What to Do, See and Eat in Palace on Wheels Train

Palace on Wheels luxury train is like a wonder moving on wheels from place to place. Those who want to explore all the shades of Indian tourism means, Palace on Wheels is the right choice to pick. Amid rich grandiosity and royalty, journey with the Palace on Wheels is like a fantasy come true in life.

In this rich royal train there is a lot to do, see, eat, and enjoy. The whole seven days of the journey with Palace on Wheels make you aware of it in more detail.

But here placed down what can you do, see and eat in Palace on Wheels.

What to Do in Palace on Wheels

Actually, what we do on a train is nothing but traveling. It is common in normal trains. But the Palace on Wheels is a luxury train, so we can do a lot in it. The Palace on Wheels equips a lounge, bar, spa, and gym area. All these luxury elements of the train create space for guests to do a number of things on the train while traveling to their destinations without getting bored.

A special lounge is the best space for guests to have a relaxing time on the train. It consists of a mini library, so they can go for reading or pen down a write or can take magazines to time pass. Also, who love to watch movies they can go with the available TV in the lounge with DVD players.

To get relax with a sip of wine, a well-stocked bar is available on the train. The bar comprises all Indian and International brands and soft beverages also. Guests of Palace on Wheels can happily enjoy the time tasting different wines and liquors. The next best place to relax in the Spa. It is the best place to rejuvenate your body and soul with ayurvedic massages and therapies. The therapies and massages they offer really takes you into the trans of peace and pleasantness.

Palace on Wheels Bar

Palace on Wheels Bar

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Interestingly, the Palace on Wheels equipped gym area also. This thing is very helpful to gym lovers. They can take their gym sessions on the train without getting miss them. With compare to all this, cabins of the Palace on Wheels are the next big thing. Every cabin was equipped with a TV, full air-conditioning, wardrobes, tables with chairs, magazines and newspapers, private bathroom, everything that you have at your home. In your cabins, you can do what you want with all the available facilities and amenities.

Palace on Wheels Gym

Palace on Wheels Gym

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What to See in Palace on Wheels

What to see and experience in Palace on Wheels means, its regal decors and environment. Actually, what the name was given to the train is exactly the right justification. It is really like a moving palace on the wheels. Every bit and corner of the train was splendid and marvelous.

The 14 coaches of the train were named after the famous Rajputana provinces. As like the name they got derived, every coach was decorated accordingly to the attractions of that province. Starting from the cabins to the lounge, restaurants, everything seems to very rich and grandeur.

Maharani Restaurants of Palace on Wheels

Palace on Wheels Restaurants

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The cabins with reflective color combinations, lounge with mind-blowing ceiling and furnishing works and restaurants with royal ambiance, will make everyone stun in surprise. Wall to wall carpeting, miniature paintings, and chandelier light setting are some of the major decorative pieces to see in the train. Overall, decorative styles of interiors are the fascinating things to see and get amazed in the train.

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Especially, Bharatpur coach depicting paintings of various bird species, Ragmala oil paintings, Bikaner coach lovely art of Dhola and Maru, Jaisalmer coach finest ceiling, Jhalawar coach mirror work, and various designer works such as jharokhas, Zardozi, Phad, Teak-ply, etc are the must-see attractive decors of the train.

Apart from the train decorative works, you can see many tourist wonders and attractions with the Palace on Wheels. You will go through historic forts, serene places, adventurous sightseeing tours, and architectural marvel pieces and more.

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What to Eat in Palace on Wheels

Without eating, we can’t enjoy and we can’t do anything. But the two restaurants of Palace on Wheels serves the best class food varieties on your table. The “Maharaja” and “Maharani” are the names of restaurants. As like the names, the Maharaja restaurant look like a king adorning Golden crown with the set-up of golden furnishings and interiors. In the same way, the Maharani restaurants adorn lovely sky blue color interiors and furnishings.

Here in the two restaurants available specials are Indian, Continental, and Chinese varieties. Everyday Chef’s special is the must-try delicacy. A very interesting thing is food in the kitchens of Palace on Wheels gets ready freshly every time. Because at every destination they get all the ingredients they want. So it makes to have fresh and hygienic food.

The must-try specials in the two restaurants are Rajasthani cuisines. Spiciness and hotness of Rajasthani cuisines attract guests to try them at least once. Then, different types of Indian cuisines are the next best items to try on the board of Palace on Wheels. Why because the rich color and taste of Indian varieties made of different spices and ingredients taste very fine and delicious.

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After Indian specials, Continental and Chinese varieties are the best to try. The Continental specials made of baking, frying, roasting methods are the best choices for who wants to taste this type of varieties. Regional specials of Chinese are also the best to try food items. Most importantly, noodle varieties of Chinese are shouldn’t be missed.

Here given the list of must-try cuisines of Palace on Wheels:

  • Butter Chicken
  • Peas and Mushroom curry
  • Kandhari Pulao
  • Fried Fish with Tartare Sauce
  • Spaghetti Neapolitan
  • Vegetable Au Gratin
  • Fish Florentine
  • Honey Chilli Chicken
  • Hakka Noodles
  • Vegetable Spring Rolls
Fish Florentine

Fish Florentine

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Not only this but also different types of cuisines and items avail on board. No doubt, from morning to night you can eat whatever you want.

In the span of seven days journey, you can do, see, and eat all these things with the Palace on Wheels luxury train companion.

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