10 Most Colorful Markets in Rajasthan You Must Visit

Exploring the tourist hotspots of India is just a part of your trip to Rajasthan. The other attractive part of this exploration is strolling through the colourful markets of the state.

Some of the most popular markets of Rajasthan are:

1. Hathi Pol Bazar, Udaipur

Named after the architectural amazement of the Lake City, Hathi Pol Bazar pulls tourists from all parts of the state. The market is grand with wide varieties of handcrafted products from embroidered leather shoes or mojaris to boutique apparels, from Rajasthani quilts to sparkling home decor, you have a lot to fill your bags at this bazar.

Hathi Pol Bazar, Udaipur


  • Don’t forget to bargain as the prices are quoted high at this local market.
  • Try the mojaris before buying so that these fit well.

Opening Time

The Hathi Pol Bazar is open from 10 AM to 9 PM, Monday to Saturday.

2. Tripolia Bazar, Jaipur

Rajasthani is a land of kings and queens and hence a state of jewellery. Get some authentic and traditional jewellery of Rajasthani at this market. Be it the bangles, lac jewellery, necklaces, payels, earrings or nose pins every piece of accessory reflects the true colours of Rajasthan.

Tripolia Bazaar, Jaipur


  • Here as well bargaining is a must to get the best price.
  • Also after shopping do not miss the chance of strolling round the open space, basking in the local ambiance.

Opening Time

The local Bazar remains open from Monday to Saturday, 10 AM to 7 PM.

3. Johari Bazar, Jaipur

Complimenting its name, Johari Bazar is another jewellery of Rajasthan. Besides costume jewellery, this is a shopping arcade for precious and semi precious stones. If you are an astrology believer or an astrologer, the collection of gems will amaze. Tired of shopping? Relish sumptuous local cuisines at the food stalls lining the market.

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Johari Bazar


  • Beware of artificial gems and jewels.
  • Do not forget to get hold of some handmade jewels besides the precious ones.

Opening Time

This market is open on all days of the week, from 10 AM to 11 PM.

4. Sadar Bazar, Jaisalmer

This market is one of the prime features of the Golden City of Jaisalmer. The market just do not have wide varieties of dyed apparels, leather shoes, embroidery work and handicrafts but also ancient paintings, carpets and silver ornaments.

Sadar Bazaar


  • Get your own portrait done at the hands of expert artists.
  • Enjoy the bustle of the local life at this market.

Opening Time

The market dealings take place both on weekdays and weekends, from 10 AM to 6 PM.

5. Nai Sarak, Jodhpur

Colours of Rajasthan are treasured at the bazaars of Jodhpur. Local artisans gather at this market to sell turbans, leather goods and saris made and painted with their own hands. The bandhani and bandhej clothes, also known as tie and dye clothes are a must buy because these dress materials are both soft and colorful, suiting the local ambiance.

Nai Sarak


  • Shop and know the stories of producing these products directly from the artisans.

Opening Time

The market remains open on all days from 9 AM till 7 PM.

So, do not miss a visit to these local markets of Rajasthan, brimming with life and splattering with vibrant colours to make your trip complete.

6. Clock Tower Market, Jodhpur

Rajasthan is famous for it’s quintessential cuisines and hence tourists are often eager to carry back home some of the exotic spices used in cooking Rajasthani delicacies. Also known as the Spice’s Market, Clock Tower Market is the best place to get genuine spices of the state at a single place. Besides spices, the market is also famous for antiques, handicrafts and dyed clothes.

Clock Tower Market Jodhpur


  • Besides spices, get flavored tea from the market.
  • Go with a guide well versed in local language so that you can bargain well.
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Opening Time

The market is open on all days of the week from 10 AM to 8 PM.

7. Bapu Bazar, Jaipur

Just beside the famous Nehru Bazar and Johari Bazar is located this shopping arcade. From the soft cotton apparels with Jaipuri print to assorted embellishments of junk jewellery, whatever may be in shopping list, everything is available at this market. The best part about this market is every product is reasonable in price and hence bargaining is not needed.

Bapu Bazar

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  • Explore the rustic pink buildings encircling the Bazar.
  • Getting Jaipuri textiles and hand looms is a must here.

Opening Time

This local market of Jaipur is also open on all weekdays from 11 AM to 8 PM.

8. Kote Gate, Bikaner

This local market welcomes tourists to the city of Bikaner. As you approach the city, the colourful textiles and handicrafts lining the roads create a vibrance among the tourists. While the small handicrafts can act as perfect gifts back home, the miniature paintings can give a royal touch to the residence.

Kote Gate


  • Besides shopping go through the ancient buildings near the market.
  • Embrace old charm of the city at its market along with the chitchats and bargains of the locals.

Opening Time

The market remains open from 10.30 AM to 8.30 PM, from Monday to Sunday.

9. Pansari Bazar, Jaisalmer

This local market is just not a place to shop but also to feel the rustic lifestyle of the city, Pansari Bazar is the oldest market of the city and hence sells traditional goods like turbans, antics, handicrafts and ethnic apparels and footwear. The puppets of this market can easily bring a smile on the kids faces and the local snacks bring a change in mood.

Pansari Bazar

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  • Best to carry cash as most of the vendors are not facilitated with ATM card machines.

Opening Time

The market is open everyday from 10 AM to 6 PM.

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10. Sarafa Bazaar, Pushkar

The pilgrimage of Pushkar is also a great place to shop. The Sarafa Bazaar is the biggest local market of the city selling ready made dresses, exotic accessories, large bangles and authentic leather goods. The most unique item of the market are camel covers, statues of Hindu gods and goddesses.

sarafa bazaar pushkar

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  • Purchase and wear the traditional apparels from the market to worship at the Pushkar shrines, this will give you a real feel of the spiritual life of the city.
  • The roses of Pushkar are famous get perfumes, rose water, gulkand and sherbet made from fresh roses of the city.

Opening Time

The shops remain open on all days from 9 AM till 7 PM.

11. Mahatma Gandhi Road, Bikaner

In short, MG Road, this local market of Bikaner brings a piece of old Rajasthan in front of the tourists. The specialty of this market is Kundan jewellery which were made for the queens of the state. The other feature of this market are mementos.

Mahatma Gandhi Road, Bikaner


  • Satisfy your taste buds with local namkeens of Bikaner at the food stalls lining the market.

Opening Time

The market is open from 9 AM to 7 PM on all days of the week.

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