Virtual Trip of 14 Palace on Wheels Coaches

Have you always dreamt of staying in a palace as you read fairy tales? Palace on Wheels gives you the golden opportunity to experience the majestic lifestyle of monarchs sitting in this modern world.

Let us enjoy a virtual trip on the 14 air conditioned coaches of this traditional luxury train of India.


Pink is your colour? Choose this suite to stay on Palace on Wheels. The soothing hue of the coach, the cone shaped ceiling, the reliefs in oil paintings featuring hunting scenes gives this coach the look of a hunting lodge.


This coach is for the nature lovers. The ambience of Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary is showcased at this coach. As you enter the coach, the relief work of several avian species. The delicate inlay design on white surface tells a story of nature in which peacocks and other birds are seen sitting on a haveli.


The beauty of the coach is a treat to the eyes with its plethora of handicrafts, ceilings adorned with the portraits of the mythical lovers of Rajasthan, Dhola and Maru. Along with Bikaneri home decor, the coach also exhibits Mughal architectural styles.


The royal crest of the coach gives the guests the real feel of this small town of Rajasthan. The ceiling of this coach is painted with the picture of Rang Mala or Rag Ragini while one part of the accommodation depicts Hati Pol in water colour.

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The crest of Dholpur just above the valance depicts amazing zardozi work. The fence of the coach is made with fine quality team wood while its designs depict the unique stonework of Dholpur.


This coach brings the unique culture and lifestyle of the tribals of Rajasthan right in your bed room. The tribes of Dungargarh design their walls with a unique lep work and the same artistry is exhibited at the ceiling of this coach. Reliefs and mirror works add to the beauty of the suite.



The warmth of this desert city is brought to the coach of Palace on Wheels. The delicate designs of castles, palaces and jharokhas of Jaisalmer are reflected at the walls and ceiling of the coach.


The vibrancy of the capital city of Rajasthan is captured at the ceiling of the coach. The lounge of Palace on Wheels depicts the colours of traditional foli (phad) work of the state. The miniature paintings of Jaipur are on the walls of the coach while the valance is crowned with the royal insignia of Jaipur, embroidered with zardozi work.


The rich culture of Jhalawar with its amazing mirror work drips from every part of this coach. The plaster of Paris and the unique decor used by the locals of Jhalawar to adorn their homes are reflected through the rich ornamentation of this suite. The beauty of the coach is enhanced by the handicrafts adorning the table tops.

Jhalawar Saloon

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Soak in the passionate art and designs of Rajput and Mughal era at this coach. The cusped arcades and the exquisite ‘mother-of-pearl’ art inspired from the famed Mehrangarh Fort of Jodhpur takes you back in time.


Acrylic, enamel and foil add a sparkle to this coach. Bani Thani paintings of Kishangarh are known worldwide for its long fingers and exaggerated eye features. The ceiling and lounge of this coup is painted with such images while the royal crest is embroidered on the blinds.


Witness the glory of Kota School of Design right at this coach. The oil paintings showcasing Raja Ram Singh II, the 15th century king of Kota in a royal procession is one such specimen.


The coach is wrapped with the beautiful designs of the gold fort of Pratapgarh. Glittering mirror and glass work, impressive use of colours and semi-precious stones studded on the walls creates an regal ambiance for the guests.


Feel the romantic charm of Udaipur right here. The splashes of white and blue colour used through the coach reminds you of the fascinating beauty of City Palace and Lake Pichola. The vibrancy of the Peacock Court and the artistry of Mow Chowk is reflected through the ‘patra’ work at the lounge of the coach.

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The 14 Rajputana coaches of Palace on Wheels is bound to change your concept of travel, on these coaches you just do not manage to reach a destination but travel back in the glorious moments of history.

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