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5 Train Journeys to Enjoy Monsoon in India

Indian monsoons uncannily render a whole new meaning to people who sustain their livelihood as agriculture is predominant occupation. For those who travel, especially during the monsoons, know how adventurous and nostalgic it can be. Rains need not play spoilsport to your travel plans if you wisely choose the right place to go and the right transportation to take you there.

The rains can get unpredictable, even with several weather apps. You see that every area has a different pattern and distribution of rainfall. It varies mainly due to the myriad terrains of India, such as the coastlines, ghats, hill stations all have different precipitation levels. Since the predictability is never on your side, go with preparedness and enjoy the monsoon. It is an awesome experience if you enjoy the company of fellow travelers in this monsoon sojourn.

Train travel would be the most appropriate option during monsoon as you can get to see the lush greenery of the countryside and mountains, rivers flowing to the brim, and hear the amazing pitter-patter of the raindrops as make your way to the travel destination.

Crowded trains may greet you most of the time, but there are quite several options if you book earlier. You could choose the first-class AC coaches and travel in style by yourself or choose to mingle and make travel companions. Picking AC coaches in the second class is an ideal option. It is a great option to check out for those who have booked berths. The seats are fours and quite comfortable as well for overnight journeys. You can also try out curtained off bunk beds, which get provided with pillows and sheets. This provision will help you take good rest and commence fresh for the remaining part of the journey.

Train journeys help you to enjoy the landscape and know more about the places that you would have studied when young but never got around seeing them. The greenery and lush fields and water bodies will remind of the canvas so magnificent yet hard to paint and capture.

Several spots that can get chosen for your travel during monsoon but a quite few have made it to the top five lists:

  • You can choose to travel from Trivandrum to Mumbai using the Konkan railway. You get to experience the Western Ghats first hand with the Arabian Sea on the other, making it a marvelous sight. The Konkan train covers for about 700kms distance from Trivandrum to Mumbai. This Konkan train line was built up to reduce the time and the distance which is taken from Trivandrum to Mumbai. This huge change almost took 7 years. While the train covers this distance you will witness the magnificent view of nature. You will get to see several rivers and other water bodies, mountains, and amazing landscapes. The lush green beauties of nature will mesmerize you.

    The train passes by 3 most important states of the Nation. You will get to see almost 56 railway station on your way to Mumbai from Trivandrum. As a traveler, you will experience the torrential rain adding beauty to the already picture-perfect landscape. Lastly, it must be notified that the train route has been truly modified to keep the scenic beauty of nature in mind. This journey lends its charm.

  • Another delightful journey would be to travel from Bengaluru to Vasco da Gama. The rivers and flatlands are treated to the eyes as you see rows of crops and riverbeds that add a special effect to the whole scenery. The Indian Railway is the best and the largest network compared to any railway network around the globe. In the event that you are one of those who loves to watch the beauty of nature then you must surely try traveling to Vasco da Gama from Bengaluru via train. In this way, you will get to observe many things around you. There are numerous mountains and seas which the train will pass by.

    The best part of the journey is when you will witness red clay soil. That is the most exciting and thrilling part of the journey. This is something that you may not witness in any part of India apart from here. Several waterfalls catch your eye when you pas the Braganza Ghat to the DudhSagar falls full glory during the monsoons all this when traveling by train.

  • Another memorable route for holiday travel by train would be the Mumbai to Vasco da Gama. The people enjoy exploring this part of India. Some love to enjoy the busy city and some are just mesmerized by the gorgeous beauty of nature. The train crosses through the famous Sahyadri hills making the view more spectacular and the experience more thrilling for the travelers. Apart from hills and mountains, you will witness the Arabian Sea from the train. Nature lovers will be in for double whammy as they can feast their eyes to valleys and cascades of mountains on this single journey.

    Did you ever left like going inside the caves and then disappear for some time? Then here you can. On the way, you will cross 92 tunnels and more than two thousand bridges. The moments you spend in this journey can’t be compared to anything more. The Sahyadri ranges make a spectacular sight to the ghats of Lonavala, Karjat, etc. that can be in your must-see lists.

  • When you travel further South India, you can check out the Coimbatore and Trivandrum route distinct change of landscape with arid lands left behind to the greener Kerala along the Bharatpuzhariver alongside. The tracks made on this route are quite difficult. On the way, the passenger will get 19 trains that go direct from Coimbatore and Trivandrum. This journey takes about 8 to 10 hours. The more you go towards the south the more you experience the purity of nature. No pollution around you will make you feel relaxed and composed.

    Apart from beauty, you will love to meet different people and get to learn the different cultures altogether. Trivandrum is famous for its Padmanabhaswamy Temple. In this place, you will find many backwaters. The backwater is another important part of Kerala. This also made Kerala famous and attracted many tourists globally.

  • The next place is amazing as it sounds, it's from Bengaluru to Mangaluru, wherein you pass through Hassan or Sakleshpur. While traveling you will experience several rainforest, waterfalls, and hills which might make you feel happy. You get to capture the lovely streams and the length and breadth of the peaks of the Ghats. The tunnels are quite exciting for people whole love to get into them via train.

    A lot many tunnels you can pass and feel the thrill of being on the tallest railway bridge that possibly is in India. During monsoon lightning and thundershowers make this place look mesmerized. The Western Ghats add their splendor to the monsoons. When you travel from Bengaluru to Mangaluru then you might feel like you're in paradise during the monsoon season.

  • How to Make the Trip More Enjoyable?

    • There will a lot fewer people traveling during monsoons, so the trains would be less crowded and more space for you enjoy all nature's beauty in peace and take it, in any manner you want to.
    • You can look out for cheaper accommodation because as a traveler you would like to spend more time out and spend time more with nature. So, getting on budget accommodation may be easier and the only way to spend money on touring the places around.
    • You will find that there are certain dry spells that you could use to sneak out and enjoy the beautiful nature explore the place more, and learn the know-how of the region.
    • The rains can be a blessing in some places where there is extreme heat in other months and difficult to cope with the humidity. The monsoons are a good time to is it and enjoy those regions.

    If you want to make your trip more memorable, take the luxury train Palace on Wheels which covers most beautiful destinations of India.

    How Monsoons Play Out in India?

    Usually, the monsoon arrives in June and September. You get a few April showers, but they can get managed. It the period for most of India, specific regions may have a slight chance that you can check out online as predicted by the MET department.

    During the monsoon time, some places in India face a heavy shower. Sometimes it continues to rain throughout the day. If you are one of those who love to get wet or see the beauty of nature during the monsoon then you can backpack and plan to travel at this time of the year. It is also said that the Indian monsoon is very much prominent. Along with heavy rainfall, you will also experience strong wind. In terms of traveling it is very convenient. The weather makes you feel cool and comfortable.

    Travel Tips that Help in Monsoon Traveling

    • Dark clothes camouflage the splashing of dirt as wll as slush. It is very essential to keep this in mind that you carry along those clothes that don’t take too much time to dry. You can prefer light, cotton clothes. In addition to this, having a plastic bag to carry your wet clothes separately will help a lot.
    • Further, make in a point to carrying an umbrella or raincoat as this will prevent you for getting wet while enjoying the scenery outside the window.
    • Carrying your water bottles will help you to make certain that you don’t end up drinking contaminated water, which happens during rains.
    • Try to eat warm meals, roadside raw foods are bad for digestion.
    • Bug repellents are great as monsoons do come with mosquito menace.

    Finally, when you have decided to travel by train, make sure that you don’t get caught up with the rain delays, which happen because of torrential rains that can cause landslides as well and disrupt the train schedule. Indian monsoon season comes with many disadvantages along with its beauty. You must be extra protective of yourself at this time of the year. It is said that this season is the most exotic season of the year. Apart from enjoying the beauty of nature, you can also choose to go for some water activities also. During the monsoon, they are really fun. Water rides are very much in trend and excitement. Check online about the status and keep yourselves informed. Enjoy your travel and try to take care of your belongings and travel safely.

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