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7 Ways to Customize Your Palace on Wheels Train Vacation for the Journey of Your Dreams

Palace on Wheels provides a signature itinerary covering seven nights and eight days. Is it possible to experience a different style of vacation with the same itinerary? Palace on Wheels itinerary is maintained in such a way to allow tourists to customize the itinerary as and how it pleases them.

Here are seven ways to enjoy Palace on Wheels train in a unique manner.

1. Alter the Itinerary

Every day morning, the train halts at a new station. The passengers are taken on a trip in designated vehicles to specific destinations. They are taken back to the train right in time for the departure from the station. If you wish, you can ditch the itinerary and create your own sightseeing tour, as you desire. However, you have to handle the transportation requirements yourself and should be right on time, in the train, when it is set to depart from the station.

2. Stay Back in the Train

Not all tourists are expected to choose every sightseeing tour organized by the train. If you wish, you could stay back in the train to enjoy the amenities and facilities. You can watch the train being serviced in the station. If you wish to do so, inform the train manager regarding the same.

3. Celebrate Inside the Train

Do you know that the train allows simple parties? You can enjoy your birthday party or have a music celebration in the lounge room. Remember that you need to get prior permission and if your action causes any discomfort to fellow travelers, your party might be asked to wound off earlier.

4. Slumber Party

Stay awake the whole night, get snacks and drinks for the night. You and your friends can snuggle in the same cabin, enjoy a night chat and slumber party. After all, this could be the most luxurious slumber party of all time.

5. Back to Back Itinerary

The tour starts on Wednesday evening and ends on the next Wednesday morning. If time permits, have a back-to-back tour to enjoy a fortnight of luxury with Palace on Wheels. You ought to pre-book the itinerary prior to avoid any last minute confusion.

6. A Romantic Customization

Are you spending a honeymoon with Palace on Wheels, you can request specialized decorations for your room. You can choose to create small memories throughout your journey and make it the most romantic vacation, rather than just a cultural sightseeing tour. However, every request should be mentioned during the time of booking.

7. Charter Train or Full Train Booking

If you wish to have a complete vacation for your entire family or friends, you can choose to book the entire train. In such cases, the management offers certain options for customizing the train tour as per your requirements. This is the best way to enjoy luxury wedding like a royal. The train management even covers any special functions or requirements for the same.

Are you planning to enjoy Palace on Wheels, this year? Make sure to pre-book your vacation. The train runs between September to April, every year.

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