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10 Best Train Rides in Japan

The railway system in japan is widespread which shields virtually in every single metropolis and municipality in the country. Trains are safe, hygienic, comfy and on time in Japan. In broader sense Japanese trains are of five kinds:

  • Shinkansen
  • Local train
  • Express train and Limited express train
  • Rapid train

Where as staying in this country is a dream come true for many people. The Japanese transportation arrangement might be to some extent a challenge meant for others.

1. Shinkansen - The Bullet Train

The shinkansen is the best mode of journey through train. It is a bullet train in addition it is vibrant to know that the Shinkansen connection is scattered in to 2 sectors in which one sector will go south from Tokyo to Kagoshima (Kyushu) whereas the second sector also starts from Tokyo will go to the north along the Tokyo-Shin-Hakodate axis.


  • It's one of the most iconic images of modern Japan.
  • The Bullet train is running at the speed of 320 km/h and it is known for its promptness.
  • The size along with foot space in the train for ordinary seats is comfortable as well ss offer a substantial amount of foot space.

Timings and Schedule

  • The trains can complete the route in 3 hours and 10 minutes.
  • The newest N700 trains travel 500 kilometres in only 2 hours, 25 minutes.

2. Narita Express

The Narita limited Express train is also known as NEX and it is extreme suitable Tokyo city transfer to and from Narita International Airport. Major station includes Narita (town), Chiba Tokyo Station, Shinbashi, Hamamatshucho), Shinagawa, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Yokohama, Ikebukuro. It is fast and reliable option rather than buses.


  • This train service is fast, dependable and almost on time.
  • A person can enjoy the ride of this train free if possesses Japan Rail pass.
  • Only Passengers with reservations are allowed to board any of the NEX train.
  • There are Snack cars available inside the train which offers tasty and affordable food and drinks.
  • The general amenities on the train are well sustained and perfect.

Timings and Schedules

  • It takes 1 hour to get from and to Tokyo Station, 1 hour and 15 minutes to Shibuya Station and about 1 hour and 20 minutes to Shinjuku Station.
  • There is availability of all NEX trains from Tokyo or Narita Airport in every thirty minutes.

3. Haruka Express

The Haruka train offers speedy service between Maibaraand the Kansai International Airport (KIX) it reached at the speed of 130 km/h. Although the usage of this train usuallyneedstogether a train fare ticket and a limited express ticket. The main station includes Maibara station, Hikone, Omi-Hachiman, Yasu, Moriyama, Kusatsu, Ishiyama, Otsu, Yamashina, Kyoto, Takatsuki, Shin-Osaka, Tennoji (Osaka),Izumi-Fuchu,Hineno Kansai Airport.


  • Each train has six to nine cars which includes minimum one first class Car or green car.
  • Train well equipped with rest room facility along with a vending appliance, baggageholders and wheelchair accessible.
  • In the train free Wi-Fi facility is also provided
  • The person allowed free of charge if they got their japan rail pass.

Timings and Schedule

  • This train planned 30 return journeys every day which is from Maibara to the Kansai airport and return back so in total 61 one-way trips.
  • Each one-way trip between the Airport Station and Kyoto station takes about one hour and fifteen minutes.
  • Trains proceed each thirty minutes throughout the day and evening.

4. Tokkyū - Limited Express

The one of the fastest train is called the tokkyū Limited Express it is also termed as Special Express. This train facility having limited stops. Limited express lines shield extra cities than shinkansen.


  • Limited express trains are the fastest of train other than shinkansen.
  • The private railway companies and J R company functions limited express trains.
  • The ticket fare is cheaper than that of shinkansen trains. But the seats are as equally as on shinkansen.

Timings and Schedule

  • The train is programmed to require 6 runs a day.
  • 5. Genbi Shinkansen

    This train is described as “the world's dissolute art galleria”. The art lovers must enjoy the trip in this train the Genbi shinkansen includes contemporary canvases, painting and fixings fashioned by artists particularly to eachcar. The external of the train is plastic-coated with photos by Mika Ninagawa. This heart-rending gallery runs from Niigata to Echigo Yuzawa for an hour.


    • Modern art shaped by great artists
    • The train also have a café which serves a prevalent drink from Tsubame-Sanjo called Tsubame Coffee
    • Delicious desserts are made with local ingredients.
    • A playroom was also designed for the kids where kids can interrelate with modern art works.

    Timings and Schedule

    • The train is not planned every day so while travelling it is better to check the operation date.

    6. Oykot Train

    This train was premeditated about rural Japan, and designed with the intention to taking back people to an experience comparable to home villages someplace where the true heart of the Japanese person alive. This train is planned from Nagano to Tokamachi station. Travellers can see the tourist attractions of the Chikuma-gawa River, rice fields, its community woods and country houses.


    • The calming internal is planned in a traditional countryside household to cherish childhood memories.
    • The train has Oykot Assistants accessible to announce about the attraction and also make available info.
    • At the train itself diverse diets are accessible in January and February.

    Timings and Schedule

    • This train normally runs on weekends usually at the conclusion of March when the Japan passes through winter.

    7. Pokémon With You

    This train is designed for children attractions and in this train you will find Pikachus are everywhere established as a Pokémon experience appropriate not only for the kids but for the whole family. The whole train isdecorated with soft tiny Pikachu footprints.People love to choose this train when traveling the Tohoku region.


    • Representations of Pikachu existall over the placetogether with the backrests of the seats and on the hangings.
    • It includes a play room for kids as well.

    Timings and Schedule

    • The train runs only once in an in one direction, so in order to enjoy the ride, one must check the schedule before booking and then only during defined days.
    • All seats are reserved.

    8. TOHOKU EMOTION (Restaurant Train)

    This train is one of the most elegant which get on a cooking journey having an on train menu with completely from Tohoku's district components. At the time of dining there is great scenic beauty of the deep ocean blue off the Sanriku Coast. There is an open kitchen system at the train which is ornamented with old-style fittings.


    • Four-course lunch with free flow beverages will be prepared in the train.
    • The chefs handcraft your dessert buffet creations in this kitchen.
    • Apart from the open-dining carriage with seats facing the windows and the live kitchen carriage.
    • The train also boasts a third carriage featuring private dining compartments .

    Timings and Schedule

    • The trains are scheduled for particular days normally not fixed so while planning for a ride in this restaurant train.
    • There are also scheduled tours created by major travel agencies.

    9 . Resort View Furusaton

    The Resort View Furusato originated its process as new mix train model. It runs from Nagano to Minami-Otari on the Shinonoi Line and Oito Line. This train is a new Joyful Train that will shock with its unbelievable sights. Passengers will see quite attractive towns and the train passes through picturesque zones packed with beautiful lakes, rivers and high mountains, rivers and lakes.


    • The train boasts super spacious seats that guarantee a comfortable ride.
    • The train has a cute exterior featuring Arukuma, the chubby green bear.
    • At Hotaka Station, passengers can disembark and take a short walk to the beautiful Hotaka Shrine, which is surrounded by ancient tree.

    Timing and Schedule

    • It runs each day on weekends and on public holidays

    10. FruiTea Fukushima

    The train is one of the most joyful and riding in japan. The train is established with the objectives to rejoice the yummy fruits grown in Fukushima region which comprises of apples, pears, grapes and peaches. Passengers on this train get too pampered with desserts and drinks specifically through Fukushima fruits.


    • A separate purchase of tickets is required to enjoy ride of this train and it is not included in JR pass.
    • Every ticket set shields the simple charge for travelling on the train but includes the desserts prepared from fruits.
    • It is available by Shinkansen from Tokyo. The train passed through an attractive countryside.

    Timings and Schedule

    • It normally runs once a day on weekends and on public holidays.
    • There are merely 34 seats accessible on the train.
    • Tickets are obtainable for sale from 1 month in advance.

    There are so many luxury train in the world named as Palace on Wheels which offers state of the art facilities onboard the train.

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