8 Trains from Delhi to Udaipur to See the Rich Culture of Rajasthan

Chugging of a train engine wakes you up to get ready into the train to leave the place to your loved destination Udaipur.

Let’s known how will be the journey through train from Delhi to Udaipur.

Option 1: Luxury Trains

Some may feel inconvenient to travel on normal or super fast express trains. For them, some luxury trains in India which are well-known all over the world is there to leave them in Udaipur from Delhi.

1. Maharajas Express

Maharajas Express

India’s one of the most popular luxury trains with cozy and luxury amenities and arrangements. Maharajas’ Express is equipped with bars, restaurants, well-designed suites or rooms, and known for humble services. To reach Udaipur from Delhi, Maharajas’ Express is the best option.

Indian Splendour is the itinerary package that will takes you to Udaipur.

Delhi Departure Time: Evening

Departure Station: Safdarjung Railway Station.

Udaipur Arrival Time: Day 6.

2. Palace on Wheels

Palace on Wheels is India’s most prominent luxury train due to its lavishness and royalty. It’s greatness and luxury elements are renowned all over the world. The cabins, restaurants, bars, spa, etc and very keen maintenance is the key attraction of the Palace on Wheels. Simply, the Palace on Wheels is the best option to see the tourist attractions of Rajasthan.

Delhi Departure Time: 6:30 PM

Departure Station: Safdarjung Railway Station

Udaipur Arrival Time: On day 4

For the booking of this luxury train, contact to the Official agent of Palace on Wheels.

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More details about Palace on Wheels:

3. Deccan Odyssey

Deccan Odyssey Train

Deccan Odyssey is present India’s leading luxury train with luxury elements which resembled to Maharajas lifestyle. It is known for good maintenance, royal treatment, stunning interior works. In one word, Deccan Odyssey is the best train to cover the top tourist attractions in India.

Indian Odyssey itinerary package takes you to Udaipur from Delhi.

Delhi Departure Time: Evening

Departure Station: Delhi Railway Station

Udaipur Arrival Time: Day 5

Option 2: Super Fast Trains

For the people who want to skip a little fast means Super Fast Express is the best option.

Let’s have a look at the train listing of Super Fast Expresses from Delhi to Udaipur.

4. Mewar SF Express (12963)

Mewar SF Express is a two-day journey from Delhi to Udaipur City. Good travel experience with basic needs and requirements on the train. Service days for the train is all days.

Delhi Departure Time: 19:00 pm

Departure Station: Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station.

Udaipur Arrival Time: 7:15 am

Travel Time: 12 Hour 15 Min

5. Chetak Express (12981)

Chetak Express is also a two-day travel journey from Delhi to Udaipur. It will be nice to travel through the train with a good environment and cleanliness. Service days for the train is all days.

Delhi Departure Time: 19:40 PM

Departure Station: Delhi Sarai Rohila Railway Station

Udaipur Arrival Time: 7:50 AM

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Travel Time: 12 Hour 10 Min

6. Raj Humsafar Express (22986)

humsafar express Udaipur to Delhi

Another Super Fast Express from Delhi to Udaipur in two days. Raj Hamsafar Express maintains a good atmosphere and clean coaches with basic needs. Service days for the train is Sunday only.

Delhi Departure Time: 4:20 PM

Departure Station: Delhi Rohilla (DEE)

Udaipur Arrival Time: 4:55 AM

Travel Time: 12 Hours 35 Min

Options 3: Normal Express Trains

Here is the list of normal express trains from Delhi to Udaipur. Let’s have the details of them.

7. New Jalpaiguri Udaipur City Express (19602)

This Express will start from New Jalpaiguri and ends in Udaipur. To cover the distance between New Jalpaiguri and Udaipur takes three days. On the second day, it will reach Delhi. From there you can reach Udaipur in a day. Service days of the train are Tuesday only.

Delhi Departure Time: 12:10 AM

Departure Station: Delhi DLI (On day 2)

Udaipur Arrival Time: 4:05 AM (On day 3)

Travel Time: 15 Hour 55 Min

8. Haridwar Udaipur City Express (19610)

Haridwar Udaipur City Express is the passing train through Delhi from Haridwar to Udaipur City in two days. By midnight it will reach Delhi, from there you can reach Udaipur in a day. Service days for the train are Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday.

Delhi Departure Time: 1:25 AM

Departure Station: Delhi DLI

Udaipur Arrival Time: 4:50 PM

Travel Time: 15 Hour 10 Min

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These are the 8 normal, super fast, and luxury trains to reach Udaipur from Delhi. Hope you can enjoy the journey through these trains with your family and friends. You will definitely enjoy the traveling to Udaipur with these trains.

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