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10 Ways to Discover the Best of Rajasthan and Agra by Palace on Wheels in 2020

Trains are one of the exclusive ways to glide through the country, explore nooks and corners of the land, cover exclusive destinations and most importantly, relish the culture of the land. If you want all these experiences clubbed into one journey served with a pampering ambience, Palace on Wheels is the best option.

Palace on Wheels is a luxury train in India running since the 1980s covering eminent destinations of Rajasthan and Agra with one signature itinerary. The itinerary spans for seven nights and eight days. Are you planning to take up the Palace on Wheels tour ?

Here are the top ways to enjoy and relish Rajasthan and Agra.

1. Cover Every Activity in Palace on Wheels

The Palace on Wheels itinerary is a holistic tour, by itself. It covers the historic beauty, natural paradises, adventure activities, romantic escapes, traditional cuisine, photogenic beauties, and others.

2. Choose Traditional Cuisine over International Cuisine

Palace on Wheels provides a relishing breakfast, grand three course lunches, and four course dinners every day. Each meal offers different cuisines including traditional Rajasthani cuisine and international cuisines. Chefs procure specialty ingredients from the local markets of any destination to serve signature dishes. If you really wish to enjoy the culture of the land, cuisine is an important element that you should not miss. Always choose traditional cuisine and do not miss the signature dishes of the chef. If you are worried about the spicy palate, you can always request for a milder version.

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3. Choose to Socialize

Hospitality is a major part of what makes India unique and interesting. It is true that you chose a luxury train to enjoy privacy and pampering. However, when you are exploring the city, get social with the locals. You would be surprised to know that the locals will be kind and accommodating to even complete strangers. Are you worried about the language gap? Most of the Indians are well versed in English and those who aren't comfortable with the language would use any meagre English vocabulary they have to make you understand.

4. Stay Back in the Train

It is true that you choose Palace on Wheels to explore. If you wish, you could skip any one activity and enjoy staying back in train to watch the train crew in work. After all, unique experience is what that makes a tour interesting and luxurious.

5. Shop for Souvenirs

If you wish to take back a part of India with you, shopping for souvenirs is the best option. You need not spend a huge chuck of money into antiques. You ought to choose specialty items that represent the beauty of the country. Palace on Wheels offers shopping tours at specific destinations like Jaipur and others.

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6. Enjoy the Interior Decor

Each coach in the train is decorated to represent the heritage of the land, which each coach is named after. For instance, the Bharatpur coach has oil paintings of birds with a green-brown decor. Alwar coach has cone and oil works as decor. The lounge of the coach has miniature painting and the royal emblem of the Princely State. Bikaner coach has handicrafts and relief works. Some of the coaches even have decorative wall tapestry, ceiling painting, and others. Enjoy and relish the importance of each element in your cabin.

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7. Party in the Lounge Room

The evenings of the trip are deliberately kept open in most of the days for the travelers to explore and enjoy their time in Palace on Wheels. You get only seven nights in this amazing train, unless, you decide to come back for another turn. Thus, it is quite important to make the best use of your time. Enjoy the mild music, ask the mixologist to make you a signature drink, and enjoy. Are you a teetotaler? You can choose to drink coffee based drinks, fresh juices, and mocktails.

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8. Experience the Royal Welcome

The Palace on Wheels focuses on recreating a royal experience for the travelers. Thus, it is much easier to enjoy the culture and beauty of the bygone era. The best part of all is the royal welcome. When you board the train, a red carpet welcome ceremony is conducted with dance, music, and you will be welcomed with a garland. Traditionally, when a king enters his kingdom after winning a battle, a traditional welcome ceremony is conducted by the locals. To express the traditions of Rajasthan, a royal welcome is thrown to the travelers.

9. Chartered Train

Do you want the most luxurious train tour? Book the whole train for your team or family. You can tweak the tour a little to your expectation too. Palace on Wheels offers many options like royal wedding, corporate events, and so on. Under this, the train management takes care of small events or any specialized functions you request in the train.

10. Choose Festival Times

Choose any local Rajasthani festival time to book your itinerary. It is the most interesting time to visit Rajasthan and Agra, as festivals open up the cultural essence of the land. Apart from the iconic Teej, Jaisalmer Desert Festival, Christmas, New Year, and others, you can find numerous local celebrations too.

Although the itinerary is the same, tourists can choose numerous options to create a unique vacation every time they board the train. Are you excited to take a vacation with Palace on Wheels ? Start planning today and book the tickets in Palace on Wheels before they run out.

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