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4 Budget Friendly Asian Countries to Visit in 2020

Despite being home to some of the most expensive places you can visit like Hong Kong, Singapore and China, Asia can be an affordable place to visit when you are on a tight budget but still want to have an fulfilling trip.

Here are some amazing places in Asia that offer a myriad of activities from tempting cuisines to famous monuments and historical landmarks for a budget friendly traveling experience.

Budget Friendly Asian Countries

1. India

A country that is a blend of various cultures and traditions, India is also one of the most affordable place in Asia. From an amazing variety of delicious food, stunning monuments with rich historic values, lively markets, to mountains and beaches, India has something to offer for everyone.

Although the southern region of the country offers more tourism and could be slightly more expensive than the other regions, it is still very affordable.

For a daily budget, 35 to 40 USD, which is around 3000 INR, is enough to have a comfortable trip to India. Although, if you can stick to a shoe-string budget, you can have a good time in India with about 10 to 15 USD per day.

In India, you can travel via trains, cars, bus and taxi etc. If you are looking for some luxury options take the Palace on Wheels train which gives you the utmost comfort inside the train.
India Trip

2. Vietnam

Said to be a budget backpacker's paradise, Vietnam offers some of the cheapest dorm beds and private rooms, wallet-friendly long-distance transportation and goods for less than 2 US Dollars. Not to forget some of the cheapest beers in the world, known as bia hoi. Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, is interestingly the cheapest city to visit there.

A daily budget of 40 USD, which is around 930,000 VND, is enough to enjoy a nice vacation in Vietnam. If you can dish out 60 USD, you'll be able to enjoy nicer meals at restaurants and do a lot more on your vacation.

A few tips to remember are to always remember to check the zeros on your bills and check your change, and also bargain for better prices.

Vietnam Trip

3. Indonesia

Though it is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Asia, a trip to Indonesia could be pretty easy on the pockets if you plan accordingly and avoid the expensive destinations. If you take the offbeat path, and visit places that aren't very popular yet, you will find a lot to keep you occupied within your budget.

The city of Khon Kaen, islands like Bala, Sumatra and Java, attractions like Sam Phan Bok (also known as the Grand Canyon of Thailand), the bottle temple in Sisaket Province, and the ancient Khmer-era ruins throughout the region are some of the things you can enjoy in Thailand without making a dent in your pockets.

If you plan in advance, you can enjoy a comfortable stay in these places of Thailand for as low as 30 USD or around 435,000 IDR per day.

Indonesia Trip

4. Malaysia

Much like Indonesia, your travel budget in Malaysia depends on what places you plan on visiting and what activities you want to partake in. Although the expenses can accumulate rapidly when you're in Malaysia Borneo or East Malaysia, the West part, also Known as Peninsular Malaysia, is surprisingly affordable.

Due to its great infrastructure, it is very easy to get around and explore the city of Kuala Lumpur since the transportation cost is very low. From modern cities to wildlife rich national parks, Malaysia offers a wide variety of experiences. The City of Penang is famous to serve some of the best street food of Asia.

It would cost you around 40 USD, or around 165 MYR to explore the west side of the country. It is a good idea to cut down on alcohol, since it can be pretty expensive in Malaysia.

Malaysia Trip

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