exterior View
Palace on Wheels Dining Hall
Palace on Wheels Restaurant
Palace on Wheels Train Cabin

Photo Gallery of Palace on Wheels

A picture is worth million words. Palace on Wheels is unlike any luxurious five star hotel experience. We are presenting you a few pictures of the glory and elegancy that you will experience during the journey. These pictures can recreate the bespoke experience only to some extent. Rest has to be enjoyed in person.

The pictures of the exterior beauty of the train stands as a preview of the luxury that you are about to receive before you aboard the train and the elegance of the train. We have collected a few pictures of the interior of the train to give you a grand reminder of the bespoken amenities and style of the cabins of Palace on Wheels. You can visualize the care taken in crafting the decor of the cabins in these pictures. You can also find pictures of sublime cabins, lounge rooms, dining car, bar, spa and others.

How about testimonials in the form of pictures? Our guest photo gallery stand as a visual assurance of royalty in the Iitinerary from our past customers. We have also sorted out some photographs of destinations which will give you an idea of the journey that you are about to embark.

There is a reason to why Palace on Wheels is a leading luxury train in the World and these pictures will show you why.

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