Top 10 Mouthwatering Rajasthani Desserts You Should Try

Ending your meals without a Rajasthani dessert is completely a big mistake you are doing. Rajasthani desserts are very famous in all over India and every Indian laud about the taste of Rajasthani desserts. The traditional and tasty Rajasthani desserts suppress your hunger after a complete meal.

Now let’s know about the top 10 delicious desserts of Rajasthan.

#1. Ghevar

Ghevar is like the king of Rajasthan desserts. It is the most preferable sweet in every home and also there are different types of Ghevar. The combination of ghee, milk, and dipped into the sugar syrup made this delicious dessert famous.

Different types of Ghevar like Mava Ghevar, Plain Ghevar, Malai Ghevar, and Rabri Ghevar with toppings and other ingredients. Among them, Rabri Ghevar is the most famous one.


#2. Dilkushar

This sweet is famous for occasions and festivals in Rajasthan and also known as Besan Ki Chakki or Mohanthal. This delicious dessert will be made up of besan (gram flour) by roasting, mawa in a rich amount of ghee, cardamom powder, sugar, milk, and toppings like almonds and chopping of ghee. You will forget everything when the sweet touches your taste buds.


#3. Chenna Malpua

A fresh and melting dessert of Rajasthan is Chenna Malpua. It is usually prepared every day but in festivals, it is the must sweet. This mouthwatering sweet will be made of fresh paneer, sugar, ghee, and dried fruits for garnishing. One bite is enough to enjoy the pleasure of sweetness and deliciousness. Chenna Malpua is the most famous sweet in Rajasthan.

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Chenna Malpua

#4. Balushahi

North India’s savored dessert is Balushahi, made of maida, yogurt, milk, sugar, and baking soda. After dipping into the sweet sugar syrup it will be most delicious and like to have to it. This tender smooth dessert is the most preferred sweet in functions and weddings. Balushahi is a little bit heavy in calories and you may stomach filled after eating this.


#5. Imarti

Imarti is a common dessert of Rajasthan looks like funnel cake. It is very easy to prepare this sweet by simply mixing gram flour in round flower-like shapes and dipping into the sugar syrup. Imarti is the best-known sweet which takes less time and easier too. It will be dry outside but juicy inside which will make you feel awesome.


#6. Mawa Kachori

Mawa Kachori is the best-stuffed dessert and very famous one in Rajasthan states. The main part of this recipe is the stuffing of mawa and nuts which gives a delicious taste. And the Kachoris are prepared by maida, mawa, cardamom powder, and nuts and finally dipping into sugar syrup is enough. You may interest to eat more and more Kachoris.

Mawa Kachori

#7. Doodhiya Kheech

Rajasthan’s winter season famous dessert is the Doodhiya Kheech which is said to be originated in Udaipur. This delicious and mouthwatering sweet is prepared by hulled wheat, dried fruits, milk, sugar, and nuts. Actually, this dessert will be prepared during winters as a traditional sweet on the festival days of Akshaya Tritiya. You will never want to leave this dessert from the starting to end.

Doodhiya Kheech

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#8. Churma Ladoo

Churma Ladoo is a festive celebrated dessert in Rajasthan and in all over India also. It tastes very delicious and awesome to have it one more. This dessert will be prepared with besan, milk, jaggery, cardamom powder, and poppy seeds.

It is a delightful dessert of Rajasthani’s and this sweet they mostly take during the fasting. And also, any festivals or functions without Churma Ladoo are totally incomplete.

Churma Ladoo

#9. Methi Ladoo Dana

Methi Ladoo Dana is completely a different dessert with a peculiar taste. When you take a bite you will feel like spicy, bitter, and sweet. It was mixed with all flavors but it is a unique and tasteful recipe of Rajasthani’s.

Actually, this dessert will be prepared with the combination of ginger, methi, and sugar. That’s why it tastes three varied flavors. However, a wonderful and delicious dessert.

Methi Ladoo Dana

#10. Moong Dal Halwa

A delight recipe with soaked moong dal and a classic dessert of Rajasthan’s dessert menu is Moong Dal Halwa. This recipe takes a long time to prepare but sure about the finger licking taste.

The ingredients required to make in your home are moong dal, ghee, sugar, milk, cardamom powder, and saffron. Simply sprinkle the dry fruits on it and have it, you will be taken to heaven with its fabulous taste.

Moong Dal Halwa

Everyone who loves desserts can enjoy all these delicious and indulge sweets whenever you visit Rajasthan. I am sure you will be spellbound with the tastes of these delicious items. However, catch up these desserts during your visit to Rajasthan.

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FAQ’s about Rajasthani Desserts:

Q. What is the famous food of Rajasthan?

A. Dal Bati Churma is the famous food of Rajasthan. Apart from Dal BatiChurma another famous food is Laal Maa. Rajasthan is a place of rich food, culture, and tradition. These are the two distinct cuisines of the state which shows their love for food.

Q. What is the most popular dessert in India?

A. Gulab jamun is the most popular dessert in India. People also love to refer it as Indian doughnuts. The main ingredients are condensed milk and sugar syrup. This is a traditional dessert which is made in every household during any kind of occasion

Q. What is Rajasthani dress called?

A. Rajasthani dress is called Ghagra-Choli with Odhni. This dress has handmade embroidery. Rajasthanis love to add vibrant colors in their attire. Ghaghra is a long pleated skirt and choli is blouse.

Q. Is Rajasthani food spicy?

Rajasthani foods are spicy because Rajasthanis put dried spices in their food. These spices not only add taste to their food but also signify the glories of the Maharajas and their local cuture.

Q. What is the state sweet of Rajasthan?

A. Ghewar is the state sweet of Rajasthan. This ultimate sweet from the Desert state will covoer your taste buds with sugary syrup. It is usually prepared during Teej festival.

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