Top 10 Hotels in Jaipur to Make Your Stay Royal Like a Prince

Are you visiting the land of forts, palaces and monument, Jaipur? Have you decided the hotel?

Let me take you through the top 10 hotels from Jaipur to decide your place of stay.

10. Rambagh Palace

Prices range from INR 57,000 – 950,000.

The best of all 5-star hotels in Jaipur is Rambagh Palace, known for being luxurious to the utmost and is hence a favourite of many celebs and foreigners. The features that make Rambagh the most hyped are listed below:

  • Awesome historic architectural beauty is to die for.
  • The Mughal Gardens with it’s lush green spread offering an amazing view
  • Perfect hospitality along with spacious and royal rooms
  • Multi cuisine restaurants offering you the delicacies of your choice
  • Spa to help you relax when you have traveled a lot!

Rambagh Palace in Jaipur

9. The Lalit

Prices range from INR 5,000 – 80,000.

One of the best hotels in Jaipur as well as it’s located very close to the airport and other commercial hubs of the city.

What sets it apart from the rest are:

  • Several spacious and comfortable rooms to choose from
  • A boozing station – an elegant bar
  • Salon and spa
  • Dining options offering delicacies of your choice.

The Lalit Hotel Jaipur

8. Taj Jai Mahal Palace

Prices range from INR 18,000 – 76,200.

One of the most preferred hotels in Jaipur and is known for its amazing spread of Mughal Gardens across 18 acres with neatly trimmed grasses. The sheer architectural mix and match style adds to the elegance of the Taj Jai Mahal Palace.

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The amenities that you get here are listed below:

  • An outdoor pool
  • Spa and gym, not one but many!
  • Rooms with amazing interiors and spacious living
  • Bars to offer you the drink of your choice
  • Food – various delicacies to choose from

Taj Jai Mahal Palace Jaipur

7. Holiday Inn

Prices range from INR 11,000 – 18,000.

A perfect hotel for you in close proximity from the railway station as well as from the well-known tourist spots like Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar, Amber Fort, Nahargarh Fort, City Palace and Jal Mahal.

This hotel has a perfect connectivity to the railway station where you can get the regular trains. If you want to take the luxury ride to reach the luxury hotel, choose the Palace on Wheels train Rajasthan and make your journey more luxurious.

What makes it distinct from the rest are

  • The spacious and comfortable rooms
  • Food round the clock
  • Hospitality absolutely personalized just for you!

Holiday Inn Jaipur

6. Ramada Hotel

Prices range from INR 8,000 – 12,500.

Another luxurious hotel offering the best of luxury and price, Ramada is well-known for being located 10 minutes from the airport and also in close proximity from the railway station.

  • Rooftop pool
  • Outdoor pool
  • Spa and massage
  • Multiple dining options

Ramada Hotel Jaipur

5. Hotel Hilton

Prices are around INR 20,000.

Another most visited hotels in Jaipur, Hilton is also loved by travelers due to its closeness to the airport, shopping centres, station and other tourist spots.

Check out the features below:

  • Trendy restaurants offering fine delicacies
  • Spa and wellness centres
  • Luxurious rooms
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Hotel Hilton Jaipur

4. Shahpura House

Prices range from INR 10,000 – 18,000.

A 3-star hotel, Shahpura offers you no less than a 5-star! Distinct features of Shahpura are listed below:

  • Amazing mountain view
  • Luxurious rooms adorned with architecture from our royal history
  • World class hospitality

Shahpura House Jaipur

3. Royal Orchid

Prices range from INR 7,800 – 8,200.

It’s a 5-star hotel which is comparatively cheaper than the rest. Also, it’s in close proximity from the airport, railway station and other important spots in Jaipur.

The distinct features are as below:

  • 8 plunge pools
  • Suite offering your private access to the huge plunge pool

Royal Orchid Jaipur

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2. Alsisar Haveli

Prices range from INR 6,375 – 7,500.

Alisar offers you the life of a prince in Jaipur, whether you choose just a luxurious room or the grand Maharaja suite.

The uniqueness of Alsisar are listed below:

  • Fine dining – Alsiar is famous for its delicacies!
  • Outdoor pool to help you chill

Alsisar Haveli Jaipur

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1. The Fern

Prices range INR 7,500 and above.

The Fern offers you the luxury of a prince in an eco-friendly manner. It’s unique features are below:

  • Close to airport and other tourist spots
  • Lush green scenery

The Fern Jaipur

So, book your rooms now, from among the top 10!

How to make your trip more luxurious with Palace on Wheels India:

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Which are the best family hotels in Jaipur?

A. The best family hotels in Jaipur are Cygnett Lite Grand, Lords Plaza, The Fern An Ecotel Hotel, The Ashapurna Hotel, Pearl Palace Heritage, along with the Umaid Mahal and many more.

Q. Which are the best luxury hotels in Jaipur for couples?

A. The best luxury hotels in Jaipur for couples are The Oberoi Rajvilas, Jal Mahal Palace, Ramada Jaipur and Hotel Royal Orchid. These hotels are known for their comfort and style.

Q. What are the best hotels near Amber Fort?

A. The best hotels near Amber Fort are KK Royal Hotel & Convention Center, Hotel Amer View, and Regenta Central Jal Mahal. You will get the authentic local cuisine along with a pleasant view of the Amber Fort from these hotels.

Q. Which sweet is famous in Jaipur?

A. Ghevar is famous in Jaipur. It is the traditional sweet dish of the state of Rajasthan. Ghewar is made of fine wheat flour and sugar syrup.

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