Top Six Luxury Trains in the World

Luxury train travel is an important tourist attraction. Luxury train provides a five-star hotel service inside a moving train that takes the travelers to a set of tourist attractions. Starting from internet to laundry, the trains have all exclusive services and amenities inside it.

Here is the list of top six luxury trains in the world that you ought to ride in your lifetime.

1. Orient Express

Orient Express runs from London to Venice. It overs London, Innsbruck, Parise and Verona. The tour ends in Venice. The train provides an elegant decor, which suits today’s modern style. Several itineraries stretch for different period.

Many amenities inside the train are still the best in the world and the most important element of all is the freshly caught lobster that is served for brunch. This train has held the top tourist train title for several decades. Many luxury trains have copied their services and decor from Orient Express.

Orient Express

2. Maharajas’ Express

Maharajas’ Express is one of the world’s costliest and luxurious trains that runs in India. There are several itineraries in the train that serve different routes and destinations in the country.

The top elements of the train are its route, amenities and others. The train has many modern amenities like Live TV, wi-fi and others too. The train has recreated cabins that are similar to those used by the kings of the country.

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Maharajas Express

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3. Blue Train

Blue Train serves South Africa, from Pretoria to Cape Town. The train journey stretches for 27 hours. The best parts of the train journey are the staff, 24/7 butler service, luxury menu, high-class toiletries and the view. Do you know that Nelson Mandela has traveled in this train? The train has been on the tracks serving tourists for more than 70 years.

Blue Train

4. Ghan

Ghan runs from Adelaide to Darwin in Australia. The trip stretches for three nights and four days. The train is famous for suited cabins, dining experience, breakfast in bed experience, five-course meal, grilled kangaroo fillet and others. The train also provide optional exotic excursions to Alice Springs, Katherine and others.

5. Palace on Wheels

Palace on Wheels is an iconic luxury train that runs in India. The train serves most of the Rajasthan states and surrounding tourist attractions. The train uses ancient cabins that were used by kings of the land.

The train has incorporated all modern amenities starting from wi-fi to Satellite phone. The train is famous for changing menu as the train enters different cities.

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Palace on Wheels

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6. Seven Stars

Seven Stars is Japan’s most luxurious seven carriage train that can hold just 30 tourists. The train is made with rosewood and maple. The windows have etched glasses and the train has many other interesting decor elements. The train provides two itineraries that covers either Fukuoka or South Japan Island. The tourists are chosen by lottery system due to very high demand.

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Seven Stars

These are just the top six luxury trains in the world. There are numerous other trains that are operating for many decades and attracting thousands of tourists every year. Though the cost of the ticket is high, the service and quality of vacation provided by theses train are very valuable.

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