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Palace on Wheels Deluxe Cabin  

There are 13 carriages in Palace on Wheels and each one has three deluxe cabins. In total, there are 39 deluxe cabins in Palace on Wheels. Each cabin can accommodate two people with or without an infant. Each cabin is named after a precious stone and is decorated in the theme of the stone’s color. A deluxe cabin has a large bed, writing desk, siting area, chairs and access to a butler. The bed can be combined as double bed or as twin beds, on request.

Top amenities inside the cabin are :

  • Internet facilities
  • Electronic safe
  • In-suite bathroom with towels, shower cubicle, hot water faucet, hair dryer and toiletries
  • Complimentary beverage, water and snack
  • Indoor games
  • Mail box
  • Doctor with free consultation at all destinations
  • Access to other service carriages like gym, spa and others
  • Air conditioning system
Palace on Wheels Deluxe Cabin
Palace on Wheels India Sapphire Deluxe Cabin
Ruby Deluxe Cabin of Palace on Wheels
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