Top 30 Luxury Trains in the World

Luxury train travel is an important tourist attraction. Luxury train provides a five-star hotel service inside a moving train that takes the travelers to a set of tourist attractions. Starting from internet to laundry, the trains have all exclusive services and amenities inside it.

When it comes to spending a peaceful time we always think about holidays. If you are planning to surprise your family with a luxury holiday that also has some fun then try the luxury trains in the world. It is worth experience so book your tickets today.

List of Luxury Trains in the World

List of Luxury Trains in the World

Here is the list of top six luxury trains in the world that you ought to ride in your lifetime.

1. Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, London to Venice

Orient Express runs from London to Venice. It overs London, Innsbruck, Parise and Verona. The tour ends in Venice. The train provides an elegant decor, which suits today’s modern style. Several itineraries stretch for different period.

Many amenities inside the train are still the best in the world and the most important element of all is the freshly caught lobster that is served for brunch. This train has held the top tourist train title for several decades. Many luxury trains have copied their services and decor from Orient Express.

Orient Express

2. Maharajas’ Express, India

Maharajas’ Express is one of the world’s costliest and luxurious trains that runs in India. There are several itineraries in the train that serve different routes and destinations in the country.

The top elements of the train are its route, amenities and others. The train has many modern amenities like Live TV, wi-fi and others too. The train has recreated cabins that are similar to those used by the kings of the country.

Maharajas Express

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3. Blue Train, Pretoria to Cape Town

Blue Train serves South Africa, from Pretoria to Cape Town. The train journey stretches for 27 hours. The best parts of the train journey are the staff, 24/7 butler service, luxury menu, high-class toiletries and the view. Do you know that Nelson Mandela has traveled in this train? The train has been on the tracks serving tourists for more than 70 years.

Blue Train

4. Ghan, Adelaide to Darwin

Ghan runs from Adelaide to Darwin in Australia. The trip stretches for three nights and four days. The train is famous for suited cabins, dining experience, breakfast in bed experience, five-course meal, grilled kangaroo fillet and others. The train also provide optional exotic excursions to Alice Springs, Katherine and others.

5. Palace on Wheels, India

Palace on Wheels is an iconic luxury train that runs in India. The train serves most of the Rajasthan states and surrounding tourist attractions. The train uses ancient cabins that were used by kings of the land.

The train has incorporated all modern amenities starting from wi-fi to Satellite phone. The train is famous for changing menu as the train enters different cities.

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Palace on Wheels

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6. Seven Stars in Kyushu, Japan

Seven Stars in Kyushu is Japan’s most luxurious seven carriage train that can hold just 30 tourists. The train is made with rosewood and maple. The windows have etched glasses and the train has many other interesting decor elements. The train provides two itineraries that covers either Fukuoka or South Japan Island. The tourists are chosen by lottery system due to very high demand.

Seven Stars

These are just the top six luxury trains in the world. There are numerous other trains that are operating for many decades and attracting thousands of tourists every year. Though the cost of the ticket is high, the service and quality of vacation provided by theses train are very valuable.

7. Golden Eagle: Moscow to Vladivostok

The Golden Eagle Luxury Trains provides very cheerful and stress-free services to their guest, get extra luxury treatment where you can ask for air-conditioner or heater as per the climate. Guest even ask for laundry services and an English speaking doctor will also be available in case of any emergency.

It is a two-week train journey but it doesn’t feel like one due to the daily expeditions. The ride is mesmerizing as it travels alongside Lake Baikal. The cost to travel through train starts from US 15,895 per person (Silver Class). To make the journey comfortable guest will get five-star accommodations in Moscow and Vladivostok.

Golden Eagle

8. Rovos Rail: Southern and Eastern Africa

Ravos Rails journey is one of the most exciting because you can see Animals run behind the Rovos Rail train. Africa is beautiful and the train journey provides spectacular scenery and you will get big beasts also. You can get to visit a destination like Zimbabwe, Namibia, and Tanzania. The cabin in the train is exotic and people traveling can open window and take photographs of the beautiful landscape. You can book the train tickets at costs $1,504 per person.

Rovos Rail

9. Spirit of Queensland – Brisbane/Cairns

Spirit of the Queensland train journey is designed to provide you relaxing train travel on one of the luxurious way. You get the classic Queensland journey between Brisbane and Cairns. Traveling is both comfortable and entertaining where you can explore modern rail experience. The rail journey starts from $150 – $380 and you get onboard Club Car that allows guest to refreshments throughout the journey.

Spirit of Queensland Train

10. The Rocky Mountaineer: Banff to Vancouver

The train’s viewing carriages provide a magnificent glimpse of the Canadian Rockies. The Gold Leaf Service of the Rocky Mountaineer opts for best in North America. There are different options into the Rockies, but it’s the original Banff to Vancouver ride that still records the imagination.

This was the last, strenuous of the great rail expansion westwards that United Canada in the late 1880’s. Although most tourists choose the summer season, September to mid-October is the best option to travel, when nature is abandoned with a vibrant mix of reds, oranges, and yellows and fresh snow gathers on the mountaintops. It takes $1,309 approximately to visit this place.

Rocky Mountaineer

11. Belmond Royal Scotsman: Scottish Highlands

A journey aboard the Belmond Royal Scotsman is an exquisite way to visit the countryside in a Downtown Abbey atmosphere. Travelers can opt any round trips from Edinburgh which is of two to seven days duration but the unique voyage is the four-night journey to the Scottish Highlands. It consists of a journey from distilleries and sightseeing excursions to castles, a beautiful bar. Approximately $3,917 per person needed for this visit.

Belmond Royal Scotsman

12. The Canadian: Toronto to Vancouver

VIA Rail’s four-day, The Canadian journey requires travelers through 4,466 km of beautiful scenery, connecting two of the country’s most modern cities, Toronto and Vancouver. For a year now, the rail company has been adding deluxe sleepers and delicious meals to its standard routes. In summer new Prestige class is available with seven 30 swanky bedrooms. Each includes unsuited shower, a washroom, and minibar with alcohol included in the ticket price.

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At night, when one is unable to see outside, an in-carriage flat-screen TV will engage passengers entertained with pre-loaded content on a USB stick. This is the only daily scheduled passenger train in North America to deliver double beds rather than upper and lower bunks or just singles. Each person will cost $2,891 per person.

The Canadian

13. The Transcantabrico Gran Lujo: San Sebastian to Santiago de Compostela

Roaming slowly along Spain’s Atlantic coast for seven days, the Transcantabrico provides a five-star hotel experience on wheels compared to a train experience. A luxury coach is linked with the train to stop for the day’s excursion. It charges $4,859 per person.

The Transcantabrico Gran Lujo

14. The Sweet Train, Asia

The journey of the Sweet Train is little over two hours, and the staffs on the train will pamper their travelers. If you miss the Kyushu Seven Stars, then you should try this Sweet Train, Asia. The person who designed the kyshu seven stars train has designed this train too. During the travel, lunch with four desserts will be offered.

15. The Golden Chariot, India

The Golden Chariot is one of the most famous luxury train in India. Golden Chariot is a famous stone in the Vithala temple in Hampi and from there the name has been taken. The route of the train is one of the most exotic as it covers Goa, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Pondicherry. The facility available on the train is one of the most glamorous as far Indian Railways are concern.

Golden Chariot

Note: This train is currently not operated.

16. Switzerland’s Classic Train, Europe

One who likes to enjoy the luxurious train travel and a fan of the snowy look of Switzerland must travel in Switzerland’s Classic Train, Europe. Travelers will get a mystique feeling when the train passed through the dark tunnels in the rural areas. The enchanting sceneries and awesome photographic location at the time of travel will remain eye-catching throughout the journey.

17. Belmond Hiram Bingham, South America

Choosing the train journey with Belmond Hiram Bingham, South America helps the travelers to enjoy the luxurious train journey. This train has an amazing brunch along the side of the windows, so people can enjoy the 3.5 hours journey by looking out through the open windows. Sights to look out at the time of train travel are the sanctuary.

Belmond Hiram Bingham

18. The Deccan Odyssey, Asia

The Deccan Odyssey, Asia is also known as India’s Blue Train. To enjoy the trip with your loved ones, options are available to choose per cabin per journey package. There are 6 different packages are available for travelers to choose from to enjoy the exotic and historic locations in India.

Deccan Odyssey

19. Royal Canadian Pacific, North America

Ancient royalty notables like Sir Winston Churchill, Princess Elizabeth, Duke of Edinburgh, and Queen Elizabeth traveled in the luxuries of the Royal Canadian Pacific, North America. Travelers who all afford to buy the sky-high train tickets can choose this train travel, and only 30 passengers will be allowed inside the train at the time of travel.

Royal Canadian Pacific

20. Eastern & Oriental Express, Asia

This luxury train tours Southeast Asia including the places like Thailand, Bangkok, Singapore, and Malaysia. Travelers will get breakfast in their compartments. Also, surprise champagne will be offered with fruit baskets at the time of travel to delight the travelers. During the travel, travelers can experience the true spirit of Asian traditions.

Eastern & Oriental Express

21. Al-Andalus, Europe

This Al-Andalus, Europe is the southern Spain train running successfully from the 1920’s to give the classic touch for the travelers. This train travel features all en-suite cabins, lounge, bars, and two dining cars. In ancient times, the British Royal Families utilized this to travel from Calais to the Cote d’Azur. In a single time, 64 passengers will be allowed to travel while touring to Andalusia.

Al-Andalus, Europe

22. Belmond Andean Explorer, South America

This Luxury Belmond Andean Explorer, South America Sleeper Train launched in the May of 2017. Travelers will get the joyful and enchanting train experience ever at the time of travel. This train offers the world’s highest rail tours for the travelers and risk-taking experience on higher altitudes. At the time of traveling bottled oxygen for people who feel trapped and oppressed.

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Belmond Andean Explorer

23. Belmond British Pullman, Europe

This Belmond British Pullman, Europe train journey comes under the branch of the British Orient luxury train journeys. If one needs to enjoy the journey with the historical touch, then this Belmond British Pullman, Europe the train journey is the ideal choice. Passengers can take a piggyback ride from the VSOE and can travel across the Euro tunnel to Folke stone at the time of travel.

Belmond British Pullman

24. Bernina Express, Europe

One who likes to enjoy the glaciers at the time of train travel must choose Bernina Express, Europe. Each and every traveler can explore the magnificent glaciers of Piz Bernia. Bernina Express, Europe will move through the highest railway lines cross the Alps at the time of travel. Passengers who are enjoying the train travel can also feel the dip from 7391 ft.

Bernina Express, Europe

25. Belmond Grand Hibernian, Europe

Passengers who all love to take travel through rugged landscape and stunning sceneries must choose the Belmond Grand Hibernian, Europe Express. This Belmond Grand Hibernia train travel is the ideal choice and the best way to explore Ireland. Top-notch amenities, luxury elements are available in the train cabins. Seafood and gourmet cheese will be served in the train with the Irish touch.

26. Shangri-La Express, Asia

This Shangri-La Express, Asia started its journey with the passengers from 2017, and it is a private luxury Chinese train which is the best one to travel with your family in the vacation time. Young attendants, individual dining cars, unique model imported furniture, and necessary amenities increased the beauty to the train route. Chinese, as well as, international cuisines are served here.

Shangri-La Express, Asia

27. Glacier Express, Europe

One who likes to view the destinations across the Swiss Alps must choose Glacier Express, Europe train journey at least once in their lifetime. With advancing technologies, the train offers the best amenities, dining services, accommodations and much more. To choose the luxury level, two classes of tickets are available with different price tag here.

Glacier Express, Europe

28. Bergen Railway, Europe

This Bergen Railway, Europe luxury train runs between Bergen and Oslo. Travelers can enjoy the elegant beauties of Norway at the time of train travel. Do not pick the night travel because it will make you miss the natural scenic beauty of Norway along the way. The train journey takes seven hours, and it runs through 180 tunnels and has 22 train stops for passengers.

Bergen Railway, Europe

29. Golden Pass Panoramic Express, Europe

One who wished to enjoy the ultimate panoramic view of the Golden Pass must choose this ultra-modern luxury train travel. Golden Pass is the route between Lucerne and Montreux where you can view the Geneva Lake, Bernese Oberland Lake Simmen Valley, and much more. It takes 5.5 hours to complete the journey. The spring season is the best recommended time for the journey.

Golden Pass Panoramic Express

30. Island Adventure – Brisbane to Cairns

Island Adventure is one of the most beautiful rail journeys that are between Brisbane to Cairns. Here you can enjoy a spectacular view of the Queensland scenery with great vacations at the beautiful Hamilton Island. One can enjoy this train journey with First Class travel & Rail bed. The journey will cover rain forest and sugar cane fields to Cairns. It is 6 days long journey in which 3 days you will spend on Hamilton Island.

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