Venice Simplon-Orient-Express: London to Venice by Luxury Train

Venice Simplon-Orient-Express is a romantic and luxurious train journey from London to Venice. The food and the onboard services are completely world-class. It is well known as VSOE and it runs the old coaches. One who wishes to travel with 5-star facilities from London to Venice, this is the best way.

The train is known to run about once a week from March to November. It takes around one day or 24 hours from London to Venice which basically means you get a full day to spend on a luxury train. You can take advantage of luxury food and services on the train. This trip actually consists of two trains, the historic Pullman England train from London to Folkestone and the Continental train from the 1920’s car asleep from Calais to Venice. 

Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

History of the Orient Express

In 1977, Belmond founder James B Sherwood bought two antique trains at the Monte Carlo auction. Realizing new tastes for sophisticated travel, he searched far and wide to find magnificent railroad tracks in private parks, museums and sledges. Cars from famous ancient trains, including Le Train Bleu and Rome Express, deserve to return to noble work but require a special level of expertise to be restored.

Fortunately, there were some craftsmen who were found for the task, and they began the process of painstakingly returning the train to their former glory. After years of careful recovery, the iconic midnight car finally rolled into the tracks in 1982, ready to take guests in unrivaled luxury in the classic journey between London and Venice.

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The Simplon-Orient-Express Venice twin converts a few moments from daytime seating to comfortable bedrooms, all done by waiters while passengers enjoy a gourmet dinner in the restaurant car. Beautiful mosaic toilets are located in each carriage.

Grand Suite of Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

Grand Suite of Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

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1. Grand Suite

The Grand suite contains a private bathroom with shower. To offer the ultimate style and comfort there is a living area and a double bedroom.

2. Cabin Suite

The Cabin Suite consists of two interconnected double cabins. You can choose between a single bed or store one cabin as a lounge, with up and down beds elsewhere.

3. Twin Cabin

Each cabin is configured into a lounge during the day time with facilities like a small table, footstool, banquette sofa and a washbasin with both hot and cold water facility. During the night time, a cosy bedroom is converted into an upper and lower bed with crisp linen and soft towels. Slippers, Bathrobes and luxury travel collection by Temple spa is also provided.

4. Boutique

Simple-Orient-Express contains an onboard boutique which is located at the rear of the Lalique car.

5. Bar Car

The Art Nouveau interior of the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express car bar creates a beautiful atmosphere, enhanced by the baby grand piano. Large windows allow one to absorb the beautiful scenery. Enjoy a variety of drinks until late at night.

6. Dining Cars

Simplon-Orient-Express offers an unforgettable delight in the journey. During the train journey, skilled French chefs prepare the dishes which are fresh and finest. Afternoon tea and Breakfast is served to the passengers in the comforts of the cabins itself. Lunch, dinner and brunch are to be served in 3 restaurants cars named as Etoil du Nord, Cote d’Azur and L’ Oriental.

Cote d’Azur Restaurant

Cote d’Azur Restaurant

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Dining and Cuisine

Executive head Chef Christian Bodiguel and his team will carefully think about the dining and cuisines for 30 years. Using fresh ingredients, many of which come from the course, Christian creates dishes that combine classic French cuisine with innovative dishes. This sublime cuisine will surely be part of your unforgettable journey. Specific food needs can be catered for with advance notice at the time of booking.

Venice Simplon Orient Express Cuisine

Cuisine Served at Venice Simplon Orient Express

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Destination Covered

The train visits some of the most evocative destinations in Europe. The traditional path between London, Paris and Venice is now accompanied by retreat from Venice to the fascinating cities of Vienna, Prague, Budapest and Istanbul.

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If you are looking for luxury holidays out of luxury trains, you could choose numerous itineraries in the World’s leading luxury trains like Palace on Wheels, Maharajas’ Express, Rovos Rail Pride of Africa and so on.

London Victoria Railway Station

Journey Starts from London Victoria Railway Station

1. Venice: It is considered as one of the beautiful cities in the world. It is one of the popular destinations and is a spiritual home of Venice Simplon-Orient-Express.

2. Paris: It is also known as the city of lovers and undoubtedly the city of budding architects, shoppers, gourmets and connoisseurs.

3. Istanbul: Istanbul, the gateway between East and West, is bounded on the north and south by two seas, the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara, respectively.

4. Prague: Visiting Prague is like going back in time, the old medieval buildings, the Gothic churches, the baroque domes, the Renaissance palaces are beautifully preserved.

5. Vienna: Vienna is a city of imperial splendour, art nouveau, waltzes and cafes, magnificent buildings, classical music and fine arts. It features refined architecture and elegant buildings dating back 700 years of the Habsburg Empire. Medieval streets and squares contrast with the grand boulevards and the beautiful gardens.

6. Budapest: The Hungarian capital is divided by the mighty Danube into two distinct areas, Buda, the historic centre built on a hill, which overlooks Pest, the commercial centre of the city.

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Is this the Original Orient Express?

There is no such thing as original Orient Express. It is a service and not one specific set of coaches. In the 1920’s and 1930’s, every night from Paris Simple Orient Express is left for a 3 night journey to Istanbul. To stock the operate it clearly requires 6 different sets of coaches. By 1930 there are many Orient Express routes like Orient Express, Simplon Orient Express, Arlberg Orient Express and many more.

In addition to the various Orient Express routes, the Compagnie Internationale des Wagons-Lits operates car beds and car restaurants throughout Europe, both as luxury trains like this and provides sleeping and restaurant-car services connected with regular trains on many countries.

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How Much Does it Cost?

The cost of the journey is dependent on various factors like route, time of the year and the cabin type. The price of the double cabin will be 2,210 per person and the price of 3 grand suites are priced at 5,500 per person from London to Venice.

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How to Buy Tickets?

There are 2 options for booking tickets for Simplon-Orient-Express:

1. You can book the tickets online directly from the official website of Belmond. You can also check the prices, departure dates and availability of the tickets.

2. You can call Railbookers, who are travel specialists and often have special rates for Venice Simplon-Orient-Express. They can also organize hotels and they can book regular European trains to create a bespoke trip out of the airport.

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Travel Tips

You need to be aware of the following information if you are planning to travel in Venice Simple-orient Express train:

  • The space for the luggage is very less, as the compartments of the train are pretty small. Only 1 piece of hand luggage and 1 garment bag is allowed inside the train.
  • There will be a dress code set by VSOE. You are allowed to wear casuals during the day but are not allowed to wear jeans, sneakers and trainers. You should not be overdressed while boarding the train, especially in the evening. Men are expected to wear dark suits or tuxedos and shoes. For women, they can wear evening dresses or formal pants. So, make sure that you bring all the clothes that are right with you.
  • In order to take the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express journey, travellers are required to maintain passports and visa. Make sure to have all the documents like health records and visas required by all the countries. You will be exempted from having the visa if you are an EU citizen.

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