This September, Palace on Wheels is Coming with New Look

Every year, Palace on Wheels retire for the year in April and starts back in September. Likewise, this year, Palace on Wheels is starting its new year on September 4th. It is not the only new part in this news. Palace on Wheels is getting a makeover this year.

This season, the royal luxury train has a major change of its exterior color. Initially, when the train started its maiden journey, it was cream white in color with red and blue decoration. Later, it was turned into the blue color that we are familiar with. Currently, the train is undergoing a paint job, back into its original color. It is said the train was universally identified with the cream color exterior and the officials want to retain it back. As a fact, the Heritage Palace on Wheels, running on the original rake of Palace on Wheels will have its same color.

Renovated Palace on Wheels

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The color change is not the only makeover. The train is getting ready in full form for its next year. The toilets are renovated and given a classy look to imitate that of a star hotel. The tiles are also changed to give a new look to the toilets. In addition, the old carpets are removed and new ones are placed throughout the train.

Currently, the train is at the Bias Godown Railway Station and the maintenance work is taking place there. In addition, the department of tourism has taken several effort to popularize the train to a wider audience, this year. During May 2018, 80 Chinese tour operators visited India to experience the luxury of Palace on Wheels.

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The field of luxury trains is getting more competitive day by day in India. With many states starting luxury train services and IRCTC running its share of luxury trains, it is important for Palace on Wheels and Heritage Palace on Wheels to keep up the race with initiatives and renovations.

The train will start its new station by September 4th and it will be flagged off from its initial destination, Delhi on Wednesday and will reach Gandhi Nagar StationSet featured image of Jaipur on September 5th. This will be the maiden journey of the train with its new appearance.

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