A Ride to Remember While Travelling in Palace on Wheels Train

Indian tourism is always filled with awe-inspiring marvels. There is much to enjoy in the country and one such attraction is luxury trains. Apart from the ease and luxury of travel, the trains provide a ride that you would remember throughout your life.

For a certain luxury train trip, a specific itinerary will be pre-defined by the authorities. That itinerary stand-alone can create a unique experience that would etch in your mind forever. Apart from that, you can alter your journey experience by the following tips.

Checkout the collection of hacks and tips from avid luxury train riders for creating a memorable ride.

Skip an Excursion

Every day the train stops at a new destination and the tourists will be taken on an excursion. Choose a complete sightseeing excursion and skip it. Stay back in the train, enjoy the amenities, watch how the train is being filled with water and other resources, enjoy the railway station or scale the local area on your own. Talk to your tour manager about your plan before you execute it.

Palace on Wheels

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Celebrate a Birthday

It may or may not be your birthday month. Create a fake birthday and enjoy it. Request a cake and celebrate in the lounge room or the bar. If you are looking for a private celebration, use your cabin.

Check Schedule of Palace on Wheels Train


Meet different people over a cup of drinks. Socialize with people around you. You would be travelling with them throughout the trip and this would be an easy way to expand your network and make new friends. Almost all those who choose luxury trains would be decent and you need not worry about your safety.

Maharajah Restaurant of Palace on Wheels

Palace on Wheels Restaurants

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Try Local Style

Continental, Chinese and other cuisines are available throughout your journey. Try to taste Indian thali meal or any local delicacies during your trip. Chef in the train serve his specialties during the trip and try those. You can request for a less spicy version beforehand.

Fish Florentine

Fish Florentine

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Shop Inside the Train

Almost all destinations have a shopping tour. Give some time to the souvenir shop inside the Palace on Wheels train. Whether you buy or not, give a glance to all the souvenirs inside the shop.

Know About the Offers of Palace on Wheels Train

Enjoy Business Car Facilities

Your train will have some unique facilities like spa, game room, bar, gym and others. The tour specifically leaves a day or two at leisure for tourists to enjoy these facilities. It is true that one can stay occupied with internet and TV inside the cabin. However, if you are planning to make a memorable trip, try to enjoy these facilities.

Palace on Wheels Bar

Palace on Wheels Bar

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Do Not Leave Special Excursion

During specific season, certain activities or route might be at prime beauty. Sometimes, special excursions will be organized by the manager and tourists can choose to opt in or out of the excursion. Avid travelers strongly recommend choosing those special excursions, as those will provide a unique and exotic experience.

Make sure to enjoy the whole trip with full heart. Though your cabin will be filled with top internet facilities and electronic appliances, you are not spending a considerable amount of money to pay Clash of Clans or Candy Crush on a moving train. Take your head out of your internet world and enjoy the paradise, India.

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