Traveling in India by Palace on Wheels: Your Top 10 Questions and Answers

Especially for tourism, India is a lovely destination in the world to explore its beauty. In such a wonderful destination just think how it will be traveling through Palace on Wheels? It’s just exceptional and not easy to describe in a few words. The Palace on Wheels, India’s top-rated luxury train is a fantastic voyage to discover the iconic tourist wonders of India. It is the name for royalty and opulence in the collection of Indian luxury trains. The world-class amenities and facilities avail on the train will surprise everyone it is really like a moving palace. It’s no doubt, those who want to enjoy a luxurious ride to explore Indian Tourism, Palace on Wheels is the right pickup.

Palace on Wheels

Here the top 10 questions were answered to get a clear understanding of how the journey on Palace on Wheels will move on.These questions will give clarification to many doubts.

1. When to travel on the Palace on Wheels?

The Palace on Wheels provides two seasons for its guests to select the right one and they are Peak season and Lean season. Peak season is the perfect choice to travel through Palace on Wheels. From October to March, this season runs. During this time, you can go through fantastic sites of Rajasthan and Agra with a favorable atmosphere and temperatures. The journey on the train will also be very relaxing and joyous.

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But the lean season, may not be comfortable because during April means summers this season runs. So for the journey and sightseeing also this season not suits well to enjoy.

2. To what boundaries of India the train touches?

To promote the tourism of Rajasthan, Palace on Wheels was introduced. The train start their journey from Delhi and covers Rajasthan tourist attractions including Agra too. In the gap, the train takes you through beautiful attractions of Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Chittorgarh, Sawai Madhopur, and Bharatpur. In a few words, the complete attractions of the North can be experienced with the Palace on Wheels.

Destinations Covered by Palace on Wheels

3. How much luggage can I bring on the train?

The guests of Palace on Wheels are supposed to store luggage under the beds of their cabin. So, as per the regulations of the airline luggage guests are followed to bring. It is better to come up with light-weighted luggage with prioritized and necessary things. Also, everything will available onboard so travelers don’t need to bother for small things to carry.

4. How can we enjoy the sleep on the train?

After embarking the train, everyone moves to their cabins to have a look at how they are furnished. It’s no doubt every cabin will be well-furnished with AC, safe locks, a high-end private bathroom, furniture, and bed. The cabin presents a pleasant atmosphere and good movement suspensions also attached to the train. With all these, a homely environment will be created and you can have a good sleep even on the moving train.

5. What level facilities can I expect?

The name of the train itself explains the quality of the journey it provides. As the name Palace on Wheels, it offers a wide range of facilities that make everyone to think about whether it is a train or a moving palace. On the board, everything was facilitated that we have at our homes more over equal to five-star hotel treatment. Luxurious cabins with all world-class equipment, restaurants, spacious lounge, gym, bar, spa, everything on the train offers a cherishing journey experience forever. It’s sure, you will notable to say this thing was missed on the train. Undoubtedly, you can expect a royal and luxurious journey with Palace on Wheels.

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6. Can I choose my train travel days?

Every year, Palace on Wheels team will update its travel dates on the Official and approved website of General Sales Agent (GSA) of RTDC for selling luxury train of Palace on Wheels. As per your wish, you can opt for your travel days in your favorite season. During the peak season, you can have many travel days choice because from October to March’s full travel dates will be listed. On which day you want to travel you can book for the trip.

7. What are the scenic wonders to catch out?

The itinerary of Palace on Wheels takes through iconic tourist attractions of Rajasthan and Agra. Every day spot of the destination in the itinerary is just marvelous and speechless to describe in words. Udaipur’s romantic scenic wonders, Jaipur’s mighty forts and historical monuments, Ranthambore’s wildlife adventure, Bharatpur’s lovely bird sanctuary, Jaisalmer’s rustic Sam sand dunes, and Agra’s eternal beauty Taj Mahal like every spot and destination are spectacular and awesome.

If you want to explore all various shades of Indian tourism,a trip through the Palace on Wheels is enough to do.

8. What are the hotels be picked on the tour?

When you go for sightseeing, the team of Palace on Wheels provides good lunch and dinner at best rated five-star hotels and resorts. During the journey, everything will go on according to the schedule planned by the Palace on Wheels. Also, if you want to book hotels before departure and after the journey, the team of Palace on Wheels will carry all the things in a few minutes.

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9. Can I customize my vacation for a few days?

Yes, you can customize your vacation for as many days as you want. The actual itinerary of the train is 7 days/ 8 nights span. If you want to visit limited destinations means, you can opt for selected destinations you like. So, if you want to limit your journey in 3 days you can happily do it.

10. How can I plan a vacation in India through Palace on Wheels?

If you are from an abroad country and want to explore the beauty of Indian tourism means, Palace on Wheels train is the right choice. To make this dream come true, just spare a few minutes and book your cabin on Palace on Wheels through The next thing to do is just fly to India. From the day you land, everything will look after by the team of Palace on Wheels. The rest of the time until you go back you can enjoy on the Palace on Wheels just by relaxing the journey. With this historic royal voyage, you can easily round up the stunning attractions of India in a few days.

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