Travelling Tips Before Planning Palace on Wheels Journey

Just after few months the world’s best luxury train will start its journey to the most fascinating land of India and as the inventor of telephone, Alexander Graham Bell said “Preparation is the key to success” if you want to witness the amazing journey of this wonderful express you too should start preparing for it.

Palace on Wheels train Guests

Here’s a few tips which will make your journey easy and simple.

Go through the Palace on Wheels Official GSA Website

Be very sure about which places you are about to visit with Palace on Wheels and the amenities which will be provided by this luxury train. This is the first step to preparation for the journey.

Gather all your important travel documents

Before starting your Palace on Wheels journey, especially if you are visiting a foreign country, arrange all your travel documents. Documents like Passport, visa, insurance, traveling tickets should be kept in a file and handy. Don’t pack them with your luggage like clothes or other accessories. Also, try to keep Xerox copies of your documents, in case of any misplace they will help you.

Cloth Packing

Check the weather condition before packing your luggage. From March to October the weather condition of Rajasthan remains hot. So pack your bag accordingly, especially if you are not from India. While visiting different places try to wear casual clothes with comfortable shoes. For winter do pack some warm clothes as well.

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Other necessary Items

Beside your cloths and required documents, don’t forget to carry other important items like camera, binocular, sunglasses and sun protection creams. The legendary land, Rajasthan has many stunning palaces, imperial forts and beautiful landscape which you can capture in your camera and store them as your lovely memories. For your day outing sunglasses and sun protections are very much needed, as the climate of Rajasthan is quite hot.

Keep Limited Luggage with you

Try to keep less items in your luggage bag, it will help you to move freely. Above all the International Airlines rules have to maintain before boarding the flight. Make a list of your necessary item then place them in bag, you can easily remove unnecessary item by this. Even the storage space of Palace on Wheels is quite less. Travelers are also advised to carry soft topped luggage as they are easy to store.


Tourists can gather brief knowledge about the place and local languages in order to enjoy to the fullest. Local greeting words will not only help you to communicate with local people but also create a very good impression of you.

What to know more about the Palace on Wheels Train:

Rules and Regulation

This land of Kings is famous for ancient temple and while visiting any temple follow all the rules and regulation. In some of the Palaces as well there are certain rules. Clicking pictures, wearing shoes or short dress are not allowed there.

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Pre and Post Hotel Accommodation

For pre and post boarding the train book your own hotels. For that you can visit our Palace on Wheels GSA approved website. Also check with them for your transportation. Variety of hotels are available near the Delhi Railway Station.

Now, you have all the secret ingredients of a successful journey to the land of heroism through Palace on Wheels. So, follow them and proceed for a dream journey.

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