Reasons! Why You Would Prefer to Spend Their Vacations in Bikaner

Vacation is always a great fun and people looking to earn an unusual experience need to choose a differ place. There are several popular destinations around India, which are perfect for spending a vacation and Rajasthan is an apt state to get relaxed. The state owes various attractive sites and one can enjoy seeing the catchy attractions including the sand dunes.

Bikaner is one of the stunning places of Rajasthan that is to be visited during the holiday. This spectacular city located in north west part of the desert state Rajasthan is worth of exploring during the vacation as there are mind blowing wonders around the place. The place is very simple to reach and visitors can enjoy the marvelous architecture of the impressive constructions.

There are various attractions that are to be explored in the stunning destination Bikaner and the temple built in the 19th century is a special place to visit. Founded by Rao Bikaji in the year 1486 this region reflects the unique grace of Rajputana and Mughal art and architecture.

Witnessing the brilliant Rajput culture is very easy in the Rajasthani city Bikaner and this place is considered to be the oasis of the Thar Desert. There are several wonders and lavish places that are to be explored during the holiday and the beautiful destination serves the best food of Rajasthan.

Along with other popular destinations of Rajasthan, Bikaner is one opulent site which is loaded with wonderful constructions that are to be visited in the amazing destination.

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Here are a few reasons that make people get attracted to spend a holiday in the striking place which offer travelers to earn an unusual experience.

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Amazing Wonders

The amazing attractions make this place complete special and unique from the rest of the Rajasthan as there are many majestic constructions. The royal palaces, charming forts, havelis and a few more turns the place a stand a royal treat to the travelers.

One must visit see the enchanting construction style of Gajner Palace, Lal Garh Palace, Junagarh Fort and a few more that are a blend of Mughal and Rajput cultures. Along with the architectural wonders one must visit the temples that are not just oldest, but are even known for magnificent style.

Gajner Palace Bikaner

Gajner Palace, Bikaner

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Religious Places

The world famous Karni Mata Mandir is to be seen in Bikaner as this is one such place where visitors can see thousands of rats moving freely and drinking milk in the temple. Along with this, the temple town even hosts Har Mandir, Bhandeswari Jain Temple, Shiv Bari Mandir and a few more religious places that are to be explored during the holiday.

There are several ancient temples around Bikaner and unusual construction style stands as a treat to the eyes of the visitors. The temples turn to be much opulent during the celebrations and festivals.

Karni Mata Mandir Bikaner

Karni Mata Mandir Bikaner

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The Rajput state offers a great feast to the taste buds of the visitors with a unique cuisine and Bikaner is extremely popular for sweets and snacks. Bikaner is famous for mouth-watering delicacies and of all the popular snack Bikaner Bhujia is to be tasted.

The street food and the traditional delicacies are to be enjoyed by the travelers along with samosa, kachoris, ghewar, kulfi and a few more yummy dishes in Bikaner.

Ghewar Rajasthan

Ghewar, Rajasthan

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Fairs and Festivals

The eye catchy attraction of Bikaner is that one can happily take part in the fair and festivals. The camel festival stands as a special event and the place turns to be extremely opulent. The traditional dances and the folk songs make the place much vibrant and the fireworks surely grab the attention of the visitors. The camel festival reflects the Rajasthani culture and visitors need to be seen the elegance of the location during the celebrations.

Camel Festival Bikaner

Camel Festival Bikaner

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Purchasing the unique ethnic furniture, impressive apparels, traditional goods, carpets and a few more is extremely easy in Bikaner. This place presents various apparels in traditional shades and Bikaner is a perfect destination of shopaholics. The leather goods along with handicrafts owe a unique craze and the rugs of Bikaner are extremely famous.

Travelers can bag the unusual jewelry, fabrics of bandhini and a few catchier goods. One looking to pick the alluring goods can have a great time to shop in the region and can enjoy various local crafts.

Shopping in Bikaner

Shopping in Bikaner

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Not for the above reasons, but visitors can earn a unique experience of holiday seeing the Rajput city as there is a lot to explore in the vibrant destination. The impressive city with attractive sites always welcomes people to spend a memorable holiday and the city is filled with extraordinary attractions that are worth of exploring once in a lifetime.

The fun doubles when people plan a vacation during the time of the camel festival as the local celebrations turn the city to be much opulent.

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Frequently Asked related to Bikaner:

Q. Why is Bikaner famous for?

A. Bikaner is famous for a lot of reasons. This royal city is a blend of some very special historical locations and buildings. It has Gajner Palace along with Junagarh Fort as well as the Kote Gate.

Q. What can I shop for in Bikaner?

A. There are many shops in Bikaner. Bikaner is famous for its handmade Kundan jewelry, textiles, Bangles made of lac. This is the home for the famous Bikaneri bhujia. You can also buy some authentic dresses from the Bikaner market.

Q. What is the best time to visit Bikaner?

A. The best time to visit the city of Bikaner is during the winter months. To be specific, you can travel to the city in the months between October and March. This is the ideal season to visit to avoid scorching summers.

Q. How many days should I spend in Bikaner?

A. To be very specific, in order to get the maximum out of your Bikaner tour you should spend around 4 days to 5 days in this beautiful city. In these few days, you can get to visit the best tourist destinations in Bikaner.

Q. How far is Bikaner from Jaipur?

A. You need to travel through a distance of 334 kilometers from Jaipur to reach the city of Bikaner. Bikaner city came into existence in the year 1488 by Rao Bika of Rathor dynasty.

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