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How To Travel from Sydney To Perth by Train?

If you are planning a trip to Australia in the future, you need to be prepared because the country has so much in store. It is a country that is mostly recognised for its wildlife diversity and unique scenery. Due to the size of the country, getting from coast to others can be an adventure of a lifetime, especially if you are travelling by train. If you plan to travel by air, well, you will be missing a whole lot.

Travelling across Australia by train offers a rich experience of culture, wildlife and view of the Australian deserts. Not only are you going to see many of the popular tourist sites, but you will also get the chance to see Koala bears and other wildlife that you only get to see on the television. Travelling from Sydney to Perth is considered the biggest train travel in Australia in every way or manner that you can think of.

One of Australians most popular trains, the Indian Pacific, offers a fabulous train ride from Sydney to Adelaide to Perth, providing you with a real-time idea of the vastness of Australia which you can't possibly experience by flying. With a comfortable bed in your room and a restaurant where you can have tasty meals and a lounge where you can relax as the train travels through the country, it is a hotel on the rail.

The Indian Pacific was formerly run by Great Southern Rail, but it is now run by Journeys Beyond Rail. The Indian Pacific train connects Sydney, Adelaide and Perth through a journey that lasts up to 4 days. The train makes this journey once a week throughout the year, or sometimes twice a week on-peak periods. The Indian Pacific has been in operation since the '70s, at a time when the first standard gauge connecting the continent from Sydney to Perth was completed. The entire rail line covers a distance of 4,343 kilometres (2,698 miles). However, as of today, the Indian Pacific still make use of the original stainless steel coaches. If you are considering going for an Australian tour, you should consider the Indian Pacific train rides.

Your journey across Australia begins in Sydney where the Indian Pacific will take off from. Prepare to be blown away by the contrasts of this journey from goldmines to vineyards, majestic mountains to the vast and barren lands of the Nullarbor – travelling from cities buzzing with life to ghost towns. As the Indian Pacific cuts through the Blue Mountains, let the comforts available to you onboard keep you entertained, mingle with fellow travellers and get used to your new life.

Once you are settled in, you will be served your first meal - which is usually a regionally inspired dinner with fine wines and other types of beverages. Head to the lounge and grab a drink with fellow travellers before heading back to your comfortable room for your first night onboard the Indian Pacific.

Rail Route

Schedule Arrival Time Departure Time
Sydney Central NA 15:03 Wed
Broken Hill 06:00 Thurs 08:20 Thurs
Adelaide 15:15 Thurs 21:40 Thurs
Rawlinna 17:55 Fri 20:35 Fri
Kalgoorlie 03:03 Sat 03:03 Sat
Perth (East) 14:57 Sat NA

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The Indian Pacific departs Sydney Central Station and threads through the suburban commuterland, then climbing up through the Blue Mountains passing through Katoomba. The next morning, you will wake up to the scenery of the arid outback country nearby Broken Hill. Stay by your window and look out for Kangaroos and emus as you enjoy your breakfast in the restaurant. The train makes its first stop at Adelaide, where you will get some time off the train to enjoy a city tour, and then it leaves again for Perth in the evening.

On the next day after leaving Adelaide, the train will pass through the hot and empty plains of the famous Nullarbor on the longest stretch of a railway line in the world, covering a total distance of 478 kilometres. The Indian Pacific makes another stop that is long enough for you to explore the small community of Cook. This is a perfect description of 'in the middle of nowhere'. Take some time to spot the Koala over dinner as the train leaves Nullarbor.

By the time you are done with dinner in the same evening, the train makes the third stop at Kalgoorlie for about 3 hours and 3o minutes, long enough to talk a walk about the place. After breakfast the next morning, the Indian Pacific rolls into Perth, the capital of Western Australia and your 4 days journey across the continent is completed!

Onboard Facilities

The Indian Pacific has two main classes of accommodation, Gold Service sleepers & Red Service reclining seats. Platinum Service offers a bigger sleeper with a double bed, but both Platinum and Gold passengers use the same restaurant.

Gold Service passengers travel in either 2-berth 'twinettes' for passengers travelling in twos or single-berth 'roomettes' for passengers travelling alone. Both roomettes and twinettes come with comfortable freshly made-up beds, complimentary toiletries pack with soap, towels, shampoo, toothbrush, razor, toothpaste, etc. There are power sockets available to keep your phones charged. There is also WiFi connectivity and strong mobile network throughout the journey, so you are never cut off from civilisation even while in the desert plains.

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Dining onboard the Train

Gold Service sleeper will have access to all the comforts, complete with restaurant car meals included. The fare includes 3-course meals served in the Queen Adelaide restaurant car, and you can use the Outback Explorer lounge car (sometimes two of them) with bar & armchairs, complimentary tea & coffee always available. The Outback Explorer lounge has a bar that serves cocktails, Wines & beer.

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Train Fares

Sydney - Perth

One-way fares in AUD, Per Person Gold Service Single Sleeper Gold Service Twin Sleeper/th> Platinum Sleeper
Adult Fares $2419 $2689 $4199
Child Fares under 16 $1527 $1694 -

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Booking in advance will help you save costs as tickets tend to be more expensive the closer you are to your departure date.

How To Buy Tickets ?

You can book tickets for a journey on the Indian Pacific online at journeybeyond.com.au. Also, you can use the contact and booking form of train ticketing agency based in Australia by visiting www.internationrail.com.au that will help you book your tickets wherever you are located in the world. You will normally get a quote within 24 hours.

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