Heritage Palace on Wheels Begins Journey on December 22, 2017

The iconic Palace on Wheels, a joint collaboration between Indian Railways & RTDC took its first maiden trip in the year 1982. Ever since then several domestic & international tourists came back for an exquisite royal journey through the historic sights of Rajasthan amidst luxury onboard the Palace on Wheels.

On Wednesday, the Tourism Minister Krishnendra Kaur announced that the Heritage Palace on Wheels will embark on its first journey. History is scripted as the luxury train begins its journeys across various spots in India on December 22, 2017.

The Rajasthan Tourism Department believes that this new Indian Luxury Train will be a huge success after the RRoW or Royal Rajasthan on Wheels did not attract the expected number of customers. This Luxury Train gives travelers the ambiance of a 5-star hotel on wheels. There is a Restaurant & Bar, Luxury Lounge area, and other world-class amenities. As per the statistics, there are over 70,000 travelers who traveled the Palace on Wheels India tracks.

Heritage Palace on Wheels New Features

Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation has announced state-of-the-art features to be introduced on the Heritage Palace on Wheels. The interiors of the train have been done up in such a way to resemble Rajasthan’s Royal Culture & Heritage.

In the earlier times, different regions of Rajasthan were ruled by various Rajput rulers. Thus, the carriages of the Heritage Palace on Wheels are named under the 14 Rajput regions. To name a few of them – Jaipur, Afrikaner, Almeria, Jodhpurs, Bunni, Hirohito & Kisangani.

Palace on Wheels India

Heritage Palace on Wheels Journeys

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The new embark destination for the journey is the national capital state of New Delhi. Then it makes its way to Jaipur, Sawai Madhopur, Chittorgarh, Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Bharatpur, and Agra. After seeing the fascinating tourist locations and other sights it returns to New Delhi once again. The major highlights of this royal tour include a thrilling safari through the jungle in Ranthambore and the spectacular structure of romance- the Taj Mahal.

Heritage Palace on Wheels Fare Price & Operational Months

The ticket price for one ticket is priced @ Rs 19,200 per person per night for domestic travellers &US $675 for international tourists. Heritage Palace on Wheels is operational from September to April. Operations are off during the hot summer months – May to August.

The Royal interiors of the train are set to fascinate the travelers while it snakes its way through the brilliant ancient historical structures and other exciting sites. Prior to Independent India, the Viceroys of British India, Rulers of Rajputana & Gujarat, and the Nizams of Hyderabad traveled in royalty in the luxury carriages. This was discontinued due to high maintenance costs.

Now, the interiors are done up to resemble the ancient times that ancient rulers lived in. This type of journey is now accessible to guests on the Heritage Palace on Wheels who will experience royal ambiance like that of a King or Queen on this luxury tour.

Complete Information about Palace on Wheels

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