Things to do in Jodhpur : A Quick Guide to Exploring India’s Blue City

Jodhpur or ‘Sun City’ is situated in the desert state of Rajasthan and dates back to the 1400s. The city formerly called Marwar derives its name from its founder called Rao Jodha. Tourists from world over throng this city all year round to see famous palaces and forts. Most of these ancient palaces are walled in and this is called ‘Old City’. The place outside the wall is called ‘New City’.

The people here are colorfully dressed depicting the mirror art work and vibrant colors Jodhpur is famous for. It is a shopping haven for shopaholics too. Several fairs are held where anything from tiny artifacts to useful leather goods or fabric etc. is available. The city does not leave out spirituality as there are several religious temples and mandirs to visit on your trip to Jodhpur.

Jodhpur is a mesmerizing tourist spot which is sweltering hot and sunny throughout the year (that’s why it’s called ‘Sun City’. Though being in a desert it houses three beautiful lakes. The city is home to several world renowned tourist destinations few of which are World Heritage Sites. The massive Mehrangarh Fort the beautiful Umaid Bhavan & Jaswant Thada are the wonders you cannot miss.

5 Best Places to Visit in Jodhpur

1.  Mehrangarh Fort

This breathtaking fort stands 150 meters over sea level. The walled in fort has several galleries, large courtyards, beautiful gardens to visit, and forts within the fort. Dating back to 1400’s the Mehrangarh Fort has scars and marks over the walls to remember history. You can wander around a great deal. There are other charges for cameras, entry fee so on and a personal guide too.

Mehrangardh Fort

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2.  Umaid Bhawan Palace

It derives its name from its founder Maharaja Umaid Singh and is presently a hotel. The Royal family still lives in a portion of the pink/ white exterior spread over 90,000 m2. It is also made from ‘Chittar’ – a special sandstone and interiors include Ramayana murals, Throne Room, Billiards, swimming pool, exquisite library & marble squash courts. The highlight is its cupola Central Rotunda that rises to 105 ft up.

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3.  Mandore Gardens

Set on a rocky hill amidst a picturesque landscaped lush, this is a haven for historians and archaeologists. These historical structures of Marwar reign will take you back in history. Its beautifully carved temple like rooftops, statues of Kings of Rajput & deities, all in the Hall of Heroes. Tourists and photographers will love the rock sculptures and distinctive cenotaphs.

Mandore Gardens Jodhpur

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4.  Jaswant Thada

This memorial of Maharaja Jaswanth Singh II was built by his offspring Maharaja Sardar Singh. This intricately carved pure marble with father’s cenotaph is an amazing sight as it reflects the sunrise with a golden glow. The delicate ‘jali’ work on the thin marble showcases the sculptors’ exquisite talent. The trip is an enjoyable trek through a rocky hilly terrain to the main memorial resembling a temple.

Jaswant Thada Jodhpur
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5.  Ossian Temples

This magnificent well preserved temple town is sculpted from precious stone dating back to ancient eighth & ninth century. As you gaze at its magnificent gateways it will leave you speechless. The highlight of the glorious Ossian temples is the architecture and design of the desert township. There are fifteen popular temples with Sun Temple being the most famous of them all.

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Ossian Temples jodhpur

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Why Jodhpur is Famous?

International and domestic tourists throng this famous colorful city all year round. With picturesque attractions like Ghanta Ghar, Jaswant Thada, Umaid Bhawan Palace & still lakes it is a photographer’s paradise. Founded by Jodha Rao and ruled by the Marwars these people can be seen adorned in vibrant colors from head to toe. While the ladies wear colorful saris with mirrors & sequins built into the fabric the men too wear colorful turbans & traditional attire.

Ghanta Ghar Jodhpur

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Major Attractions Boast of Jodhpur’s Rich History

One of the densely populated cities of the desert state of Rajasthan called Jodhpur is famously known by two other names – ‘Blue City & ‘Sun City’. This city which is set on the borders of the world famous Thar Desert is hot & sunny all year round. This is why this city with several ancient forts that tell of its rich history is also called ‘Sun City’.

One of the most favorite tourist hotspot Mehrangarh Fort stands on a rock 400 m above sea level. Buildings inside this walled in fort are blue (though interiors are colorful). That is why it is also known as ‘Blue City’.

Jodhpur, a Shopaholic’s Haven

There are colorful festivals where everybody participates with fervor. Not to mention the artifacts, pottery, semi- precious stones, leather goods etc. the list is lengthy. With fairs held at certain times in the year, this stuff is plenty so you can shop till you drop.

Lip – Smacking Sweets & Spicy Snacks

There are famous sweets that have made their way into all corners of the country that originated here. Some of them are barfi, gulab jamun, malpua, laddu, lassi, etc. There are spicy dishes to snack on when you’re tired. These include mirchi vada, gatte ki sabzi, etc.

Shopping in Jodhpur

After seeing the breathtaking sites Jodhpur is famous for your trip is still incomplete. Unless you shop around the colorful markets to find the famous products of the city your trip is incomplete. Most of these markets are also located close to the most famous tourist attractions. So, know more about the shopaholic – hotspots to plan your shopping in advance as you go sightseeing.

Palace Market: As you walk along Umaid Palace and Ajit Bhawan, check out designer metal works including copper & brass ware, silver jewellery, finest marbles, sequined & beaded or mirrored handicrafts, blue pottery & antiques, and puppets.

Ghanta Garh: Meaning Clock Tower Market this busy marketplace is famous for fine range of eatables like Mathaniya’s red chilies, flavored tea, Makhania Lassi, Shahi Samosa. Shop around for exquisite antiques & hand embroidery fabrics.

Sojati Gate Market: This is most famous place to shop Rajasthani handicrafts, tie and dye prints, jewellery, souvenirs.

Nai Sarak: This is a busy place to pick up bandhej or bandhani (tye & dye) fabric which make great gifts for loved ones/ friends.

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Kaapra Bazaar: This ‘Clothes Market’ is famous for original Leheriya as it originated in Jodhpur & Bandhej patterns on fabrics like cotton, silk, and chiffons.

Mochi Bazaar: Meaning ‘Cobbler Market’, there are stacks of colorful Jodhpuri Juttis or Mojaris, lac bangles & junk jewellery.

Sarafa Bazaar: This is famous for traditional & silver jewellery, home decorative like photo frames & trinkets, and fabrics like bandhani and leheriya.

Tripolia Bazaar: This is the choicest place to pick artifacts & handicrafts made of wood and marble including pottery. Shop reasonably priced silver ware and other metal furniture, brass ware, etc.

Palace Market Jodhpur

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How to Reach Jodhpur

One of the busiest tourist spots in the country is well connected to major cities. Reaching Jodhpur is not a problem as there are well connected airlines, railways and roadways. The world famous luxury train Palace on Wheels passes through this picturesque sandy haven to pay a visit to the ancient palaces where the Kings of Marwar ruled.

By Air: There is an Airport in Jodhpur known as Jodhpur Airport with daily airplanes plying to the major cities in India like Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkatta, Bangalore, Cochin, Hyderabad, etc.

By Rail: There are well connected railway networks running through this famous ‘Sun City’ connecting to all major cities in India. Famous express trains ply, the significant one a Superfast Express by the name Jodhpur Express. The world famous Palace on Wheels Luxury Train stops by at Jodhpur as this is one of the breathtaking tourist destinations in India.

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By Road: There are well connected roadways with a popular highway being the Jodhpur – Jaisalmer via Agoli & Pokaran. It connects to major cities with bus services to major cities like Delhi, Agra, Ajmer, Udaipur, Ahmedabad, etc.

Palace on Wheels Rajasthan

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Getting Around Jodhpur

Various modes of transport are there to tour the city within Jodhpur. Like most tourist destinations Taxis and Auto -rickshaws are always an option. However, there are interesting ways to get around – by bicycles and Tongas too & the Luxurious way of sightseeing Jaipur, the Royal Palace on Wheels.

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FAQ’s related to Jodhpur – Blue City:

Q. How many days should I spend in Jodhpur?

A. If you are out for a weekend in Rajasthan, then you should spend at least one day in Jodhpur. If you have some time in hand then 2 days tour is enough to enjoy the sightseeing and visiting the best tourist locations.

Q. Is it worth going to Jodhpur?

A. Yes, it is worth going to Jodhpur. Here, you will get to witness the authentic Rajasthani cuisines and the local market. There are some magnificent forts in the city, which are in the must-see list if you are in Rajasthan.

Q. Which is the best area to stay in Jodhpur?

A. The best area to stay in Jodhpur is to stay in a haveli within the Old City. This is so that you can indulge yourself in understanding the history of the place and get the maximum out of the beautiful architecture.

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Q. What are the top attractions to visit in Jodhpur?

A. The Mehrangarh is the top attractions which are located in Jodhpur. This is said to be the largest fort present in Rajasthan, India. This fort was built by Rao Jodha in the year. It is said that this fort is built 410 feet above the ground and surrounded by thick walls.

Q. What are the best outdoor activities in Jodhpur?

A. The Camel Safari tour is the most advisable outdoor activity in Jodhpur. You will get to witness the sunset while riding the camel in the Thar Desert. The cost of the Camel Safari is 1874 INR.

Q. What are the best day trips from Jodhpur?

A. The day trip to Jodhpur is an amazing feeling. You will get to see an eye-catching sightseen and natural beauty of this place. First, you can visit the Mehrangarh Fort and then look around the Jaswant Thada. From there you can go to visit the Mandore Garden and Clock Tower. Lastly, if you’re interested in shopping then the best place is the Sardar Market.

Q. What are the most popular things to do in Jodhpur with kids?

A. Jodhpur is the second-largest city in Rajasthan. If you have kids then you can visit the forts there and then go for flying fox. It is very interesting for kids. It has a total of 6 zip-lines and you would take 90minutes to complete this fly.

Q. Is Jodhpur worth visiting?

A. Yes, visiting Jodhpur is worth as it is the replication of rich culture and the heritage spot of India. People from around the globe come here to see this blue city.

Q. What is a famous thing in Jodhpur?

A. Apart from forts plus shopping places, Jodhpur is famous as the “Blue City” as well as the “Sun City” of the country.

Q. How can I spend my day in Jodhpur?

A. Start the morning by visiting the Mehrangarh Fort followed by the ultimate Umaid Bhawan Palace, Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park, Mandore Garden to Jaswant Thada. All these locations are about 15 to 20 minutes apart. Then you can go for some sightseeing and shopping by walking around the Sadar market and the Clock tower. Finish your day by having the authentic food in the restaurant nearby.

Q. How many days should I spend in Jodhpur?

A. Two days in Jodhpur is quite enough for anyone to discover the beauty of this place. There are many things to look around.

Q. Is Jodhpur safe at night?

A. Yes, it is safe at night time but it is also advisable not to get too friendly with local people. You walk around the street for site seeing in the market and have some of the delicious foods around the market.

Q. Why is Jodhpur famous?

A. Jodhpur is famous for being the Blue City as well as the Sun City of the country. This city is known for the remarkable work of architecture done by the Rajput rulers such as the Ghanta Ghar, Mehrangarh Fort, Jaswant Thada, Umaid Bhawan Palace along with the Clock Tower.

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