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How to Book IRCTC Premium Tatkal Tickets?

IRCTC is offering a new quota – premium tatkal tickets with dynamic pricing (price changes with time) for those who are planning to buy online train tickets.

Here is everything you need to know about booking premium tatkal tickets.

Features and Pricing of Premium Tatkal Tickets

  • Similar to the tatkal ticket booking, the ARP of premium tatkal ticket is 10 AM for the AC classes and 11 AM for the non-AC classes.
  • Premium tatkal tickets are not open for booking agents and only for individuals.
  • Premium tatkal tickets cannot be booked as RAC or waitlisting tickets.
  • Only e-tickets are allowed.
  • No concessions are allowed for the tickets under this quota for any traveler.
  • If cancelled, no refund would be provided.

Steps for Booking for Tatkal Ticket

Step One: Log into IRCTC web portal or mobile application with username and password. Account creation would take considerable amount of time. Thus, please create an account before 10 AM and be ready for ticket booking by 10 AM.

Step Two: Select the to and from stations in the ‘Plan my travel’ tab.

Step Three: Select the date of travel and the type of ticket.

Step Four: Once you click the submit button, the list of trains in the route would be listed.

Step Five: Select premium tatkal option and the trains with this ticket quota would be listed. Not all trains have tickets reserved by premium tatkal quota.

Step Six: Choose the train of your choice and book the ticket faster. If you book right when the tatkal reservation period starts, the cost will be less. As time goes on, the cost will increase.

Step Seven: Fill the details and pay via online. It is best to choose net banking as the time taken for bank card transactions would take longer.

Only 80 trains in India have premium tatkal tickets. A part of the tatkal tickets in the train would be converted as premium tatkal tickets.

Documents for Premium Tatkal Tickets

Just like normal tatkal tickets, you need to have any of the government identity cards like PAN card, driver's license, voter ID, and others. Physical ticket is not essential, but if you wish, you can take a printout of the ticket.

How Early can I Book Premium Tatkal Ticket?

Premium tatkal tickets have to be purchased on the day before the departure date. Advance bookings are not allowed for premium tatkal tickets.

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Difference Between Tatkal and Premium Tatkal Tickets

  • Premium tatkal tickets have dynamic pricing and tatkal tickets have flat pricing. The premium tatkal tickets are costlier than regular tatkal tickets.
  • RAC is allowed in regular tatkal, but not allowed in premium tatkal tickets
  • Travel agencies can book one ticket per train under tatkal quota. But, travel agencies cannot book any ticket under premium tatkal quota.

Indian Railways also run luxury trains like Palace on Wheels which offers state-of-the-amenities onboard the train.

Remember that the demand for the premium and regular tatkal tickets is very high. Usually, the tatkal tickets get filled within a few minutes from opening of the window. Thus, it is best to be ready for booking tickets by 9:55 AM.

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