IRCTC Soon to Launch Luxury Trains! Indian Railways to the Railway Officials offer Inspections for Passenger Saloons

Across all the joins, Indian Railways had a total of 336 saloon cars. Most of them have already been condemned. There were a total of 62 saloon air-conditioned cars. For generating the additional revenue for the national transporter, railways had decided to convert 200 saloons into 10 luxury tourist trains.

The trains will be run by IRCTC, and according to the PTI report, it was stated that the saloons are used by officials initially to visit the faraway places. Some saloons were under the railway’s officials and around 200 saloons will be converted into luxurious trains. For public use, around 10 trains will be kept.

Luxury Train Saloons

The saloon consists of a kitchen, two bedrooms, a toilet, a pantry and a lounge. These facilities are to provide accommodation for 5 days. It was stated in the report published last year, there were concerns regarding the misuse of saloons by Indian officials. Piyush Goyal himself gave up the personal trainer for public use and is named as the “trapping of colonial mindset”.

Railway Board had designed the strict guidelines for the regulation and use of such saloons. They are primarily used for inspection by focusing on safety. Each zone of the Indian Railways will be given 2 addition carriages for inspection purpose, besides the observation car and saloons for general manager. There will be a self-propelled inspection car with windows on both sides for each division of Indian Railways. For gaining the additional revenue to the national transporter, remaining saloons should be used premium for tourist traffic.

There was a total of 336 saloon cars in total across all the zones among which most of them are condemned. The first privately occupied saloon coach was operated by IRCTC from last year March. They are complete AC rooms with attached bathroom and valet service. The cost of chattering the saloon will be around 2 lakhs. After the finalizing of all the routes, the booking details of the saloon will be made available on the IRCTC website.

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