Palace on Wheels Kitchen – How Your Food Is Prepared

As we already know Palace on Wheels comprises two restaurants, namely “Maharajah” and “Maharani”. At these restaurants, everyone gets mesmerized with a number of cuisines of various styles. But the difficulty and hard work behind all variety of dishes are unknown to many people. Yes, inside the kitchen of Palace on Wheels all these innumerable varieties get prepared with the great attention paying by chefs and workers.

So, you can understand that now we are going to know how the food will be prepared inside the kitchen of the Palace on Wheels.

Palace on Wheels Kitchen

Palace on Wheels Kitchen

How are the Ingredients Bought?

The first and necessary thing for cooking is the ingredients for the dishes. We know that the train will always on its journey. Then, how they get vegetables or ingredients to cook the food means, when the train halts at the destinations they will go for grabbing all the needed ingredients to cook food. So this makes, guests of Palace on Wheels will have fresh food on their table which was just get ready before a few minutes.

Some times, they may fail to get all the required contents. At that time, that particular cuisines will not be available in restaurants. And also in some seasons some ingredients will not obtainable that’s why the menu of the train will get change according to the season. Overall, we can know that how freshly the food is getting served on Palace on Wheels train.

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Difficulty in Cooking

Cooking on a moving train is not an easy task to do, a very concentrated mind and patience are required to the person. But the most difficult problem for the chefs in the kitchen is garnishing the dish decoratively. As it was a train, it moves to and fro and then it is very difficult for them to do their job with 100% accuracy. Even they are facing all these difficulties, they always give their best delicacies to the guests onboard with perfect outlook.

Palace on Wheels Meals

Palace on Wheels Snacks

Palace on Wheels Snacks

What is chef’s specialty dish?

If you observe, there will be a quote in the description of Palace on Wheels restaurants as “Availability of everyday Chef’s Specialty”. Actually, what does it means, a dish will be prepared with the specific regional ingredients gathered at different destinations of the train. All these ingredients will be cooked as a special variety, but this dish will not be mentioned in the menu card. Simply, Chef’s special dish means it’s like a surprise dish available on the train without mention.

Cooking Devices of Palace on Wheels Kitchen

In Palace on Wheels kitchen, from a very simple device to major one everything will be equipped to fulfill all wishes of the guests on the train. To do bread toasts to heavy dishes, every particular device will be accessible in the kitchen. Even in small space also all these things will be managed very technically by the kitchen crew of Palace on Wheels.

By crossing all these hurdles and barriers, well-cooked and garnished food will reach the desks of Palace on Wheels restaurants. Behind the tasty cuisines of Palace on Wheels, all these things works on.

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