20 Top Indian Festivals to Enjoy in April 2020

Indian culture celebrates every natural change, mythological incidents, and political elements. India is a land where festivals are a part of its lifestyle. If you are visiting in April, there are numerous festivals around the country celebrating everything from the movement of sun to local New Years.

Here are the top 20 Indian festivals to enjoy in April, in 2020.

1. Aoling Festival, Nagaland

Aoling Festival is the iconic celebration of Konyak Tribe of Nagaland. This festival marks the starting of the lush spring season. This is the sowing season and many rituals take place in which the locals pray to God for a prosperous harvest. If you wish to enjoy a colorful festival without the clutches of commercialism, take part in Aoling festival’s ritual, feast, and enjoy cultural activities. Dance and music are very common performances during this celebration.

Date of the festival: 1st to 10th April, 2020

Aoling Festival

2. Mopin Festival of Arunachal Pradesh

North-East India is famous for throwing exclusive colorful festivals. The North-East India has more connection with their culture and traditions than any other part of the country. This is why it is important to take part in at least one of the North East India festivals during your visit.

One such unique celebration is the Mopin Festival that is celebrated by the tribes of Arunachal Pradesh. This is a harvest festival, which is celebrated to thank the God for the wealth and prosperity. This festival is celebrated by Along-Basar-Bame group of people, who celebrate the day with Popir dance, music, feast, and much more. The festival is famous for Apong, a unique locally brewed rice wine, which is served during the celebration.

Date of the festival: 5thApril, 2020

Mopin Festival

3. Mahavir Jayanthi, throughout the Country

This festival is celebrated throughout the country, but the cream of celebrations take place in Uttar Pradesh. As the name indicates, the Mahavir Jayanthi is the celebration of birth of Mahavir, spiritual guru of Jainism. This is an iconic celebration for Jains. During this festival, the Jain temples around the country conduct a grand procession holding statue of Mahavir on a palanquin with music, dance and others. Many performances, feasts, and meditation classes take place in the Jain temples.

Date of the festival: 6thApril, 2020

Mahavir Jayanthi

4. Good Friday and Easter

This is an important religious celebration of Christians. Good Friday marks the day on which, Lord Jesus was crucified. This is the day for fasting, repenting, praying, and meditating. Some communities take part in silent procession to remember the last walk of Jesus as he carried his cross.

Three days after Good Friday, on the Sunday, Easter is celebrated. This is day when Lord Jesus resurrected. Many cultural performances, mass prayers, and other activities take place in the Churches.

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Date of the festival: 10th April and 12th April

Good Friday and Easter

5. Shad Suk Mynsiem of Meghalaya

This is another harvest festival of the land, which is celebrated by Khasi tribal clan of Meghalaya. Iconic celebrations of this festival are musical performances, dance, and feast. This festival is famous for the unique fertility dance, which represents the nature. Men represent the farmers and dance in a large circle and the women represent the seed being nourished by farmers and dance inside the large circle.

Date of the festival: 10thto 11th April, 2020

Shad Suk Mynsiem

6. Tulip Festival of Srinagar

April is the lush and warm season of Kashmir. This is the month when the colorful flowers will be at bloom. This includes the famous tulip species too. In April, a grand tulip festival is celebrated in the Indira Gandhi memorial garden. This is an annual celebration, celebrated in the vast garden of 5 hectares, overlooking the Dal Lake. The blooming season of tulip is just two weeks and the garden will become a carpet of red, purple, orange and other colors. Apart from the kaleidoscopic beauty, the place will be saturated with the mild fragrance of the blooming flower.

Date of the festival: 11th to 17thApril, 2020

Tulip Festival

7. Sankat Mochan Music Festival of Varanasi

Among the numerous temples of Varanasi, Sankat Mochan Hanuman Temple is quite famous. Every year in April, a grand music festival takes place in the temple. Music Festivals are not rare in Varanasi. However, the music festival of Sankat Mochan temple has its unique features like exclusive rituals, aartis, decoration of Lord Hanuman statue, dance performances, and so on. Numerous musicians take part in this celebration, and several local and international visitors enjoy the show.

Date of the festival: 12th April, 2020

8. Baisakhi Mela of Punjab

This is a Sikh festival celebrated throughout the state of Punjab. However, the cream of the celebrations takes place in Amritsar. This is also the harvest festival of the region. Folk dance and music performances take place at various destinations. The best of all is the large feast and the celebration, which takes place in Amritsar’s Golden Temple. Special delicacies will be made exclusively for this celebration.

Date of the festival: 13th April, 2020

Baisakhi Mela of Punjab

9. Bihu of Assam

This is also a harvest festival, which is celebrated in Assam. The festival is also called as Bohag Bihu. The celebration stretches for seven days with feasts, music, dance, rituals, and many others. The iconic activity of the festival is the Bihu Dance.

Date of the festival: 14th to 20th April, 2020

Bhogali Bihu

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10. Tamil New Year (Tamil Puthandu) of Tamil Nadu

This is a local festival, which is celebrated on Vernal equinox day. This is the Tamil New Year too. During this day, several rituals and religious activities take place in the temples. People decorate their homes with garments of mango leaves, make rangolis, and other decorations.

The main ritual of the day is the kanni. During this ritual, people place a tray filled with fruits, cash, gold, beetal leaves, and others. A large mirror will be placed next to the tray and people have to see the tray as the reflection in the mirror. This activity is believed to bring prosperity to the family. Each district in Tamil Nadu celebrates it in a different manner. It is the Chittharai festival in Madurai, car festival in Kumbakonam, and so on.

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Date of the festival: 14th April, 2020

11. NabaBarsha of West Bengal

This is the local New Year of West Bengal. The day is celebrated with dance, music, traditional games, feasts, and others. Apart from the cultural activities, the day is also famous for interesting rituals and traditional events. You can see the locals in their traditional colorful attire. If you are looking for a colorful time, this festival is the right activity to enjoy.

Date of the festival: 14th April, 2020

12. Mariamman Temple Festival of Ooty and Coonoor

Tamil Nadu celebrates 14th April in numerous manners. Ooty and Coonoor celebrate the day as the annual temple festival of Mariamman Temple. Lord Mariamman is a fierce protective deity of the local community. She is also seen as the Rain God. Special rituals and celebrations take place in the temple like procession, feast, rituals, music celebration, dance performances, and so on. The best part of all is the fire walk. A large pit of burning charcoal is made and the pilgrims walk over it in barefoot. This is considered as the ultimate ritual of the festival.

Date of the festival: 14th April, 2020

13. Ambedkar Jayanti throughout the Country

This is one of the national celebrations of April. 14th April is the birth anniversary of Dr. Ambedkar, who crafted the constitution of the country. During this celebration, the life and work of Dr. Ambedkar are spread via stage shows, debates, lectures, and so on. In Nagpur and Mumbai, a grand procession of youngsters takes place to spread the works of Ambedkar. You can also witness many political leaders honoring Ambedkar statues with garlands.

Date of the festival: 14th April, 2020

Ambedkar Jayanti

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14. Urs festival of Ajmer

This is an Islamic celebration conducted in Ajmer and surrounding regions. Precisely, this is a Sufi celebration conducted in memory of the life and work of Chisti Saint, Khawaja Moinuddin. This festival takes place for six days, during which many religious activities, cultural performances, and fair are conducted. Mass prayer and group celebrations are the iconic elements of Sufi culture. The only disadvantage is that females cannot take part in this celebration.

Date of the festival: 14th to 22ndApril, 2020

15. Vishu of Kerala

This is the local New Year of Kerala. This is the festival of feast and flowers. People decorate their house with an array of flowers. Many interesting rituals take place in the temples, especially Krishna temples. The feast of this celebration is served with 13 to 20 different dishes on a large banana leaf. Apart from these, at numerous destinations, you can find dance, music, drama, and other activities.

Date of the festival: 14th April, 2020

Vishu of Kerala

16. Kadammanitta Padayani of Kerala

This is a traditional dance and religious festival. This festival is celebrated with Padayani dance form. During this dance, the dancers wear grand masks representing good spirits, bad spirits, Kalan (Death), nature, and Gods. The dance represents any mythological story. The dance moves and vibrant drum music add more beauty to the festival. Apart from this, numerous rituals and other celebrations take place. Numerous tourists visit Kerala to take part in this local celebration.

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Date of the festival: 15th to 24thApril, 2020

Kadammanitta Padayani of Kerala

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17. Kaliyoottu Mahotsavam of Trivandrum

Kaliyootu Mahotsavam is an annual temple festival, which takes place in the Vellayani Devi Temple. This festival is celebrated for two months and the main element of the festival is the Kaliyootu, a ritual based dance form. Many other dance and music celebrations take place and the temple will be beautified with unique rituals. The cream of celebration is the Paranett, which is a grand procession. The idol of Vellayani Devi Temple is taken on a grand procession throughout the streets.

During the procession, the locals and tourists dance, sing, throw shreds of flowers, and others. Loud vibrant music is an integral part of this procession. Right outside the temple, a large fair is conducted, where you can buy souvenirs and religious items.

Date of the festival: starts on 22ndApril, 2020

18. Ramadan, throughout the country

This is the iconic celebration and religious activity of Islam community. Muslims fast for an entire month, eating only before and after day time (before sunrise and after sunset). During this fasting period, many feasts and other religious activities take part in the mosques and dargahs around the country. On the last day, the grand Ramadan feast is conducted.

Date of the festival: 23rd April to 23rd May 2020

19. Dabasaheb Phalke Film Festival of Delhi

This is an independent film festival, and one-of-this-kind in India. This festival is celebrated to remember the works of Dhundiraj Govind Saheb Phalke. Phalke is considered as the father of Indian cine industry and this festival is celebrated on his birth anniversary. Just like any other film festival, many films, music, animation, and others are shown and ranked. Many film critics and movie stars take part in this festival.

Date of the festival: 30th April, 2020

20. Jodhpur Flamenco and Gypsy Festival

The Jodhpur Famenco and Gypsy Festival celebrates the cultural collaboration of Spain and Rajasthan. This festival brings musicians and dancers of both the cultures together for a vibrant celebration. You can find music performances, dance activities, and much more. If you love a fusion cultural celebration, this is the right activity to take part. This festival takes place for three days in Mehrangarh Fort of Jodhpur.

Date of the festival: Yet to be announced

Jodhpur Flamenco and Gypsy Festival

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Indian festivals are dazzling and eye-catching. Thus, tourists from around the world visit India to take part or witness the celebration. If you wish to do so, pre-book all the amenities including tickets and hotel rooms, as early as possible before the demand shoots sky-high.

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