Seven Stars in Kyushu: A Unique and Luxurious Way to Experience Japan

The seven stars cruise train is a unique way of travelling to Japan’s Kyushu Island. The Kyushu seven stars train started working from 2013, it had a unique way of selling spaces in the train. The lottery system is used to meet the demand for unique train experience. The “Seven Stars Kyushu” train is a fusion of both western and Japanese culture.

We can enjoy the beautiful Kyushu scenery by travelling in the Seven Stars cruise train. This train provides a new kind of experience by participating in the excursions. The train does not just cross the path. At times, passengers get off the train to participate in excursions, making this train new travel experience.

Seven Stars Kyushu


All the 14 all-suite guest room in the seven stars cruise train is unique. Of this 2 are large deluxe suites which can accommodate up to 3 guests.

Deluxe Suite A

It is a 226 square feet room, which is largest in the Kyushu seven stars. The furniture like floor, walls, ceiling and other furniture is made up of pear wood. This is the rearmost guestroom on the train. This room also facilitates a private projector with a selection of DVDs. Other facilities like free wifi, air-conditioning, minibar, private en-suite with toilet, front desk telephone, cypress-panelled shower stall are provided in the room. The walls of the bathroom are in white sycamore with a beaver aralia floor.

Seven Stars Kyushu deluxe A suite

Deluxe Suite B

It is the 2nd biggest guestroom and is of 183 square feet. For the floor, walls, furniture of the main room are made up of rosewood. En-suite bathroom and bedroom are well furnished with maple. Like Deluxe Suite A it also contains a minibar, free Wi-Fi, front desk telephone, cypress-panelled shower stall, private en-suite with toilet, Arita porcelain washbasin.

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Deluxe Suite B

Suite Rooms

There will be 12 suite rooms, in which out of 3 offers a high degree of functionality, comfort and beautiful design. The rooms are 108 square feet which can accommodate a maximum of 2 guests. Each of these rooms has been carefully furnished by local artisans. As you walk down the halls, you will notice that each suite has a different wood for the furniture, as well as different patterns and colours for the covering. It contains the facilities like Arita porcelain washbasin, desk telephone, free wi-fi, air-conditioner, minibar, private en-suite with toilet and many more.

Suite Rooms

Dining Car

The dining car is named a Jupiter dining car. All the cuisines are made of seasonal ingredients which will change throughout the year. An exceptional, friendly but unadorned service characterizes the culinary experience in the seven-star Jupiter dining car. Enjoy the best of Kyushu, prepared by the chef and served by the steward.

Dining Car in seven star Kyushu

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Kyushu has bright sunshine, high mountains and, of course, abundant oceans. The cuisines of the train reflect all these blessings. The seasonal ingredients required for the cuisines are collected from the seas and countryside of the Kyushu. Along the route passengers also had the option to dine in a selected restaurant.The serving contains a small portion in tiny ebony boxes, bamboo cups and woven baskets, including vegetables, squeezed with salmon.


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Starting and finishing at the Hakata Station, Seven star Kyushu train operates on 2 day and 4-day circular tours of Kyushu. Along the route, coach tours will be provided for various stations.

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2-day itinerary

It is a 2 Days/2 Nights round trip of northern Kyushu travels. It will travel through Fukuoka, Saga, Nagasaki and Kumamoto.

Day 1

Hakata -Nagasaki

Day 2

Aso – Yufuin – Hakata

4-day itinerary

It is a 4 Days/ 3 Nights journey which travels around 5 places like Fukuoka, Oita, Miyazaki, Kagoshima and Kumamoto. The route combines many of Kyushu’s key sites. For example, you’ll stay at Yufuin Onsen, one of Kyushu’s most traditional ryokans.

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There will be 12 cabins in the 5 sleeper class and there will be 2 additional deluxe rooms. The clever design and high ceiling will make the room comfortable. During the day, the twin beds are small sofas and a desk runs along a wall. There will additional facilities in the cabin like telephone, A/C, mood lighting.

There will be 2 different sized windows in the cabin like Panoramic and other narrow and tall, which is dressed up with elegant bamboo blinds and wooden shutters. And there will be signature details like handmade porcelain wash hand basin.


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What to Expect When Traveling by train Seven Stars Train?

The trip will take you to green and splendid landscapes of Kyushu. There will be stops like the birthplace of Japanese porcelain, stratovolcano Mount Yufu, the historic Edo-era streets of Mimitsu, the largest volcano in the world that is Volcania caldera. The mountainous volcanic landscape of Kyushu is filled with visual drama, while the underlying geology fuels a relaxing culture of natural spa and healthy outdoor activities.

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Beds are comfortable and long and each room contained a spacious en-suite bathroom, hand painted ceramic basin and wood-lined shower and a fully automated toilet will offer a luxurious journey. The interiors of the Seven Stars are all covered with wood, Japanese maple elegantly carved in the suites, cypress scented in the showers, shiny walnut floors.

Things to do in Seven Stars Kyushu and Palace on Wheels

S.NO Seven Stars Kyushu Palace on Wheels
1. You can visit the cultural and natural highlights of the Island. You can have a Jungle safari in Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary and Ranthambore National park.
2. You can meet Kakiemon XV, who is the present artistic director, and a direct descendant of sakaida kakiemo, who had created the family kiln in the 17th century. Camel ride in the desert and warmth of the bonfire will make you feel thrilled.
3. You can visit Lake kinrin, which offers the Japanese scenes of maple trees. Enjoy the cultural performance, which is the highlight of the trip under the starry sky in Jaisalmer.
4. You will spend the night in a classic country inn, or Ryokan, where you can enjoy the famous hot springs of Kyushu. You can enjoy the sound and light show at Agra Fort.

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