Mandore Garden in Jodhpur, Rajasthan

Jodhpur, the blue city of Rajasthan is famous for imperial forts, amazing palaces, unique temples and houses painted in the vivid shades of blue. The second largest city of Rajasthan was built in 1459 by the chief of Rathore Clan, Rao Jodha and named after him. Among the ancient wonders of Jodhpur, Mandore Garden is another renowned tourist spots of Rajasthan.

History of Mandore Garden

Mandore Garden is one of the well preserved sites of the abandoned city Mandore which was the ancient capital of Marwar. The city is as old as the epic Ramayana. As per the story Ravana married the queen of Mandavyapur (the old name of Mandore) Mandodari.

This place has been attacked several times by many famous rulers like Mohammad Tuglaq, Allauddin Khalji and others which forced the king to leave the place and move to Mehrangarh Fort. Today only Mandore Garden along with Mandore Fort and Ravan temple is there to carry the rich history of Mandore.

Attractions of Mandore Garden

1. Cenotaphs at Mandore Garden

The beauty of Mandore garden has increased with the unique cenotaphs or Chattris which also carries the evidence of the richness of Madore. This cenotaphs are of 17th to 18 centuries and made of red sandstone. Each of these cenotaphs were created for the different rulers of the Mandore kingdom. These Chattris are four floor high and completed with columns and spire.

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Cenotaphs at Mandore Garden

2. Hall of Heroes

Another major tourist attraction of Mandore garden is Hall of Heroes. Dedicated to the Rajput folk heroes, this hall is located near the cenotaphs area. Statues of Rajput heroes, beautiful images and the decorated interior is quite amazing to watch.

Hall of Heroes at Mandore Garden

3. Temple of 33 crore Gods

The shire of 33 crore Hind Gods is also located in this garden. Ancient images of Hindu deities can be seen here.

Temple of 33 crore Gods

4. Government Museum

For a detailed history of Mandore city and Mandore garden one can visit the government museum. Many historical artefacts related to this place can be found here.

Government Museum in Mandore gardens

Best Time to Visit

Due to the warm climate of Rajasthan and its location (near to Thar Desert) tourist are advised to visit Mandore garden during the winter season, especially between Octobers to March.

How to Reach Mandore Garden

Main Jodhpur Bus stand is only 10 kilometer away from this place and cabs, auto rickshaw and buses are available from there. From airport one can reach this place via National Highway 62.

Trains are well-connected to the major Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata. Even the luxurious Palace on Wheels also visits the Blue City.

Here you can know more about the Palace on Wheels

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Travelers Tips

  • If you love photography don’t forget to bring camera, verdant garden, cenotaphs and the temples will give you enough of chance to show your talent.
  • Try to wear comfortable clothes and shoes as you have to walk a lot.
  • Take proper protection to save yourself from the hot weather of the locality.
  • For visiting the Government Museum tourists have to pay Rs 50 and it is open from Saturday to Thursday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.
  • Don’t book any tourist guide, the place is self-explanatory.
  • To see the remnants of Mandore Fort you have to climb a hill.
  • Balsamand Lake, Balsamand Garden, Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park, Rajput Palace and many other tourist spots are located nearby, you can visit them.
  • Don’t forget to treat your taste buds with delicious local cuisines available in the nearby restaurants like Kesar Heritage Restaurant, Chokelao and Nirvana House Rooftop etc.

Altogether, the Mardon garden is amazing. Green vast garden, ancient structure and important historical artefacts has increased value of Mandore garden as a travel destination of Jodhpur.

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