Lake Pichola Udaipur – The Lake of Changing Colours

Udaipur, the city of lakes amidst the golden sand of Rajasthan holds its distinct charm with utmost scintillating scenic view. It’s a city with perfect combination of history and nature. Among so many fascinating spots, Lake Pichola seems to have gained the utmost significance.

History of Lake Pichola

Built by gypsy, Pichhu Banjara in 1300, by diverting course of water from a tributary of Kotra River, he built a dam over it which helped to move his animals while he used to water his grains from the dam water. Years later, Maharana Udai Singh founded the city of Udaipur around this lake, enthralled by its beauty.

Lake Pichola, Udaipur

Around The Lake

Lake Palace – A heritage hotel of the Taj Group of Hotels gives you an amazing view of the changing colours of the lake and is also known for the amazing royal interior. Once served as a retreat for the kings is said to have more than 80 rooms, however if you are not a Taj invited guest, you will not be able to view the interior architect!

Jag Mandir

Surprisingly, this white island palace once inspired Shah Jahan to build the timeless Taj Mahal for his lady-love while he took shelter in Gul Mahal from Maharana Karan Singh, who initiated the building of this palace. One of the finest attractions around the lake is a must visit for you!

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Jag Mandir Palace

Mohan Mandir

Now owned by the Government and opens up only during Gangaur was once a viewing area for the King during the festival of Gangaur in early days.

Mohan Mandir, Lake Pichola Udaipur

Arsi Vilas

Once served as an armory and now home to chirping birds is an abandoned fort from history in the fourth island of Lake Pichola.

Arsi Vilas, Udaipur

City Palace

It was built by the Mewar dynasty back in the 16th century. The two gateways, Bara Pol at the front and the triple arched Tripola at the back along with 8 arches between these two will leave you spellbound!

City Palace Udaipur


The forts and mansions have been mostly built into luxurious hotels, which draws their charm owing to the lake view. Bagore ki Haveli is a worthy name among the rest, due to its own museum and cultural events held every evening.

Bagore Ki Haveli Udaipur

Bagore ki Haveli

Dance Performance at Bagore ki Haveli

Fascinating Pichola

Distinct from other lakes, Lake Pichola is known to change its colour throughout the day.It paints itself blue, as if flaunting the depth, during the morning. It turns golden during the noon while the lake reflects completely orange during sunset. The starry night paints the lake midnight blue with reflection of the palaces and forts at the feet of Pichola.

Best Time to Visit Lake Pichola

Avoid visiting the Udaipur in summers in the months March to June. During Monsoons which starts from July and lasts till September, you can get the mesmerizing view of the  Lake Pichola.

Winters are the best time to visit the Lake Pichola as the weather is delightful and calm.

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How to Reach Lake Pichola ?


Udaipur airport is where you need to book your flights and then take a bus or cab to the lake!


Once you reach Udaipur, Lake Pichola is accessible by all mode of public transport – buses, taxis or auto.


The luxurious Palace on Wheels train includes boat-rides in the lake while it takes you to Udaipur. Promising all comforts with your choice of cuisine and a tour across the majestic forts, palaces and temples this is sure to be a lifetime experience!

Tranquil waters and calmness of the lake makes you feel like heaven on earth! Come and experience the serenity of Pichola amidst the land of golden sand.

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FAQ’s related to Lake Pichola, Udaipur

Q. What is there to do in Lake Pichola?

A. Lake Pichola is a very beautiful and natural lake. You can do a lot of activities like boat riding during sunset, visit Mohan Mandir and Jag Mandir Palace, take a walk around the lake, have something to eat at the restaurants near the lake, etc.

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Q. Which is the best lake in Udaipur?

A. The best lake in Udaipur is not one but many. Some of the must-visit lakes are Lake Pichola, Udai Sagar, Fateh Sagar Lake as well as the Swaroop Sagar Lake. Udaipur is special because of these lakes.

Q. Which is the biggest lake in Udaipur?

A. The biggest lake in Udaipur is considered to be Lake Pichola. It is not only the biggest lake but it is also the oldest lake in the city. A number of hotels and guesthouses are there around Lake Pichola.

Q. What is special about Udaipur?

A. Udaipur is special in all respect. It has the most beautiful natural lakes and ponds. You will see a lot of historical architecture and hills in and around this City of Lakes.

Q. What should I buy in Udaipur?

A. If you go for shopping in the streets of Udaipur, you cannot keep yourself from buying items such as, traditional sarees, turbans, painting, and decorating items, wall hangings, handmade jewelry, and cushion covers, and the list goes on.

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