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How to Travel From Paris to London by Train ?

Are you wondering how to explore two of Europe's top cities by train? You do not need to worry about travelling by air, as there is a train route that links the city centres of both London and Paris. When you consider travel between both cities by train, you will come to realise how much time and money you are saving.

The Eurostar high-speed train departs Paris from the Gare du Nord station (strategically located at the centre of the city) and arrives at St Pancras International station located in the heart of London. Taking a train from Paris to London saves you the stress of checking in at the airport between both cities. Also, you get to save time on both ends.

The Rail Route: Paris to London

Eurostar provides train travel between Paris and London. There is a train departing Paris for London 14 times a day, 7 days a week year-round. The only exception to the travel schedule is Christmas day where all trains to and from Paris to London is grounded. Eurostar's Paris to London journey is similar to the London to Paris journey in every manner. The trains depart Gare du Nord and arrive at St Pancras International station. The best part about the Paris to London train route is that it links the city centres of both cities. The entire journey (including the Chunnel) covers a total distance of 305 miles (491 km).

On-Board Facilities

Eurostar trains are fitted with all kinds of facilities to ensure that your journey from Paris to London is comfortable. You do not need to worry about your mobile devices running out of power, as all the train seats are fitted with power sockets and USB ports which can be found under the armrest. Whether you use the European type 2-pin or a UK type 3-pin, there is either on every seat. The sockets are fitted alternately, with each seat having a type 3-pin or a type 2-pin. But if you are booking a second class seat and you need a seat with power sockets, ensure you book seats in cars 5 and 14, as they are the only ones with sockets.

As part of the comfort that you will enjoy in the Eurostar high-speed trains, there is high-speed WiFi service on all classes on the e320 and the refurbished e300 trains. You can connect your devices and watch your favourite movies or TV shows during the 2 hours and 15 minutes journey to London. Travellers will have access to a wide selection of TV shows and movies. WiFi services are free on Eurostar trains.

You are not cut off from civilisation throughout the journey, thanks to mobile and data reception provided by both the British telecommunications and French telecommunications companies at the northbound and southbound tunnels. While WiFi is not free at the Gare du Nord, you will have access to free WiFi at St Pancras.


The Eurostar trains have two bars located in cars 6 and 13 on the classic trains and refurbished e300 trains, while the bars on the newer e320 trains are located in cars 8 and 9. Passengers will have access to a wide selection of drinks from wines to champagne, and there is coffee, tea, and soft drinks. If you book a seat on the Business Premier, you will be treated to a complimentary 3-course meal, including wines and champagne. If you book a Standard Premier seat, you will be served a cold tray meal with beer, white or red wine, beer, tea and coffee.

The bars on all Eurostar trains do not have seats, but you can order from a wide selection of drinks including spirits, wines, beers, hot chocolate, coffee, and many more. The best part of travelling on the Eurostar is that you can bring your food and drinks with you to your seat.


Paris to London fares is similar to the London to Paris journey, with the cheapest tickets starting at £44 for a one-way trip and £58 for a return ticket. We recommend booking your ticket in advance if you are looking to travel from Paris to London on a budget – book your tickets a month or two before your departure date. Standard Premier seats to London start from £112 for a one-way ticket to London, and £168 for a return.

If you are planning a trip to London for a one-day trip or you are spending some time in the Capital city, and you have enough time to plan, and then book your tickets in advance. Tickets get more expensive the closer you are to your departure date. The cheapest seats are usually the first to be booked. If you plan to book your ticket a week before your departure, then you should be prepared to pay as high as £180, and it gets higher if you are booking on the date of your departure.

How to Buy Tickets

You can purchase Eurostar tickets online form Eurosta’s website. You can book tickets in advance on Eurostar’s website 180 days before departure. Tickets can be downloaded to your smartphone, printed, or you can pick up your ticket at the ticket machines at Gare du Nord.

Tips For Taking the Paris to London Train

If you are travelling on a budget, book your tickets in advance before you miss the cheap tickets and have to pay more for a Paris to London trip.

On the day of your departure, ensure that you are the Gare du Nord at least 30 minutes earlier. The trains follow a strict departure schedule and leave at the exact time stated. This will allow you to go through the check-in process smoothly, also, there could be a line which is why it is important to get to the station early enough.

Frequently Asked Questions


The average price of a Paris to London Eurostar train ticket costs around £50 when you book in advance, and it may go as high as £142 two weeks before travel. Other factors such as seat class, time of day, and the route will also affect ticket prices.


Yes, there are Eurostar trains that leave from Paris to London. They cost as much as trains from London to Paris, covering the same distance with similar travel time.


The Paris to London by Eurostar high-speed trains take about 2 hours and 19 minutes including stops.


You can travel from Paris to London through different means of transportation including train, bus and aeroplane. But the best way to get to Paris from London is by train. The journey will take around 2 hours and 21 minutes, and you can get tickets from £50 to £142 depending on several factors. Bus trips are cheaper but take longer.


Eurostar trains are preferable to flying from Paris to London. And as a result, they tend to price their tickets a bit higher. They are more comfortable than flying and take less time. You are paying for a more convenient experience. Ticket prices are most expensive when you book too close to your travel date. Other factors such as class and time of travel can make the tickets more expensive.


Yes, there are direct trains from Paris to London, and they take about the same time as getting from London to Paris by Eurostar trains. Also, a Paris to London tickets costs as much as travelling in the opposite direction.


Yes, the Eurostar Paris to London trains goes underwater. The Channel Tunnel or Chunnel is about 50 km in length and is the world's longest underwater tunnel. It takes the Eurostar high-speed trains around 35 minutes to travel through the Chunnel.


Absolutely. A Paris to London trip is worth it. You will get to see a lot of sites and experience the city. Even though you will need multiple lifetimes to see everything that London has in store, you can create amazing memories on a day trip.


The last train from Paris Gare du Nord leaves at 21:13.


The Eurostar London-Paris high-speed trains can travel up to 320km/h from when travelling on land. But when the train is in the Channel Tunnel, or Chunnel, as it is popularly called, the speed drops to about 160 km/h.


Paris to London trains travel a total distance of around 342 km.