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Best Trains from Bangalore to Goa

Bangalore or Bengaluru is the capital of Karnataka. It is a little more than 582 km away from Goa. If you choose to travel via road transportation, it would take eleven hours and thirty minutes. The aerial distance is 481 km and the flight time is around 75 minutes. However, due to economic and comfort factors, tourists and locals choose trains over the other options. The train travel can take between 13 hours and more than a day to reach Goa, depending on the type of train you choose.

Railway Stations

Top railway stations to choose for boarding from Bangalore are KSR Bengaluru City Railway Station, Yesvantpur Station, and Krishnarajapuram station. Apart from these major stations, you can also find stations like Bengaluru Cantt, Bengaluru East Junction, and others.

There are two major stations in Goa, namely, Vasco Da Gama and Margao. Both the railway stations are located in South Goa. Some of the less popular train stations are Dabolim, Karmali, and Thivim.

Top Trains from Bangalore to Goa

17309 – Yesvantpur Vasco Express

This train starts from Yesvantpur Junction and reaches Vasco Da Gama station. The train takes 14 hours and 45 minutes to reach Goa. The train starts at 2:30 pm from Bangalore and reach Madgaon by 5:15 am. The train runs only on Sundays and Tuesdays from Bangalore. It also reaches Vasco Da Gama by 6 am. The train does not have first class AC coaches.

Cost of the Ticket

  • Cost of a ticket in second class AC coach: INR 1380
  • Cost of a ticket in third class AC coach: INR 970
  • Cost of a ticket in sleeper class (non-AC) coach: INR 195

The demand for the sleeper class ticket is quite high. The train is fairly punctual and the ride is tagged as comfortable by most of the travelers.

Yesvantpur Vasco Express

17311 – MGR Chennai CTL Vasco Express

This is not a direct train from Bangalore to Goa. The train starts in Chennai on day one and reaches Krishnarajapuram of Bangalore by 8:20 pm on day one. It also halts at Yesvantpur station at 9:35 pm and starts after 20 minutes. The halting time at Krishnarajapuram station is just 2 minutes. Thus, people prefer to board the train at Yesvantpur station. It reaches Madgon station on day two at 11:55 am and reaches Vasco Da Gama, the last station at 1 pm on day two.

Cost of the Ticket

  • Cost of a ticket in second class AC coach: INR 1380
  • Cost of a ticket in third class AC coach: INR 970
  • Cost of a ticket in sleeper class (non-AC) coach: INR 195

The train takes a little more than 14 hours to reach Goa. This is a weekly train running only on Fridays from Chennai.

17316– Velankanni Vasco Da Gama Weekly Express

The train runs from Velankkani and reaches Vasco Da Gama. The train halts at Krishnarajapuram station at 11:20 am on the second day. It reaches Vasco Da Gama by 5:15 am on the third day. It also halts at Madgaon Junction at 4:05 am. The train takes a little more than 18 hours to reach the destination.

Indian Railways also run luxury train Palace on Wheels which covers the most famous destinations of Rajasthan along with Agra. The train has two cabins which are named as Deluxe Cabin and Super Deluxe Cabin. The luxury train offers state-of-the-art facilities to the guests which makes their journey comfortable.

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Other Trains from Bangalore to Goa

Train Number Train Name Starting Station in Bangalore Departure Time Halting Station in Goa Arrival Time Time Taken for Travel
07316 Hubli Express Krishnarajapuram Station 07:27 AM Vasco Da Gama 03:15 AM Approx 20 hours
02683 MYSSRC Premium Yesvantpur Station 22:30 Vasco Da Gama 13:00 14 hours and 30 minutes
17603 KCGYPR Express Yesvantpur Station 10:30 Vasco Da Gama 15:05 16 hours and 30 minutes

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Frequently Asked Questions


The Hubli Express starts from Krishnarajapuram Railway Station by 07:27 am. This is the first train to Goa from Bangalore.


In total, 8 trains run from Bangalore and Goa.


The KCGYPR Express is the last train from Bangalore to halt at Goa. The train starts at 10:30 pm from Bangalore.


There are three direct trains from Bangalore to Goa.