How Many Types of Accommodation Are There in Palace on Wheels?

When anyone traveling in a luxury train the first thing they want to know in detail is about accommodation. Exactly, it is an important thing to check twice because the best accommodation is must and should for a smooth journey. That’s why Palace on Wheels always reminds this point and arranges the best and unique accommodation on the train. Different types of accommodations with world-class facilities avail onboard the Palace on Wheels.

Our Guests of Palace on Wheels

Now it’s time for the guests to know everything about types of accommodations who was going to travel in the Palace on Wheels.

Types of Accommodation

The available types of accommodation in the Palace on Wheels are four. They are Deluxe Cabins and Super Deluxe Cabins with Single Occupancy and Double Occupancy. Almost all the four types of cabins are the same but a slight variation in between them differs the cabins.

Here it is clearly mentioned about the varied cabins of the train.

Deluxe Cabins

The variation in between two types of Deluxe cabins is occupancy difference. It means Single Occupancy and Double Occupancy. As per the guest requirement, the cabins will be altered according to they recommend. Apart from this, equipped facilities and amenities are the same in both two types of Deluxe cabins.

Deluxe Cabin

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How They will be?

13 carriages of the train equips 3 Deluxe cabins per each. These 13 carriages were named after well-known palaces of Rajasthan. The names of the carriages are Moti Mahal, Chandra Mahal, Hawa Mahal, Kumbha Mahal, Umaid Palace, Jal Mahal, Surya Mahal, Padmini Mahal, Phool Mahal, Kishori Mahal, Jogi Mahal and Lalgarh Palace. All these 13 carriages look very beautiful and attractive.

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Overall the train equips 39 Deluxe cabins and per each cabin, 2 members will be permitted with a child or without the child. The 39 cabins also named after precious stones and they will reflect the theme color of the stones with their interiors. Like this, each and every cabin look fantastic and mind-blowing.

How They Are Equipped?

Every cabin will be equipped with all world-class amenities and facilities such as fully air-conditioned system, electronic safe, indoor games, mailbox, T.V, writing table with chairs, Internet facility, etc. In addition to all this, a private attached bathroom will also be equipped with modern equipment like showers, towels, toiletries, hairdryer, and hot water faucet. At last, for every cabin, one personal attendant will be allotted to look after everything requested by the guests.

Super Deluxe Cabins

Super Deluxe Cabins also categorized into two types with the difference as Single and Double Occupancy. Apart from, this everything will be facilitated and equipped in Super Deluxe cabins is the same.

Super Deluxe Cabin of Palace on Wheels

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How They Will Be?

Super Deluxe Cabins look very grandeur and royal with a perfect fitting of grand interiors. Only two Super Deluxe cabin will avail on the train with the capacity of 2 members and they were named as Emerald and Diamond. The interiors of the cabins surprise everyone with marvelous designs and decors. Staying in these cabins it’s like living in a royal palace. In such a way Super Deluxe Cabins allures.

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How They Are Equipped?

The two Super Deluxe Cabins equips queen size double beds, Internet facility, fully air-conditioned system, mailbox, T.V, writing desk with chairs and a private attached bathroom. The bathroom also equips all modern equipment like shower cubicle, towels, toiletries, hot water facility, etc. As usual, one personal attendant will also be allotted to the cabin to help the guests in any matter. Almost the facilities and amenities of Super Deluxe Cabin is same compared to Deluxe cabin if maybe some things will be more in Super Deluxe cabin.

If you want to know more about the booking of Palace on Wheels train, visit our official GSA website.

This like the accommodation types acquirable in the Palace on Wheels. But each and every cabin is well-maintained and equipped with all the best facilities and amenities. Its sure journey with the Palace on Wheels staying in these cabins makes the trip regal and unforgettable.

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