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Essential Tips for Taking the Train in India

Don't you love to travel somewhere by train? Looking at the world go by your window is fun. This induces a true sense of adventure in all. Over many years the train has become the best choice for transportation globally. Traveling throughout India via train can be exciting and tricky all together.

Let us follow some Essential Tips for Taking the Train in India:

Traveling by Train in India Feels Amazing

Traveling in any part of India by train is an amazing experience. The moment you're boarding the train and the time of your journey is about to end you will surely have an intense experience. Believe me, your journey will be a package of colorful thoughts, adventurous, smelly sometimes, exciting and incredible.

Inside the train, you will get to spend time with strangers, share food if you wish too, sometimes sitting for prolonging the time your legs might hurt and many other experiences that might make you feel you're in India. Apart from India, you won't find anywhere that family sitting together sharing food and gossiping, people selling cups of tea and beautiful landscape pass by like a movie. Indian train and station have a certain type of smell which doesn't exist in any part of the world. Therefore you will surely understand you're in India by just looking around yourself.

Book Your Tickets Ahead of Time and Avoid Confusion

In India, there are 1 billion people who travel by train every day. Over 20 thousand trains run on a daily basis throughout India. Many people have a little issue traveling along as they like avoiding the crowd and stress. They are recommended to travel with a tourist company as they are quite experienced in handling crowds and booking in bulk. Every passenger gets its seat and bed. If your one of those who likes organized traveling them this idea can work well.

Today you find multiple ways of booking online tickets but the best way is to book directly by the Indian Railway website. This is recommended as your seats, ticket and price will be assured. You need to create an account on the Indian Railway website that will help you to secure your ticket. Once your account is ready your now eligible to purchase ticket for any train you wish. You must be careful about your log details. Sometimes you need to book tickets beforehand and avoids last-minute booking on a special occasion.

At that time many people travel together therefore might happen you may not get the seat as per your preference. Lastly, if you're buying tickets for a large number of people then keep in mind to book tickets at the very same time. This will help you to secure tickets for all in the same area. Or else you might need to seat apart that won't be convenient.

Indian Railways Have a Foreign Tourist Quota

Presently, IRCTC has introduced the Foreign Tourist Quota. This would increase tourism in India. The certain number of seats allocated to foreigners that help to secure their seats when needed.

There are different classes available for the traveler under the foreign quota. They are Executive Class or EC, 1st Air Conditioned or 1AC and 2nd Air Conditioned or 2nd AC.

One can book the ticket online all 365 days and also book them in advance. If any passenger is booking tickets within this Advance Reservation Period i.e. 120 days then the seats are reserved instantly. Apart from that if they book ticket outside this period then the IRCTC will confirm the opening of the ARP.

Book Your Indian Rail Classes

Understanding the Indian railways class is very essential. You must know the class present and you wish to have. Pick the correct class which can make your journey more comfortable and enjoyable.

Follow the below details to know the classes:

  • 1AC: The 1st class air conditioner is the classes that present private room and basin for the travelers. Here you can easily look at the doors. There is 2 or 4 berth present.
  • 2AC: The 2nd class air conditioner is the class where the two-tiered bed is present. Therefore 4 people together. The cabins are no more private but open. Only curtains are available for some privacy.
  • 3AC: The 3rd air conditioner class is quite similar to the 2nd class air conditioner train. Here 3 tiered beds are present in the AC cabin with a total of 6 people to a berth.
  • EC: The Executive chair class is present with an air conditioner and tasty flooding and drinking facility. This type of class is present in Shatabdi Express only.
  • CC: The chair class along with padded reaching seat is present in the railway trains. This is an air conditioning train and we'll recommend a day short trip.
  • SL: The Sleeper Class is a none air-conditioned class. It is least comfortable for people traveling in the air conditioning class. The tickets are cheap and said to be the oldest train in India.

If you're traveling overnight then the best option is the 2AC and 3AC. It all depends on how much you can spend. The cabins are very clean and pocket-friendly price. They are comfortable and air-conditioned. In India, without an air conditioner, it is very hard to travel. Some trains like the Rajdhani Express provide food for the passengers. The fare for the foods is available on the ticket itself. The food includes evening snacks, dinner, and breakfast. Sometime, if the train is delayed then they provide lunch to the passengers.

The toilets are cleaned throughout the journey and quite comfortable for the journey. Power sockets are available for charging purpose is available within the cabin.

If you're traveling during the morning then the traveler must try choosing the EC or the CC option. They are the chair compartment available in the 2nd class air conditioning.

Do You Know How to Book the Indian Railways Ticket

Have you ever booked flight tickets? Aren't they confusing? Similarly, booking Indian train tickets can be confusing sometimes.

You needs to understand the PNR Number which consists of your Name and 10Digit number. The number there will match the number on your ticket. This number gives detail information regarding your coach, your seat number and train number, name of the train and many more important details. You can check your PNR Number in the IRCTC website.

It's Very Hot in India During Summer

The average temperature in India during summer ranges between 35 to 40 degrees. Traveling by train is quite a tough feeling. You have to book an AC train while traveling via train. Without AC you won't be having a comfortable journey at all. Traveling via Non AC train during hot and humid temperatures can be a reason for major discomfort.

Don't You Think Indian Railway Is Quite Secure?

Usually, the trains are not that unsafe as someone can think of. Trains are quite safe and secured for travelers. Police room around at night twice to keep check only the passenger. Safety is the foremost priority by Railway authority. Every station is safe only you need to keep looking at your personal belongings.

How to Secure Your Bagages?

It is necessary to keep our valuable things safe in the train. You must secure your baggage with safety locks and keep precious things close to yourself. You can even take help from the local people who know everything regarding the railway network. The most secure is the 2AC and CC. They are even comfortable.

You must follow some safety rules to be part of the Indian Railways System:

  • Lock up with safety chain all valuable things and baggage. Keep them underneath or on the upper berth.
  • Women need to cover themselves. If they are wearing any gold jewelry then they need to be careful.
  • You must be alert all the time if something doesn't look good.
  • Keep all belongings close to your body when you sleep at night. Keep the money on a pouch and hide inside your cloth.
  • If you’re carrying handbags, you can keep them under your head if you want. No one will pull it.
  • Don't even think of fighting back of your attacked by a weapon. It won't help you in any way.
  • If you’re traveling alone then try observing people around you. Don't trust anyone easily.
  • Never look away from your baggage at the railway station. They are always overcrowded.
  • Try getting travel insurance. In any case, you lose.
  • Lastly, you must have travel insurance. In any case, you lose your valuable items or your hurt during the travel time then this could help.

Indian Railways also run luxury train like Palace on Wheels. If you wish to travel in luxury trains than book the Palace on Wheels train in advance.

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