Top 10 Romantic Restaurants for Candle Light Dinner in Udaipur

Udaipur, the City of Lakes is one of the most beautiful cities in India and the most sought after romantic destinations in the country. The city is called ‘City of Lakes’ due to the amazing water lakes and streams that flow in this desert state of Rajasthan.

One of the most popular of them all is the Lake Pichola, with a white marble structure Lake Palace that looks like it is floating on its beautiful waters.

There are several restaurants that offer roof top candle light dinner for a special romantic evening date with your loved one. The splendid evening breeze and mesmerizing views of the Lake Pichola in Udaipur will make these moments even more special.

The ambiance of these restaurants that promise romantic candle light yummy dinner is great and so are the delectable menus. Even the prices tags that come with relishing cuisine and romantic ambiance for the couples are as high and exorbitant also.

We have selected a few of the top restaurants that not only offer Romantic Candle Light Dinner but also decent prices so your romantic dinner does not get destroyed when you check the bill.

• Please note that the prices mentioned here are latest available and may be approximate.
• Please note that the prices/ menus/ cuisine are subject to change.

1. Udaipuri Restaurant

A vegetarian restaurant in Udaipur serves delectable cuisine in most favorable ambiance. The hotel believes in innovation hospitality and the staff there are pleasant and hospitable. The romantic candle light dinner in particular ups the ambiance of the interiors. A neat and simple but bubbly place to have the ultimate memorable romantic candle light dinner.

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Charge: Rs. 700 for two
Cuisine: Vegetarian

Udaipuri Restaurant

2. Ambrai Restaurant

With professional and friendly staff, fulfilling and wholesome ambiance, excellent cuisine that water your taste buds, set in the backdrop of architectural marvels this is one of the best romantic restaurants for a Candle Light Dinner in Udaipur. The Ambrai Restaurant is surrounded by the splendid Jag Mandir, Lake Palace and Jagdish Temple and offer relishing non-vegetarian cuisine.

Charge: Rs. 1,700 for two
Cuisine: Chinese, Continental & North-Indian

Ambrai Restaurant, Udaipur

3. Millets of Mewar

Offering a partial view of the beautiful waters of Lake Pichola, this restaurant serves Rajasthani & International cuisine. There is organic food, gluten free food, healthy and yummy tasty dishes served for health-conscious lovers.

This is another romantic restaurant where you can get a fulfilling and wholesome romantic candle light dinner looking over the Lake Pichola waters. Palace on Wheels train also has two restaurants such as “The Maharaja” and “The Maharani” in which you can enjoy your delicious dinner.

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Charge: Rs. 600 for two
Cuisine: Health Food, Continental, North- Indian, Rajasthani and Korean

Millets of Mewar, Udaipur

4. Neel Kamal Restaurant

One of the most beautiful restaurants in Taj Lake Palace has a central garden area called Lily Pond adding beauty to the ambiance. The mouthwatering food is prepared in a traditional method on firewood type stoves in open kitchen making the restaurant even more special. This would be the ideal romantic restaurant to have a memorable Candle Light dinner with loved one as it overlooks Lake Pichola.

Charge: Rs. 1,500 for two (alcohol included)
Cuisine: Thai, Chinese, Continental & North-Indian

Neel Kamal Restaurant

5. Upré by 1559 AD

The special hospitality and specialty of the cuisine, especially European, it never fails to give an enriching experience to its customers. This amazing roof-top hotel on the terrace of the Lake Pichola Hotel offers splendid views of the surrounding ghats, City Palace, and lounge with cabanas by a poolside for relaxation. The number 1 in ambiance & delicious food also has a good collection of drinks to go with the romantic Candle Light dinner.

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Charge: Rs. 1,900 for two
Cuisine: Chinese, Continental, North- Indian and European.

Upré by 1559 AD

6. Jaiwana Haveli Roof Top Restaurant

This is an excellent restaurant in an excellent location that offers views of the picturesque scene in the backdrop. This private residence of Thakur of Jaiwana now turned a roof-top restaurant and serves delectable Mewari Cuisine. The panoramic view and homely yet royal ambiance attracts a lot of customers – another ideal place for a romantic quiet Candle Light dinner.

Charge: Rs. 900 for two
Cuisine: Fast Food, Rajasthani, North India & Mewrai Cuisine

Jaiwana Haveli Roof Top Restaurant

7. Myra

This all- day dining restaurant of Hotel Ramada Udaipur has a cozy place for the perfect warm romantic evening in welcoming interiors. Guests may choose to dine under the star-lit sky for a beautiful romantic Candle Light dinner experience in the cool evening breeze of the terrace. The hotel is famous for providing gastronomical delights. Guests may take a sip of electric mix of cocktails in the Liquid Lounge.

Charge: Rs. 2,000 for two
Cuisine: Chinese, North Indian, Continental, Multi- Cuisine

Myra, Udaipur

8. Sheesh Mahal

This fine dine restaurant in India redefines romantic Candle Light dinner. The glittering palaces reflect in the waters and the cool breeze caressing you as you relish your non- vegetarian meal under the sky full of stars. This is a two- level restaurant on an open roof-top that offers splendid views of the surrounding City Palace & Lake Pichola, Jag Mandir, etc. The Sheesh Mahal – The Leela is one of the top romantic restaurants for the most romantic Candle Light dinner.

Charge: Rs. 2,200 for two
Cuisine: International, North Indian & Rajasthani

Sheesh Mahal, Udaipur

9. Savage Garden Restaurant

This partially open air restaurant cum cafe has a unique flower- pot style within the blue colored building. It gives a charming ambiance when you go out with your romantic date for a nice romantic Candle Light dinner together. Privately situated inside the lanes of Udaipur, the elegant interiors promises a cozy romantic dinner, could be soups, pasta, dinner, grilled fish, all prepared with fresh filtered water. Enjoy the veranda setting on this three – storied building in Old Udaipur City.

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Charge: Rs. 1,700 for two
Cuisine: Mediterranean, North Indian and Italian

Savage Garden Restaurant

10. Parkview Restaurant

Warm hospitality and pleasant atmosphere with neat and simple settings with the beautiful Lake Pichola in the distance, this is a brilliant restaurant offering Candle Light dinner for a romantic outing. With few flowers and plants in the corners it gives a relaxed ambiance while the restaurant serves delectable gastronomic delights.

Charge: Rs. 800 for two
Cuisine: North Indian & Rajasthani

Satisfied clientele drawn to these restaurants that, without a doubt, serve gourmet meals to relish. With the beautiful waters of the Lake Pichola and several architectural wonders around it, these surrounding unrivaled restaurants have brilliant ambiance, with simple and comfortable furniture and great interiors. The mouth watering food delights, Candle Light dinner tables with pleasant hospitality and just everything together provides the best romantic time and place for a Candle Light dinner for both of you.

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