20 Best Places to Visit in India in December

India is a land of definite beauty and diverse attractions. There are numerous tourist attractions around the country, which are at prime beauty during a specific season or month. Are you planning to visit December? You are in for a treat.

There are numerous destinations to cover during December and we are listing the top 20 places to visit in India.

1. Dawki

Unmgot River

Unmgot River

Location: Shillong

Famous Attractions: Unmgot River, Tamabila, Boating point, Byrdaw Falls and others

Famous Souvenirs: Oranges, honey, handicraft items, and others.

How to Reach:

200 km away from Guwahati airport. You can find cabs and other transportation services from Guwahati to Dawki, throughout the year.

With the climate of December, the land will be showcasing a clear and beautiful climate. The temperature will not fall below 12 degrees C and thus, you can explore the region with ease. All the water activities and land activities will be at prime beauty during this season. If you are into photography, you can easily find mesmerizing sceneries and clear panoramic view during this month. The best of all is the fact that December is a harvest month of orange fruit and you can stroll through orange plantations, watch them pluck oranges and buy orange-based items like marmalades, jams, and others.

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2. Manali

Solang Valley, Manali

Solang Valley

Location: Himachal Pradesh

Famous Attractions: Hidimba Devi Temple, Manali Sanctuary, Manu temple, Solang Valley, Rohtang Pass, Kund trek route, Beas River and others

Famous Souvenirs: Prayer wheels, Tibetan handicraft, wool articles, Kullu cap, thangka, shawls, and others.

How to Reach:

The nearest airport is located just 50 km away from Manali. You can find various types of transportation like cabs, buses, and others from Delhi, Shimla, Chandigarh and other important destinations to Manali, throughout the year.

It is true that India is famous for a tropical Christmas time. However, if you are looking for a snow-filled time, it is better to stick with iconic snow destinations like Manali. The towering mountains of this region would be covered with snow, allowing you to enjoy all kinds of snow-based activities in December. The curvy roads lining scenic routes would be the perfect place for romantic car drive.

Starting from paragliding to rock climbing, the December climate allows you to enjoy numerous adventure and outdoor activities. If you are looking for some cultural time, visit monasteries and pilgrimage destinations to explore and experience the culture. This is the best place to enjoy a unique Tibetan culture and colorful cuisine.

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3. Dalhousie


Location: Himachal Pradesh

Famous Attractions: Garam Sadak, Panchpula, Satdhara Falls, Dainkund Peak, Suchash Boli, Kalatop Khajjiar sanctuary, St. Francis Church, St. John’s Church and others.

Famous Souvenirs: Diyas made with silver or copper, Kullu caps, handicraft items, accessories, Tibetan carpet, handlooms, craft items, and so on.

How to Reach:

Just 13 km away from Dalhousie, you will find the Gaggal airport. If you are looking for trains, the closest station is Pathankot, located 80 km away from Dalhousie. You can find cabs, buses and luxury coaches from different parts of Himachal Pradesh and other important destinations to Dalhousie.

The most iconic reason to choose Dalhousie for a December trip is the winter trekking routes. The deodar forests would be coated with snow and the place turns into a white Narnia during this month. This is the best time for sightseeing, snow activities and photography. Many adventure activities will be open for tourists during December. Apart from these, Dalhousie is one of the best places to explore the Tibetan lifestyle and culture. Do not miss the local cuisine of the land. Top dishes to try during December are sidu, madra, aktori, luchipoti and dham.

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4. Auli


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Location: Uttarakhand

Famous Attractions: Auli ropeway, Chattrakund, Chenab Lake, Auli artificial lake, KwaniBugyal, Gorson Bugyal, Narsingh Temple, SaildharTapowan, Nanda Devi national park, and others.

Famous Souvenirs: Handloom and handicraft items

How to Reach: Reach Rishikesh from Delhi or other destinations in India. From Rishikesh, you can find cabs to reach Auli. Some de-board at Joshimath and take the famous cable car from Joshimath to Auli. The closest airport is located in Dehradun.

Auli is one of the few destinations in India where nature is at prime beauty throughout the year. However, the style of beauty changes with every season and in December, Auli takes an adventure look. Skiing, cable car ride, trekking, and other thrilling activities will be open for tourists during December. Auli holds numerous peaks around it like Nanda Devi, Neelkant and others.

During December, the climate will be crispy cool but, the view will be clear. You can easily get a panoramic view from any viewpoint. The climate also makes it safer to explore remote places around Auli. December is not the prime tourist season as tourists visit Auli in February for the National Championships of Skiing. Thus, Auli will be at prime beauty and less crowded in December.

5. Chopta

Tungnath Temple

Tungnath Temple

Location: Uttarakhand

Famous Attractions: Kartik Swami temple, Koteshwar temple, Kedarnath wildlife sanctuary, PanchKedar, Tungnath and others

Famous Souvenirs: Religious souvenirs, handicraft items, wool-based items and so on.

How to reach: Chopta can be reached from numerous major destinations in the country. The closest railway station and airport are located in Haridwar. From Haridwar, you can find cabs and buses directly to Chopta.

December time is famous for mountain snow trekking to spot high peaks with clear sky. Photography will provide impeccable pictures during winter. December is the most romantic time to visit Chopta. The best of all is the mild snowfall that will allow you to enjoy all snow-based activities like snowball fight, building snowmen, snow angels and so on. Visit during December to know why Chopta is called as mini-Switzerland of India.

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6. Leh

Pangong Lake Ladakh

Pangong Lake

Location: Ladakh

Famous Attractions: Bong Bong snow valley, Lamayuru, gompas and monasteries, Pangong Lake, Chadar Trek, Markha Valley Trek and others.

Famous Souvenirs: Pashmina articles, apricot based items, rugs, woolen clothing, silver jewelry, handicraft items, carpets, stone articles, and others.

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How to Reach:

The fastest way to enter Ladakh is via air travel. The closest airport is located in Leh. You can also choose trains, which stop at Tawi. From Tawi, you can find cabs or buses to Leh. Some prefer boarding direct buses to Leh from Manali or Srinagar.

December is the best time to see this mountain kingdom. The temperature can be very harsh in the evening and night. Thus, you should restrict your sightseeing when the sun is out. The lakes and waterfalls will be frozen allowing you to explore many unique trekking routes, which might not be available during the other months.

Do you know you can play cricket or do a somersault in the middle of any lake you find here? The temperature is far below freezing point and December is the best time to enjoy ice-activities. It is best to avoid moderately hard or hard trekking routes during winter unless you are an avid trekker. The skating rinks will be open from December and it is time to enjoy some exotic activities.

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7. Goa

Aguada Fort

Aguada Fort

Location: Goa

Famous Attractions: Basilica of Bom Jesus, beaches, spice plantation, Dona Paula bay, Chorao Island, Aguada Fort, Chapora Fort, Se’ Cathedral, Anjuna Flea market, Dudhsagar waterfall, and others.

Famous Souvenirs: Feni, cashew wine, sea shell-based articles, coconut craft home décor items, kokum sherbet, hand-painted Azulejos tiles, spices, and others.

How to Reach:

You can find trains, flights and road transportation from numerous parts of the country to Goa, every day. The closest airport is located in Goa, Dabolim Airport.

Out of the few flawless places to enjoy Christmas and New Year in India, Goa is the best place for a European style vacation. This is not the only reason why December is the prime time to visit this beach-riddled destination. Goa is a humid area. With December climate, you can enjoy a pleasing time here. Mid-night parties, beach bonfire and other outdoor hipster parties will be very common during December.

With recent monsoon, the climate will be very apt for many water and land activities and adventure sports. December is also the best time for wildlife photography and bird watching. The Salim Ali bird sanctuary will be filled with colorful local and migratory birds during December. Trekking routes will be open inside the sanctuary during this month.

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8. Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Havelock Beach

Havelock Beach

Location: Indian Ocean

Famous Attractions: Havelock beach, Baratang Island, Radhanagar Beach, Mahatma Gandhi marine national park, Viper Island, Port Blair, Ross Island, Neil Island, Cellular Jail, Digilpur, Barren Island and others.

Famous Souvenirs: seashell and coconut-based home decor items, fish-bone articles, jute articles, mats, pearls, spices, wood articles, and others.

How to Reach:

The easiest way to reach the island is via air travel. From Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Kolkata, you can find direct flights to Port Blair. On the other hand, some people prefer to take a cruise from Chennai, Vishakhapatnam or Kolkata to reach Port Blair.

December is one of the peak tourism seasons to visit the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The temperature will not fall below 22°C and thus, it is the best time to enjoy tropical beach time, here. With monsoon and heavy rains away from the islands, it is the best time to enjoy all types of water and beach-based activities. December is also the time of high visibility underwater. Thus, you can easily spot many colorful fishes and coral reefs at diving sites. Night diving activity is also very common during December. Andaman and Nicobar Islands is the best place for enjoying New Year’s Eve party and Christmas celebrations.

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9. Alleppey (Alappuzha)

Alleppey Backwaters

Location: Kerala

Famous Attractions: Alappuzha Beach, Vembanad, backwaters, Kumarakom bird sanctuary, Krishnapuram palace, and others

Famous Souvenirs: artwork, handicraft items, spices, clothing, cultural articles, religious items and so on.

How to Reach:

The nearest railway station is located just 4 km away from Alleppey. The closest international airport is located in Trivandrum. Apart from these, you can find buses, trains, cabs and other transportation from numerous parts of the country to Alleppey.

Alleppey is quite famous for backwaters, houseboats, nature, and Ayurveda. All these will be at prime beauty during winter. Monsoon stops by September and the water bodies will be lush with water. The mountain slopes will be very fertile by the end of monsoon and by December the rare medicinal plants on the slopes and peaks will be at bloom. This is why December is considered one of the best times to enjoy a traditional Ayurveda holiday in Kerala. December also marks various celebrations, religious activities and others including the Cochin Carnival (celebrated in Cochin). December will be pleasingly warm and the skies will be clear. Thus, you can enjoy almost all water and land-based activities with ease.

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10. Rann of Kutch

Rann of Kutch

Location: Gujarat

Famous Attractions: White desert of Kutch, Kalo Dungar, Kutch fossil park, and others

Famous Souvenirs: embroidery work and textiles, hand-block printing articles, wood articles, silver jewelry, iron bells, mudwall painting, penknives, and others.

How to Reach:

Reaching Gujarat is easier with all modes of transportation including trains and flights. Once you are inside Gujarat, you can find buses and cabs to reach Kutch. The nearest railway station and airport to Rann of Kutch are located in Kutch.

The Rann of Kutch is a salt desert, which is at prime beauty during December. The major reason for this popularity is the Rann Utsav cultural festival, which lasts for two whole months. This is the best time to enjoy unique natural beauty, adventure activities, cultural activities and much more. Kutch is also a winter romantic destination. The full moon night of December is the peak time to visit Rann Utsav celebration. This is one of the warmest places in India during December. It would be a good change from the typical snow December around the world.

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11. Tawang


Location: Arunachal Pradesh

Famous Attractions: Tawang Valley, Gudpi, Tawang Chu river, Chong Chugmi ranges, Tawang Monastery, Gorichen Peak, Nuranang Waterfalls, Taktsang Gompa, Sela Pass, and others

Famous Souvenirs: hand-made sheets, woolen articles, prayer bowl, handicrafts, bamboo articles, Thangka painting, prayer flag, and others.

How to Reach:

The closest airport to Tawang is located in Tezpur, which is 387 km away. The closest railway station is also 383 km away. The best way to reach Tawang is by taking cabs from the airport or railway station. You can also find luxury coaches and buses running on the same route.

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Technically speaking, December is Tawang’s off-season. The route towards Tawang would be mesmerizing and thrilling. Thus, it is not recommended to self-drive to Tawang, especially in December. The best part about the land is its climate and nature during December, which makes it worth all these pains. The place will be calm with mild snowfall and flawless beauty.

Tawang will be very colorful with cultural elements, especially during the winter season. Trekking is available at moderate heights. If a route is closed during December, please do not try to explore it. December provides you a panoramic snow-Narnia look with white snowy mountain peaks and dense Alpine forest covered in snowfall. Tawang Monasteries will be open for tourists to enjoy the culture of their religion.

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12. Udaipur

Lake Pichola, Udaipur

Lake Pichola

Location: Rajasthan

Famous Attractions: Fateh Sagar Lake, Lake Palace, Jag Mandir, Monsoon Palace, Shilpgram, Lake Pichola, Saheliyon ki Bari, City Palace, and others.

Famous Souvenirs: Artworks, craft items, pottery works, camel skin articles, leather articles, home décor items, textiles, and others.

How to Reach:

Domestic airport and railway station are located in Udaipur. If you are choosing buses or cabs, you can find direct transportation from many states and cities. The best of all is the luxury train that covers major attractions in Rajasthan along with Udaipur. If you are looking for an iconic vacation, choose to board the Palace on Wheels luxury train which covers Udaipur in its week-long itinerary.

Udaipur is located in the heart of a desert state and it makes more sense to choose winter to visit the land. December brings out a pleasing warm climate. The water bodies will be lush and it is the main factor of beauty for the City of Lakes. December is the best time to enjoy cultural activities inside the city and adventure activities along the base of Aravalli Ranges. December is the right time for sightseeing too. You can travel throughout the day without getting exhausted in December. December is one of the most colorful times to visit Udaipur and the surrounding regions.

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13. Guwahati

Kamakhya Temple

Kamakhya Temple

Location: Assam

Famous Attractions: Kamakhya temple, Umananada Temple, Assam state zoo and botanical garden, Umananda Island, Assam state museum, planetarium, and others.

Famous Souvenirs: Bamboo articles, silk sarees, tribal artwork, mekhla chadar, and others

How to Reach:

Guwahati has an international airport and thus, it is easy to reach the destination, directly. You can also find trains, buses, and cabs from various parts of the country to Guwahati, throughout the year.

Guwahati receives heavy rainfall during the monsoon season. Thus, in the winter, the land will be lush with green beauty. The emblematic beauty of December is the lush tea plantations. The temperature will be pleasing in the daytime and chilly in the night. December is the right time for exploring the regions for sightseeing and outdoor activities. December is also the best time to enjoy the Brahmaputra River cruise. December is the right time to spot many floral species in bloom along the slopes. If you are into tea tourism, Guwahati is one of the best places to visit in India during December.

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14. Cherrapunjee


Location: Meghalaya

Famous Attractions: Nohkalikai Falls, Kynrem falls, Double decker living root bridge, Mawlynnong, Dainthlen Falls, Mawsmai Cave, and others.

Famous Souvenirs: Bamboo articles, mountain honey, orange flower honey, Scottish handicraft, tea, homemade soaps, spices, cane articles, and others.

How to Reach:

The closest international airport is located in Guwahati, Assam. The airport is 118 km away from Cherrapunjee. You can find cabs from the airport to Cherrapunjee, throughout the day. You can also find buses running between the two destinations.

Cherrapunji is considered as the wettest place on the face of Earth. The land receives heavy rainfall and the monsoon season is very long when compared to other parts of the country. However, winter is one of the prime times to visit this land, next to monsoon. The main reason for December getting more attention is caving. Caving is a trending adventure activity among youth and December is the right time to explore caves of Cherrapunji.

Exploring deeper parts of the lush forests and finding the living root bridge is much easier during winter as the land will be less marshy during winter. The skies will be clear, allowing you to enjoy a panoramic view of the forests and the veins of water bodies running through them. Winter is the right time to visit Nokrek national park to spot animals like a jungle cat, Asian elephant, brown fox, and others. Due to the recent rains, the valley regions will be lush with foliage and wildflowers.

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15. Ranthambore National Park

Ranthambore National Park

Location: Rajasthan

Famous Attractions: Safari in the park, Ranthambore Fort, Jogi Mahal, Padam Talab, and others.

Famous Souvenirs: Canvas painting, photographic postcards, textile and others.

How to Reach:

Jaipur holds the closest airport to the park. The nearest railway station is located in Sawai Madhopur. From the airport and railway station, you can find buses and cabs directly to the entrance of the Ranthambore national park. If you are planning a luxury vacation, choose to book the Palace on Wheels train, which covers important destinations of Rajasthan and surrounding regions including Ranthambore National Park.

December marks the end of the monsoon season. You can find lush water level in the lake inside the park, where you can find many animals quenching thirst. December is the time to spot many colorful local and migration birds, especially during sunrise and sunset. With December, the routes will be dry and you can explore the grounds as deep into the forest as possible in a safari. Winter is the time to spot animals with their cubs. Do you know that spotting tiger is quite hard, no matter when you visit the land? However, spotting other mammals and reptiles is easier during December. December also reduces the humidity of the land making it pleasing to explore the land. If you are visiting in December, choose safari in Route 3, which will be at prime beauty.

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16. Coonoor


Location: Tamil Nadu

Famous Attractions: Sim’s park, Dolphin’s Nose, Tiger Hill, Lamb Rock, tea plantation, Droog Fort, St. George’s church, Catherine Falls and others.

Famous Souvenirs: Natural honey, jams, and marmalades, aromatherapy infused oils, homemade chocolates, tea, textile, and others.

How to Reach:

Coonoor is located very close to Coimbatore and thus, you can reach Coimbatore via flight and then take a bus or cab to reach the hill station. Some prefer to visit Ooty and then reach Coonoor on the way via taxi or bus.

December is one of the prime times to visit this hill station. The region will be filled with lush natural beauty during this month. This is the time for trekking, hiking, camping, sightseeing and picnicking. Tea tourism activities are at prime beauty during December. The dusk will be chilly and thus, it is best to enjoy outdoor activities during day time. December provides a clear sky and thus, getting a panoramic view from the viewpoints will be much easier. December is one of the romantic months for honeymoon trips.

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17. Kohima

Kohima Zoo

Kohima Zoo

Location: Nagaland

Famous Attractions: Kohima museum, Kohima zoo, Khonom village, Kohima war cemetery, Kohima cathedral, State museum, Kisama and others

Famous Souvenirs: Bamboo articles, jewelry, tribal artwork, Tibetan souvenirs, wood articles, metal home decor items, traditional attire, and tribal accessories.

How to Reach:

Dimapur Airport is located 74 km away from Kohima. From the airport, you can find cabs and buses to reach Kohima. There is no train connectivity between Kohima and surrounding regions.

Monsoon is very harsh in Kohima and this makes December more beautiful and lively. December is one of the prime months to enjoy outdoor activities like bird watching, trekking, hiking, sightseeing, picnicking, camping, and others. The best of all is the Hornbill festival, which takes place in the Naga tribe regions. Kohima will be more colorful during December with many vibrant wildflowers at bloom along the valleys and forest regions. Exploring remote regions around Kohima is also quite easier during December.

18. Coorg


Location: Karnataka

Famous Attractions: rubber plantation, coffee plantation, tea estates, Talacauvery, Abbey Falls, Rajas Seat, Golden Temple, Barapole River, and others.

Famous Souvenirs: Coorgi wine, wool articles, spices, flavored tea, dry fruits, honey, and others

How to Reach:

The closest airport to Coorg is located in Mangalore, which is 135 km away from the hill station. If you are choosing trains, the closest railway station is located in Mysore, which is 120 km away from Coorg. You can find cabs and buses directly to Coorg from numerous destinations in and around Karnataka.

If you love to enjoy wildlife attractions around you, winter is the right time. Winter starts by the end of November and thus, December will be having a pleasing climate throughout the day. December is the right time to visit vineyards and tea plantations in Coorg. Wildlife exploration, bird watching, trekking, bonfire, picnicking, hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities will be at prime beauty during December. Just like many South Indian hill stations, Coorg will be at its romantic beauty during December and thus, you can find numerous honeymoon couples in the region.

19. Araku Valley

Araku Valley

Location: Andhra Pradesh

Famous Attractions: Chaparai waterfalls, Ananthagiri hills, Padmapuram Botanical garden, Araku Tribal Museum, Borra Caves and others

Famous Souvenirs: tea, coffee, spices, tribal artworks, handicraft items, and others.

How to Reach:

The best option of travel is to reach Visakhapatnam airport and from Visakhapatnam, you can find many buses and cabs which reach Araku Valley. The Valley is around 112 km away from Visakhapatnam. The nearest railway station is located in Vikarabad. From the Vikarabad railway station, you can easily find cabs to Ananthagiri Hills.

The tourism season of Araku Valley starts by December. This is the prime time for activities like caving, trekking, hiking, camping, sightseeing, photography, picnicking and others. December is the time when waterfalls and streams around this region will be lush with water, allowing you to enjoy water activities or picnic. Exploring Borra Caves are much easier during winter. Araku Valley regions and the botanical gardens will be lush with foliage and wildflowers during December.

20. Lakshadweep Islands

Lakshadweep Islands

Location: Arabian Sea

Famous Attractions: Amini, Kavaratti, Andrott, Agatti, and Kalpeni islands

Famous Souvenirs: Seashell articles, coral home decor items, coconut articles, handicraft items, fishbone articles, and others.

How to Reach:

Lakshadweep is accessible via Kochi. You can find flights and cruise from mainland India to the islands. If you are traveling via air, you will land at Agatti Island. You can also find private helicopter rides from Kochi to Lakshadweep Island during December.

This small union territory is famous for its exotic beauty. Only 10 islands in this group are inhabited and among those five are open for tourists. What makes December, the best time to visit these islands? The coconut groves, serene beach environment, and the climate will be pleasing and calm during December. The water visibility is very clear during December allowing you to enjoy water-based activities.

December is the right time to explore the coral reefs to find many colorful species of fishes. Fishing is performed full-fledged during this season allowing you to enjoy many rare delicacies. December is the right time for many land activities too. Top activities to enjoy in December are kayaking, glass-bottom boat trip, deep-sea fishing, scuba diving, parasailing, water skiing, and others.

December is one of the months in the tourism season of India. The tourism season starts in October and ends in February. However, the land of India is very diverse and the climate changes tremendously within the country. If you are planning a high-altitude vacation, it is best to surf about the climatic conditions before visiting. Storms, floods and other catastrophic events are very uncommon during December. However, if you are visiting any coastal area, check out the weather forecast before making any decision. As mentioned before, December is a prime tourism season. Thus, it is wise to pre-book all amenities including luxury train tickets, flight tickets, accommodations, rental car facilities, and others, at least a few months prior to your vacation.

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