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Top 10 Things to do in Agra

Agra is indeed an interesting place to explore and enjoy. While most people believe that Agra is just about Taj Mahal and a couple more of the Mughal's marble monuments, the truth is that Agra is quite a place with abundant activities to enjoy.

Here are some of the activities to enjoy while you are on a trip to this marble paradise.

1. Watch Taj Mahal at Sunset

Taj Mahal is a singular attraction that pulls in millions of tourists every year. The structure is famous for the awe-inspiring symmetric architectural beauty, the carvings and decorations, lush garden, and the interesting museum. The most attractive part of the structure is its overall look, which is more beautified as the monument turns into a shade of orange reflecting the setting sun. This is the most romantic time to visit Taj Mahal, next to visiting it during the full moon night.

2. Historic sightseeing

Apart from Taj Mahal, there are numerous other monuments in Agra like Agra Fort, Jahangir Mahal, Jama Masjid, Humayun's mosque, Itimad-ud-Daulah, and others. Visit these monuments and enjoy a complete sightseeing. There are numerous audio guides you can download to understand the monuments even better. Each monument is praised for the architectural beauty, history details, and more. Remember that these monuments are scattered around the city. Thus, plan to cover all monuments in one area, before you move on to another. If you want to explore Agra by luxury train than Palace on Wheels covers Agra on its itinerary. On 8 day, the train reaches Agra.

3. Picnic and Stroll in the Baghs

Bagh means garden, and you can find numerous Mughal gardens in the city. The best of all is the Mehtab Bagh, from where a panoramic view of Taj Mahal can be enjoyed. Apart from Mehtab Bagh, you can find similar charming Mughal or Persian gardens like Anguri Bagh, Dayal Bagh, and others. Choose evenings to visit these gardens for lazy strolling, picnic and photography.

4. Day Tour to Fatehpur Sikri

Fatehpur Sikri is an abandoned Mughal capital city. The city holds numerous monuments, palaces, temples, and other structures of Mughals. Starting from the nine gates to this capital city to the mosques of the region, every standing structure is a beauty by itself. Avid travelers point out that the sunset is the right time if you are looking for beautiful photogenic time. This city is located around 40 km away from Agra. A road trip to Fatehpur Sikri and back to Agra would make a day out of it.

5. Try the Street Food of Agra

Agra is the land of Mughals and Mughals had a knack for cuisine. This culture still resonates in the city. You can find numerous high-end restaurants to enjoy signature dishes in Agra. However, the real taste of the city lies with the street vendors you can find along the market regions. Top items to try in Agra are kebabs, chaat items, chicken dishes, kachori, jelabi, and others. Visit the markets during evening to find many street food vendors. Agra's street food is not very spicy. However, if you believe that you cannot handle the heat of Indian dishes, make sure to ask for a milder version. Are your evenings busy? Do not worry, most of the street food stalls are open until 10 at night or even later.

6. A Boat Cruise through River Yamuna

There numerous ways to enjoy the sight of Taj Mahal and taking a boat trip along the River Yamuna is one of the outstanding ones. Choose sunset to enjoy this boat trip. You can find many service providers offering 30 minutes trip along this beautiful channel of water. Do not forget your camera, as Taj Mahal isn’t the only thing that would mesmerize you during this boat trip.

7. Shop for Souvenirs in the Street Markets

The most commonly known shopping area in Agra is the one closer to Taj Mahal. However, the land is riddled with streets for shopping. Top souvenirs to buy are silver articles, marble articles, ethnic dresses, Persian carpets, shawls, embroidery accessories, leather articles, decorative knives, and others. Top markets to wander around for souvenirs are Sadar Bazaar, Shah Market, Kinari Bazaar, Subhash Bazaar, TDI Mall, and others.

8. Enjoy Cultural Shows

One of the best ways to enjoy the cultural beauty of the land is by enjoying the performance arts. There are numerous types of cultural shows like dance, music, drama, dance drama, and others. Most of these shows reciprocate the culture of Agra during the Mughal times. If you like to enjoy the art forms of the land, catch a show. Most of the drama shows have English translation via headphones, and other technologies. One of the best cultural shows is Mohabbat – The Taj (dance drama), which features the world's largest exact-replica of Taj Mahal.

9. Museum Surfing

You will be familiar with the museum inside the Taj Mahal. However, it is not the only museum of the land. Other museums to explore in the city are Spiritual Museum and Taj City Municipal Museum. If you love to learn more about the history and culture of the land, visiting these museums would be a good option.

10. Pump your Adrenaline with Adventure Activities

Agra is not just sightseeing. You can find numerous seasonal adventure activities to enjoy. The most iconic adventure activity of all is the hot air ballooning, which is available during peak tourism season. Many service providers offer Agra city tour via cycling, bikes, and others. A little away from Agra, you can find birdwatching activities on River Chambal, and so on.

This is not an exclusive list. Apart from these, you can find nature walks, helicopter ride around Agra, Champagne brunch overlooking Taj Mahal, and many other activities in Agra. To enjoy as many activities as possible, it is recommended to visit Agra during the peak tourism season, AKA the winter, which starts from November and ends in March.

Frequently Asked Questions


Besides enjoying sightseeing at Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, Mehtab Bagh, and others, you can enjoy nature walk, Mughal heritage walk in Kachhpura Village, shopping in the markets of old city and spotting bears at Agra Bear Rescue Center.


Agra is famous for its World Wonder, Taj Mahal and a long list of Heritage sites. Agra also has many shopping areas, lush gardens, and interesting cuisine.


You can enjoy shopping, taste street food, and catch a drama or other cultural activities at night. If it is around the time of full moon night, you can visit Taj Mahal at night.


Enjoy sunrise in Taj Mahal and spend the morning and afternoon by sightseeing at Agra Fort, Tomb ofItimadUdDaulah, and others. Take a tuktuk ride to Sikandra Akbar Fort and a road trip to FatehpurSikhri (or shopping).


Top souvenir bought in Agra is marble miniature of Taj Mahal. Apart from this, you can find spices, marble items, silver items, home decor items, Persian handlooms, handicraft items, and others.


Famous dishes of Agra are petha, paratha, Mughalai meat dishes, chaat, jalebi, Bedhai, dalmoth, and others.


Top souvenirs to buy in Agra are garments, marble articles, silver articles, sweets, leather articles, carpets, Persian rugs, and others.


Mobile phones are not allowed inside the monument. However, still camera is allowed.


Agra is safer for tourists to explore at night. The crime rates are moderate and the city is filled with tourists during peak season.


Winter is the right time to visit Agra. October to March will be cool, lush and comfortable.


Agra has an arid and dry climate. Thus, cotton clothing in light color is best. Wear decent clothing covering up to knee to avoid any controversies.


Taj Mahal is closed on Fridays. The monument is open from 6 am to 6 pm and during night visits, it is open from 8:30 pm to 12:30 am.


The most famous sweet of Agra is Petha. Apart from petha, other top sweets of the land are soanpapdi, Doda burfi, Khajur roll, gudgajak, and others.